Wednesday, June 13, 2007


KNEP! (that’s f*ck in Danish) I just got off the phone with Pisanu --pissed like hell asking why I haven’t posted anything yet on this blog! It’s just 6 PM and readers don’t come until 9 or 10 anyway! Geesusfokkenchrist! Fede pis! And besides, it’s not yet time for those Perfect specimen whatever, so what am I gonna blog about? Huh?

*Gasp!* OH! OH!... OH!...a vision kicking in…Louis Vuitton!

The Internet is full of tips like: *How to Spot a Fake Louis, **How to Know If Your Louis is a Knock Off, ***How to Tell If Your Louis is Fake, ****Top 5 Signs It’s a Fake – all of it, I tell you – are all full of shit!

Here’s my say to those lame tippers: Why would you wanna “spot” a fake Louis anyway? Nothing better to do? If you have more money than time, you wouldn't have to spot the fakes, would you? Buyers of REAL LV never have time to lay an eye on counterfiets. Leave it to the store clerks. That's what we pay them for.

"How to know if your Louis is a Fake?" Do they really need a long list of steps and tips and clues to determine the authenticity of these superbly hand-crafted masterpieces? There’s only one way to know – where did you buy it? My golly. Just one answer to that question saves you a lot of fokken time. And that’s the only question you have to answer to determine that your Louis ain’t fakin’ it sweety.

Bottomline: The ONLY place to buy Louis Vuitton masterpieces is from Louis Vuitton stores. No ifs, no buts. Period.

Here’s where you can get your Louis Vuitton in SE Asia and never have to worry:

At Level 3 Millenia on Raffles Blvd., at the Shopping Gallery on Orchard Road and at the Ngee Ann City also, on Orchard Road.


At the Gaysorn Plaza on Rajadamri Road, at the Emporium on Sukhumvit Road, at the Peninsula Plaza on Rajadamri Road and at the Author’s Wing at the Oriental Hotel Bangkok.

Kuala Lumpur

At the Lobby of the Hilton Kuala Lumpur on Jln Sultan Ismail and at the largest LV flagship store in SE Asia; Starhill Gallery on Jln Bukit Bintang.

At the Plaza Indonesia Mall on Jalan MHThamnin and at the upper-scale shopping mall Plaza Senayan on Jalan Asia Africa.

Only at their lone LV Store at Greenbelt 4, Makati City.

The only LV store in Vietnam. It’s at the lobby of Hotel Sofitel Metropole on Ngo Quyen Road, Hanoi.

Happy shopping sweeties!
Get your bag du jour at LV. NOW!


Hanifa said...



I wonder if the prices of LV bags are uniform in these countries.

Mariani said...

Only slight differences on prices in different shops. But we don't ask the price when we buy it!

Nam said...

I have seen--but cant remember where--photos of the recent opening of Louis Vuitton store in Saigon. I believe the store itself is located on Dong Khoi St in District 1.

Anonymous said...

Very useful.
Can i quote your page at my blog?

Thank you...

Sofia for BISEAN said...

Oh sure, sure sweety. What's you blog name?

Louis Vuitton said...

I really like the style of Louis Vuitton but its become more a status symbol to many...

Anonymous said...

In Manila, Philippines, the only authorized LV store is located at Greenbelt 4 in Makati City, along with all the other popular name brands. FYI.

Anonymous said...

hey i found here also in
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
and the latest mall Pavilion KL

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