Sunday, November 25, 2007


What is a Homosexualist? -- It is to mean those active homosexuals who are trying to make it compulsory for all. But who are the Stuck-Up Homosexualists? --They are the ones who still think that gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people are still living in absolute discrimination.

Stuck-Up Homosexualists are the ones who isolate themselves from the world and claim injustices for dramatic purposes only. They would hide behind the GLBT causes just to draw attention to themselves – denying the fact that the world judges them by character and not by their sexual preference any longer.

Ever heard of the popular TV character Daffyd Thomas of the BBC series
Little Britain”? He is so absorbed to being a homosexualist that he still thinks people are discriminating his sexuality, even if they’re not! -- blinding him of the fact that the world has opened up and gotten more accepting – but he does not (or would not) acknowledge it.

The GLBT Community leaders have accomplished so much throughout the yearslet’s give them credit, for christssake! The world is aware of our existence and many laws were passed to make sure our rights are equal with just about everyone else. We still have some problems, of course and more laws to lobby. But we have to give credit to our predecessors. They did their best and mind you, they did a fabulous job!

Stuck-Up Homosexualists are still living in the dark ages. They thought the world is still on its toes to get them and the witch hunt is still on. They discredit what our GLBT leaders had accomplished and fails to appreciate the changes we owe to them. Pause and think for a while.


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diwata said...

Daffyd Thomas the only gay "in the village" LOL

Jake Tornado said...

I agree with this view but sometimes we can't blame these people. Discrimination is still out there. Hate crimes still abound. Sometimes I feel that the safest way to live one's life is to stay in the closet. My view.

Akeem said...

I saw vids of that fat gay guy on youtube, he's so funny!

Fuzz said...

this reminds me of Chris Crocker...

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