Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kuala Lumpur's G CLUBBING Scene

My ex-wife was my date last night and she was too stoned to even give me a little “I-missed-you-how-have-you-been?” sex. All my friends hated her so nobody went with me – but I met them all afterwards. KL is becoming a new haven for pill poppers and chemical sniffers, but it’s ok – I pop once in a while anyway so, shut up.

Morgan and I hang around with our fabulous G friends (yes, Gs and Bs do mix, goddammit!) afterwards just for the purpose of experiencing the G scene here first hand and blog our experience. I must say it’s one of the craziest things we ever done in Kuala Lumpur.

G activists can say all they want but for what I see here, PLUs are relatively freefrom what I see. Our tranny brothers (I mean, sisters) are all around. They can compete with their counterparts in Bangkok for their “womaness”. They all look so gorgeous! Trust me; KL trannies are one of the best in the world!

KL clubs close at 3 or 4am, so we had time to go around. A friend suggested we drive to Liquidone of the best meat market … I mean, clubs in KL. PLUs who come here are drop-dead gorgeous. *sigh* Why do they only come out at night? Anyway, Liquid is located next to Central Market – KL’s foremost cruising place. We had some beer, looked around, shook our booty a bit, smoke pot (forget I wrote that) and smiled, smiled, smiled. Morgan got bored, so we left.

LaQueen on Jalan P.Ramlee is the new party icon at the moment. So, LaQueen it is. I thought it was a mixed crowd but I guess Friday is G night? I don’t know. Lot’s of agogo boys – muscle queens who like to stand on stool chairs and take their shirts off. *sigh* Too Bangkok for me… no, no, no. Let’s go!

There’s Velvet Underground too here in KL. Velvet is what locals call “morning class”. After partying and wanna party more, here’s where everybody head to. But to the advice of a friend, better not go in this time because the narcotics police are closely watching it. So, walk on. Go, go, go!

Now, here -- Who in the world haven’t heard of the club Blue Boy? Just 2 blocks down the road from LaQueen and Velvet is this little sleazy G club more frequented by the next Generation-Gs and grandma’s who like them. This club is seriously cruisy. People sitting outside (having teh tarik or teh o ais limau whatever) howled as we pass by. LOL. Morgan suggested we don’t go in because Ariff said some people here would grab crotch if they fancy you * jaw dropped* So let’s get in! What are we waiting for? (I'll tell you what happened another time).

Blueboy, apparently is the oldest G bar in KL – it must be over 30 years old, rivaling The Telephone in Bangkok. Whoa! That’s a feat in a Muslim country, isn’t it? Cool. *Snap, snap, snap!*

Anyway, Sofia kept calling the whole night so we had to get home. We gotta do a little shopping later before going back to Bangkok tomorrow. Finally –



Grant said...

Oh my gosh, Blue Boy? It stinks there! Smells like roaches, like an old movie house!

Fable Frog said...

errr~ liquid's so last year! plus they are closing down. La Queen is the most happening-est on Saturdays. Blue Boy's too scary for me.

MischMensch said...

Haha I think the ones in Singapore are better. Haven't been to the ones in KL cos I feel it's too risky and I need a tour guide or something :)

Anonymous said...

seems more like it, it should be like this all the time. thta's SPICE!!! would've appreciated it more if there were some snaps...

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