Thursday, March 06, 2008


My friends and I were talking about our travels earlier over at breakfast *yes, we eat breakfast. Thank you very much* and how much time we spend on board a plane in a year.

The average flying time within the villages of Southeast Asia is around 2.5 hours and we fly 4 times a week to party… hmm…that’s 10 hours a week or 40 hours a month! F*ucken out! That’s a whopping 480 hours onboard a f*ucken plane last year! Woohoo! 20 days of our lives wasted! Dang!

What makes me care about all these, anyway? Ha! Because earlier, I found this interesting article – the Top 10 Most Dangerous Aircraft Landings in the World. It is obviously about of the most notoriously hard-to-land runways around the planet AND the airports that make sure all passengers are awake before landing *that includes the dang pilots, of course!*

To be quite honest, I wanted the list to be full of Southeast Asian airports. LOL! So it would be more intriguing to BISEAN readers. But fortunately, for the faint-hearted -- none of the prayer-inducing-masochistic-thrill-ride airstrips are in Southeast Asia.

I would agree with this ProTraveller list about Hong Kong's Kai Tak definitely IS No.1! BUT -- Isn't Kai Tak closed already? *smirk* I think they’ve missed the Male Airport in Maldives? Or the Lukla Airport in Nepal! Interesting read though. Cool!

Here is where the world's best pilots play.



curbside_puppet said...

This post just reminds me how crappy the Philippine bureaucracy is. Look at our could-have-been kick-a** new airport put into waste?!

Carrie Puyat said...

I don't get what you mean Curbside. What airport? A kick-ass airport in the Philippines?

Nothing. Nothing. We cannot produce these kinds of facilities especially now that we're so busy "glorifying" false heroes.

Menchu said...

Anu daw ung airport na cnasabi ni curb? Inaykupo! Domestic terminal lang ng Thailand at Malaysia and international naten.

Anung airport ba ulet ung cnasabi mo?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was referring to the PAL Terminal 1 and 2? Anung kick ass dun? Toilet na lang eh, 1 kilometer and layo from each other? Naman.

curbside_puppet said...

NAIA-terminal 3 that still wasn't opened. that's what i was referring to.

Jake Tornado said...

Curb's would probably also want to refer to the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport 5 years from now. It will have a runway which can accommodate a NASA Spaceshuttle (one of only 3 in the world). Well, that's according to the DMIA Master Plan which envisions DMIA to rival that of Hongkong's. (Am I in dreamland? Don't wake me up puhleeezzz!)

nayr said...

what!?...really!?... a space shuttle?!...this would probably the most ambitious project that our country ever had. i hope this will be realized by our gov't soon.

chase / chubz said...

seen the videos.. damn. very scary..

-nEyM- said...

haha! sometimes, i do love to experice thrill plane rides! but yeah, lucky those airports aren't in the SEA! hahaha! =]

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