Monday, May 07, 2007

WHASSUP: Dumping this for That!

I've been wanting to dump my China Mobile stocks since it reached more than $46 a couple of weeks or so. Been very busy with nothing I forgot that I needed to reload my bank accounts and cards, whew! I hate it when this happens. Plus, I saw something that I want and I'll show it to you later.

I bought X,XXX shares of China Mobile (which is listed in NYSE) last year around June. I got them for $26 a share. After almost a year.... the price is this!:

Not bad. Not bad at all, huh?! That's more than enough for small players like me (understatement) and I'll just wait a little more with my China Life, China Eastern Airlines and SINOPEC stocks (plus my other American stocks of course!). Although my Air Asia, Honda and Thai Airways stocks are not doing pretty well lately. Damn!

But all smiles for me here! China Mobile might go up a little more in the coming months but I'm not gonna wait any longer because I want this:

NO it's not a spaceship in Venus but in sunny Singapore! This is Scotts Tower (or "would be" Scotts Tower) and would be built (as I gathered) on Scotts Road just off Orchard Road. I don't know about you, but I think it's awesome! I want exactly what's on that red circle that I drew and I don't care about the fucken price!

I J U S T W A N T I T!

I'm not familiar with foreign ownership laws of Singapore so I'll be needing a little help from my Singaporean readers please. Malaysia and Indonesia allowed me to buy properties there, does Singapore have the same leniency? Please let me know.

I would be happy to hear from a Singaporean Real Estate Agent as soon as possible please. Here's my email Please send me a note with your contacts or I'll reply to give you my number.

It's the Hanging Condos of Singapore! And I want one!

I'll be waiting!



Kit said...

my my property buying. how adult. hahaha. great that you are investing tho. i wish i had the knowhow too.

farah said...

hahahahha! i guess youre stuck with that air asia stocks! it's not going anywhere. dump it too and get maybank.

dropping by my dear river. mwah! the background now is better.

Bjarne said...

wow, where did you get that pic? has the constrxn started? hey, invite me when you get the place ok? :-)

MischMensch said...

Yeah you can buy it. I costs like I think 2 Million or more SGD. It is gonna be completed erm soon I guess. It's really nice

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