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The 2007 Mid-Year Edition of the Academic Ranking of World Universities was released last Wednesday (01 August). This lists the Top 500 Universities of the World and here is the list of the Top Universities in Southeast Asia.

1. National University of Singapore
2. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
3. Kasetsart University, Thailand
4. Chulalongkorn University, Thailand *Yipeeee!*
5. Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

6. Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
7. Chiang Mai University, Thailand
8. Thammasat University, Thailand
9. Assumption University of Thailand
10. Khon Khaen University, Thailand

And here are the remaining 10: Is your school on the Top 20?

11. Mahidol University, Thailand
12. Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
13. Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia
14. Universiti Sains Malaysia
15. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

16. Multimedia University Malaysia
17. University of the Philippines-Diliman
18. Universiti Putra Malaysia
19. Universiti Malaya, Malaysia
20. King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand

Still not there? -- oh well.

I’m quite ecstatic to see 8 of the Top 10 universities are in Thailand!
*And 10 of the Top 20! Wooohooo!*

On the list of the Top 100 Universities in Southeast Asia; Thailand has 41, Malaysia has 18, Indonesia has 14, the Philippines has 13 and Singapore and Vietnam got 7 each. The wheel has finally turned.

Is your school on the Top 100 at least?


Data: Cybermetric Lab (2007)
CINDOC-CSIC, Madrid, Spain


Erick Lau said...

I left a comment on the other blog about this. Yup darling, mine is on number 2!

Akihiro said...

Woooot! Wooooot! For Assumption U Bangkok! Wooooot! Wooot!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

I'm from Chula. Well, actually for a few years. I did Assumption too but all my friends are from Thammasat. So, whatever. Chula is the best for me although I technically graduated at Complutense University in Madrid.

Sanne Dee said...

I'm so proud of Thailand! I was tempted to complete my postgrad at Chula but remained in aussieland instead.

conan_cat said...

whoa real cool lor! thailand has so many top universities!! :D that's soooo cool! can i know the courses in thailand is conducted in what language ah?? got master in graphic design course anot?? :P

i study private college in msia, so sure not in the list lor.. haha

Q The Conqueror said...

Heh. My school, Ateneo, is at Number 37. Our archrival, La Salle is at number 24. I bet the Jesuits are gonna go bonkers about the fact that La Salle beat them again. Hehe.

Can't really complain since I chose to study here instead of at the University of the Phils, Jose Rizal studied here anyway. Haha.

jessekuma said...

Hey Pisanu..I can't get on the link at all..I know it is not in South East Asia but is the University of New South Wales, Kensington Campus (my University) on the world list at all?

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Sanne... really? Cool! Chula is one heck of a big family. Chula alumnis help each other all over the world. Plus the distinction of course :-)

@ Conan...we use Thai and English. There are courses which are specially designed for foreigners. Masters in Graphic Design? I would suggest Chula or Assumption U. Plus -- you'll learn another language if you study here.

@! Here in Thailand, we are only familiar with only Filipino university -- Ateneo & LaSalle. It's like Chulalongkorn and Thammasat archrivalry. :-)

@ Jesse...yes! UNSW is No. 18 in Asia-Pacific and No. 153 in the World. Woooohoooo!

eyron said...

i'm just wondering what are the criteria?

Mihael Keehl said...

I hope my school will make it in the future to rise above University of the Philippines. As the name implies, University of Asia and the Pacific should be best not only in SEA and Asia but the Pacific. We've just begun around 1990 and, happy to say, with a good start. Wait for us!

riain said...

The World University Rankings THES-QS thinks otherwise.

The top 20 ASEAN Universities are:
(Their ASEAN Ranking and their World Ranking). The world top three are (in order) Harvard University, University of Cambridge and University of Oxford. Peking University tops Asia at no. 14, followed by University of Tokyo at 19 and Tsing Hua University (China) at No. 28.

1)National University of Singapore (SIN) (No. 19 World)
2)Nanyang Technological University (SIN) (No.61, World)
3)Chulalongkorn University (THA)
(No. 161,World)
4)Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (MAS) (No. 185, World)
5)University of Malaya (MAS)
(No. 192, World)
6)University of Indonesia (INA)
(No. 250, World)
7)Bandung Institute of Technology (INA) (No. 258, World)
8)University of Gadjah Mada (INA)
(No. 270, World)
9)University Sains Malaysia (MAS)(No. 277, World)
10)University Putra Malaysia (MAS) (No. 292, World)
11)University of the Philippines (PHI) (No. 299, World)
12)Thammasat University (THA) (No. 317, World)
13)Mahidol University (THA) (No. 322, World)
14)De La Salle University (PHI) (No. 392, World)
15)Kasetsart University (PHI) (No. 404, World)
16)Chiang Mai University (THA) (No. 418, World)
17)Khon Kaen University (THA) (No. 475, World)
18)Prince of Songhkla University (THA)(No. 481, World)
19)Ateneo De Manila University (PHI)(No. 484, World)
20) Diponegoro University (INA) (No. 495, World)

Based on the The Times Higher Education Supplement- Quacquarelli Symonds (THES-QS) World University Rankings for 2006.

