Sunday, December 16, 2007


Due to bombardment of emails demanding BISEAN to feature (or at least watch) the finals night of the very first Asian Idol contest, we finally gave in...

As usual, we gathered like it is the World Cup or something and after checking out each and every contestant from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and India... we came up with our own bets.

I fearlessly predicted Jacklyn Victor of Malaysia because she is the only one who is familiar to me. Morgan predicted it's going to be Phuong Vy of Vietnam because she is cute *wow! very profound* and Sofia predicted Singapore's Hady Mirza would win the title in Jakarta.

Well, it turned out that Sofia was right! SINGAPORE WON! But she was not as ecstatic as the rest of us. As it also turned out...she was following the contest from other blogs and came up with a correct prediction!

Congratulations to Hady! YOU DESERVE IT!
We like your style and you sing beautifully!



Xanderj said...

minus India, Asian Idol could as well be named ASEAN Idol, hehe

eyron said...

yup but we already have this asean ikon, a regional competition for individuals and groups. The first season has these countries, malaysia, indonesia and the philippines.

재미 said...

I was rooting for Phuong Vy as well! Her voice is severely impressive for an asian. hady's win took my by surprise, though. I am not the most patriotic person around.

chase said...

woo .. wooo... congratz!

Jayson Mark of AdU said...

i think Jaclyn Victor(she's my idol..heheh) was overrated thats why she did not win...she was expected to beat all of her rivals since she was the most popular during that time...thanks to High School top 3 bets were Mau Marcelo(im a filipino but im not biased when i make predictions..heheh), Jaclyn( actually i thought she'll win) and Hady(he really has the X-factor) predictions werent that accurate because i said that one of the two girls will win...but still those two girls really gave a big fight...

and also...i really like Mike of indonesia..he really has an angelic voice...i know the song he used for his auditions at Indonesian idol...coz thats a filipino song...heheh

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