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Now let's have a little fun here, shall we? This blog is getting too serious and beginning to be a little too-goody-two-shoes, so let's get down and dirty! We have started the "How to Say..." series here with "I Love You", we'll follow it up with the most shocking words you can ever say to a cheating taxi driver or surprise your two-timing SE Asian lover to tears. Are you game?

WARNING: Don't proceed if you're offended by vulgar words.

These "F*ck You's" of course, are not meant for it's literal meaning like you wanna f*ck him or her till they scream to the Alps. It's more of a "you-son-of-a-bitch" type or "you asshole" or any words that meant to deliver grave insults.

You can say any of these; "Ngientot lu", "Jancuk" or "Ngehe loe" in Indonesia. It all means the same. Or if you're really, really can say "Ngientot ibu kamu" to include the mother into the verbal brawl. Just remember that the letter "c" is pronounced as "ch". You don't wanna spoil the shock by giving them time to figure out what the hell you're trying to say.

In Cambodia, you can say: "Choi mai" or "Chow ka joi" to keep it simple. If you wanna include a relative, say: "Choi mai vi'eh". Just don't say "Choi K'Det Anh" if you don't wanna be f*cked in the ass --unless of course, it's your thing. lol

"Putang ina mo!" is the choice of words in the Philippines. It should be delivered with full conviction like you're gonna eat the person alive otherwise it would sound like a hollow "Oh shit!" like when you made a mistake -- in this case, you say: "Nak Ng Pu..." or "Tangna naman o!" Just remember-- the combination of the words "puta" (whore) and "ina" (mother) would almost always deliver what you wanted to say.

Đụ Mẹ Mày", "Con di me mày", "Dit me may", "Dit ca ho nha may" all includes their beloved mother and the whole of the poor family in Vietnam. Unless you wanna end up rushing to the hospital with chop sticks deep down your nostrils, just try the simpler "Lo dit" or "Cho de".

The Malaysia "Puki mak kau", "Amput puki babi", "Amput puki anjing","Iut mamak kau lah" and "Haram jadah" all includes the mother, the female genitals, forbidden animals and what you wanna do with them. Guaranteed to shock the doctors in the emergency room when you show up in there with the Petronas up your ass. You can also use these in Brunei if you wanna be drowned in crude oil.

干你娘 (Ga ni nyang), 操你妈 (Tzau ni ma) and 傻屄 (Shabi) are the bad Mandarin words is Singapore, it includes the mother. 干你爸 (Ga ni ba), "Tzau ni Daye", "Tzau ni gege", "Tzau ni didi", 操你的姓 (Tzau ni de xing) and 我操你八辈子祖宗 (Wo tzau ni ba bei zi zu zong) is a bad roll call of the whole family including the poor ancestors. Whew! So bad! Singapore also uses Malay, so Malay bad words are guaranteed the same results and a trip to Mt. Elizabeth Hospital.

Alright folks, there it is! Dirty words that deliver the best insults and can guarantee you a bed in the ICU.

*gasp* Oh! Wha'? Thai? You wanna know the words in Thai?....

Nah, maybe next mother reads my blog. Sorry. *wink wink*




There's also a variant of "Putang Ina Mo", which is "Puking Ina Mo".

Sanne Dee said...

It's more funny than offending to me because I know only one of the examples from Singapore!!

I think the worst and most vulgar words to use in Singapore are those Hokkien ones - inclusive of both male and female genitals. Even Indians and Malays use them too and it sounded even more vulgar coming from them. Haha!

aries said...

oh, hello pisanu's mother!

i assume that you are probably maganda.

riain said...

My Dad screams - Hijo de Puta. :P

riain said...

ah yea, I forgot, my abuelo (Grandfather) thundered, "Sin verguenza" at least once. (Sin verguenza = Spanish for shameless). LOL.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Riain...hablo castellano casi casi muy fluido, Catalan tambien y un poquito de Euskadi. Estudie en Universidad Complutense de Madrid, tengo un hogar en Fuenlabrada y mi madre es un patron de los artes española por muchos muchos años.

Jake Tornado said...

Yo hablo Español tambien. Tengo mucho hambre, quiero comer un bocadillo. Estoy un Filipino, estoy no Español puro pero mi great-granmama es una Española... Haha...just practicing my very poor Spanish (had 20 units of it in college...but I do miss it!)

Erique Fat Owl said...

Pisanu, you're an absolute sweetie for posting this. Thank you so much. But you obviously need an input from another Indonesian.

For the Indonesian part, firstly, it's not "Ngientot", but "Ngentot".

Secondly, about the "ngientot ibu kamu", which is grammatically incorrect and also, inappropriate:

"ibu kamu" basically means "your mother". so far, that part's good. However...seeing that this is a swear word..."ibu kamu" is just too POLITE! In fact, I don't think Indonesians would say "ibu kamu" and "ngentot" on the same line. The appropriate, crass, rude one would be "nyokap lo" (in Jakarta. consult people of other ethnicity for lesser parts of Indonesia).

"lo" can be spelled as "lu", "low", "loe", "elu" or "elo". It can also be spelled as "eloh", "eluh", "luw", "eluw", "elow" depends on one's creativity. That's Indonesians for you. No wonder Malaysians never understand what the heck are we talking (or typing) about.

Secondly, "Ngentot ibu kamu" is grammatically incorrect. It should be "Ngentotin nyokap lo!". Also, since Indonesians are soooo lazy when it comes to pronouncing words, "Entotin nyokap lo" might sound more natural and 'easy'.

Thirldy, Indonesians rarely say "motherf*cker". It's just...rarely said.

That's all, folks!

lawrence said...

haha.. I only knew now that Malaysia also use the word "puki".

rom said...

In Hiligaynon: Yudi puta (very mad), Yuta mo eh (mad).

Tito said...

In the Northern Philippines, the IBaloi tribe also uses a form similar to the Vietnamese Lo Dit. The Ibaloi term would be Lokdit!

Jigoku Shonen said...

I thought Fuck you was "gago ka!"

Wahyu Riyadi said...

Tulisan gila. You should alert your reader that this blog is for adult only.

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