Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Our banking system has changed a lot since the Asian Crisis of 1997. We saw numerous mergers, hostile take-overs, consolidations and re-packaging to ensure their survival, growth and of course, domination.

Our region’s 10 LARGEST BANKS Ranked in Total Asset

1. DBS Bank, Singapore
$88 Billion

2. United Overseas Bank, Singapore
$80 Billion

3. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp., Singapore
$68 Billion

4. Malayan Banking, Malaysia
$66.7 billion

5. CIMB Bank, Malaysia
$53 Billion

6. Bangkok Bank, Thailand
$43 Billion

7. Krung Thai Bank, Thailand
$28 Billion

8. Bank Mandiri, Indonesia
$25.2 Billion

9. Thai Farmers Bank, Thailand
$23 Billion

10. Siam Commercial Bank, Thailand
$21 Billion

*** Banks of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand would dominate the list if we continue to Top 20.

The largest bank in the Philippines is Metropolitan Bank with $13 Billion in total asset. Vietnam Bank For Agriculture is the largest bank in Vietnam with $3 Billion. Burma's Kanbawza Bank, the country's biggest bank (after the closure of Asia Wealth and Mayflower) with $3 Billion. The biggest bank in Laos is Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao with $194 Million total asset. The largest bank in Cambodia is Canadia Bank with $190 Million total asset.




Anonymous said...

You really do your homework, don't you? I admire your passion. I wish I could be the same and I hope a lot of people would appreciate your vision. Cheers to you blog.

Anonymous said...

If you keep ranking Southeast Asian countries, we would always end up at the bottom! LOL But I appreciate how you try your best to mention us on the same post just the same. Loving the blog, Georgy

Anonymous said...

lol. those 10 banks makes my country's largest bank look like a kiddie savings rural bank. lol.

direct foreign investments is the only way to go. a stable government makes them come.

but in my country, a president can be ousted in less than a month after they are elected by simple mass rally. now, call that stable society. hilarious!

just sharing. i love your blog. so many infos. this blog would be very useful to students in the future. a referrence blog?

Anonymous said...

The info is very enlighting

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Thanks guys!

@ Nam...dude, we kinda postponed our trip to Vietnam this week because I cannot leave Thailand for 1 month because the police said so. :-) I was in jail last week!*sob*

Anonymous said...

I read about your predicament last week. I wonder if you are as hot-tempered as the blog entry seems to imply :). Sorry to hear you have to postpone your Vietnam trip. I went to Santika last night for the first time since being in Bangkok. The DJ played some groovy music.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Oh shoots Nam! You're in town? So, wanna meet up? I'll meet some friends at The Bed -- Model's Night -- eeeewwwww! If you fancy tall, skinny dudes and babes...give me a shout. Email me so I give you my mobile. :-)

You have to meet Michael and Chantal, my French-Veitnamese super gorgeous friends!

Anonymous said...

I have been living and working in Bangkok for over a year now but have not ventured out much since I dont have a lot of friends here. Thank for the offer but I am afraid to meet you guys as I am nowhere near gorgeous and hi-so like you guys:-) I am just an ordinary Vietnamese guy.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Shucks dude! You didn't say! I thought you are in the States or something when you say you miss Vietnam!

And dude, please DON'T use the word "hi-so" to me and my friends. "Gorgeous", ok. As many times as you want. LOL.

Dude, one thing we don't show on this blog is our "sweetness". We are just about the friendliest Eurasian sonovabitches you'll ever find in Bangkok! Hahahaha! I'm serious.

If you fancy getting our number, just email us ok? Cant post it here.

I gotta go now. It's almost 10:00pm and I'm gonna partyyyyy!

Anonymous said...

Nah, I am not from the States but had been living in Australia for 17 years before coming to Bangkok. I miss Vietnam all the same :-)

Friedreich Bosch said...

I agree with Cathy. Direct foreign investments are determined by stability. We all know which one's are not.

Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand has proven to be forwarding ever continuosly. Vietnam could be advancing, but they still have a lot to catch up on the first 3 countries.

Anonymous said...


Where did you get your sources from? What about international banks with a large ASEAN presence like City, HSBC, SC?

Best Jules

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hi Jules! BISEAN get's its sources form Southeast Asian government agencies. We got soooo much information sent to us that we don't know which ones to feature first.

This lists the banks of Southeast Asia only. HSBC is a Britich bank, Citi is an American bank and so on and so forth.

Local banks of Southeast Asia only.

Thanks for the comment, Jules. We appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Huh...Im depressed... Brunei's so Boring... Anyway, the largest biggest hugest bank in Brunei is... Brunei Islamic Development Bank (BIBD) which is valued at *undisclosed amount of mullahs* There...Take That!

Akhyari said...

Just an info, i know it is a very late comment. Bank Mandiri, Indonesia, reached a total asset of $ 38 billion in 2008

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Bruneian...Brunei is a special status country. There are datas not shared by your governement for obvious reasons. Thanks for all your input! Terima kasih!

@'s never a late comment. This blog is updating. So we need inputs all the time. Thank you for the inputs from Great Indonesia. You're a true ambassador of your country --

epul said...

where is public bank?
public bank is the third largest bank in malaysia..and im sure it is also one of the largest abnk in saouth eastasia...public bank should rank in top 10

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