Like my UP Professor said, in the Philippines, there are only two schools - UP and Others. Good Day! :)

Proud to be a UP Maroon!

riain said...

You may check this information and the methodology at

Full list on my blog:

riain said...

Kasetsart was identified as PHI were it is supposed to be THA. My apologies. I guess these rankings really depend on the criteria and the methodology as there is no accepted international standard in ranking universities. It is consistent though that in the Philippines, UP ranks way above De La Salle and Ateneo in all university rankings.

@ Mihael Keehl :) I have many friends from UAP, but you guys have a long way to go before you get anywhere even close to University of Santo Tomas. :) UP is a long shot right now. :)

Jay Roseville said...

at least up is still on top 20

Anonymous said...

hoorraay to all top universities. but, mind you, just because your school is on top does not necessarily mean that you have the brightestg minds in terms of student populace. lucky enough are some universities who can brag about their facilities. still, there is no way to tell that one university is absolutely better than the other. keep it cool

Anonymous said...

Lol at "UP and the others" haha. I've heard that before, just not sure where.
Proud Isko! ;) (I'm a freshman, by the way)

Anonymous said...

Still proud being a GadjahMada-man Indonesia..
Most of my friends went 2 NUS for their master dgree. Anyone can give me links to grad school in archtctre or urbn planning in thai? N th scholarships most surely :-D

rom said...

Update on ASEAN's Top Universities
for 2008(source:QS Quacquarelli Symmonds,

1.National University of Singapore
(NUS),(world rank #30)
=also, ASEAN's top school in Arts
& Humanities (#30), Life Sciences
& Biomedicine (#17), Natural
Sciences (#31), Social Sciences
(#18) & Technology (#11)
...very impressive!
2.Nanyang Technological University,
Singapore (world rank#77)
=also, ASEAN's top 2 in Life Sci/
Biomed.(#78),top 2 in Tech.(#26)
and 3rd in Soc.Sci (89)
3.Chulalongkorn Univ.,Thailand
(world rank #166)
=also, ASEAN's top 2 in Soc.Sci
(#72) and 3rd in Tech. (#86)
4.Universiti Malaya (UM),Malaysia
(worl rank #230/tie)
5.Universiti Kebangsaan (UKM),
Malaysia (world rank #250)
6.Mahidol Univ., Thailand (world
rank # 251)
7.Ateneo de Manila University(AdMU)
Philippines(world rank # 254/tie)
=also, ASEAN's top 2 in Arts &
Humanities (#79)
8.University of the Philippines
(world rank #276)
=also, ASEAN's top 3 in Arts &
Humanities (#82)
9.University of Indonesia (world
rank #287)
10.Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
(world rank #313/tie)
11.Bandung Institute of Technology
Indonesia (world rank #315/tie)
=also, ASEAN's top 4 in Technolo-
gy (#90)
12.Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indone-
sia (world rank #316/tie)
13.Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM),
(world rank #320/tie)
14.Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
(UTM), (world rank #356/tie)
15.Kasetsart University, Thailand
(world rank # 400/tie)
...the following schools are ranked
16.Chiang Mai university, Thailand
17.De la Salle Univ.(DLSU),Phils.
18.Univ.of Santo Tomas (UST),Phils.
19.Thammasat Univ., Thailand
...the following eskuwelahan are
ranked #500+ :
20.Airlangga Univ., Indonesia
21.Bogor Agricultural Univ.,Indone-
22.Univ. of Brawijaya, Indonesia
23.Diponegoro Univ., Indonesia
24.Khon Kaen Univ., Thailand
25.Prince of Songkla Univ.,Thailand
Thailand = 7 eskuwelahan
Indonesia = 7
Malaysia = 5
Philippines = 4
Singapore = 2
...soon: Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia,
Vietnam, Brunei & Timor-leste
will have top schools too!
My alma mater, Univ. of San Agustin
in Iloilo City is a good school
Bye Biseaners!

Seonjigo said...


Anonymous said...

My name is Eric Beson from Paris.I'm not agree with your list. Every year here in U.K, France & Holland top position holders must have Pakistanis & Indians. Students from University of the Punjab Lahore,Quaid e Azam University Islamabad,Delhi University are on the top here in Europe,USA & Australia.800 years old record was broken by One student Ali Moaeen Nawazish....he was also from Punjab University.

drunkard said...

Its not bad to be proud, but its not good to be bragging either. It's not 100% like your school ranking talks about your highly regarded IQ or might have been more of your parents' financial achievement., the list is there but you don't have to be pinching ass. I took mine from University of the Philippines, and regardless of what ranking my school had, within my country/sea/asia/world, it's fine. Id rather advertise on my skills, and whatever I've gained forward rather than highligh my university and flunk at work.

...lolz. after all, i did not really practice my degree, so the heck! rank my ass.


I'd like to introduce my University which named BOGOR Agricultural University as the best field of Agriculture. We have both especially some ASEAN agricultural research center either world globally.
Just already the students have won 3rd Best Research in California, USA in foods field.

isac said...

good information and job.. maybe adding other information :D

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