Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I just came from a spa-cum-hospital where a friend of mine was recently admitted. She’s kinda close to me so I thought it would be proper to pay her a visit and see how she's doing. Her name is Amy – and she’s FAT, really fat.

You see long ago, Amy imposed her way through my circle of friends. She didn’t care if the rest of us are tall, slender and stunningly slimno, she didn’t care. All she wanted was to hang around with us even if she looks like a big fat pink hippo in the middle of giraffe territory.

As good friends, we tried to persuade her to tone down, exercise, diet and all. But nothing ever happens – she continued what she was doing and she even got bigger by the day! Amy was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Her heart is weak and her blood pressure could kill her anytime -- at her age of 26! She got bad kidneys, flimsy liver and her cellulites can challenge the Grand Canyon to shame.

YOU KNOW WHY? All because of those moronic people who “advocate” INNER BEAUTY. And you know what? This “inner beauty” shit isn’t helping her at all! It’s just giving fat people the excuse to eat more, stay on the couch longer, keep the fat altogether and get sick later!

I’ve seen stupid programs on TV telling everybody about being beautiful “inside” and not to worry if they are fat and weighs a ton! It’s all bullshit! – Everybody IS ALREADY beautiful inside anyway, so what’s the big deal? Have faith in others please. And what? If you’re not fat, you can’t have ”inner beauty”?

Telling fat people they are beautiful even if they are not isn't helping them at all! Tell them something real – make them realize that being fat is dangerous to their health and as soon as they understand that, they would do something to protect themselves before it’s too late! Give up the “inner beauty” bullshit already!

Look what happened to my friend! It’s like these selfish advocates are telling Amy: “It’s all about inner beauty, sweetie -- it’s okay to be fat. And if you get fat enough and got really lucky -- you’ll die early – but at least you’re beautiful inside!” Yeah, whatever.


Amy honey, get well soon. The giraffes are terribly missing the hippo.

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Manami said...

I so agree with you.
Sometimes when people tell you that you're beautiful inside, they dont even mean it. You're right. telling people the reality is harsh but it'll definitely help em improve.
Like how people used to tell me I was so ugly no one would ever like me and NO ONE told me i was beautiful inside. It helped cuz i started to make little improvements to the way i carry and dress myself and have received more compliments ever since.

Googoosh said...


Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Babe, you are copying my writing style. Develop your own! HA!

Friedreich said...

I most definitely agree! Those obese people needs help not lies! Bravo Sofia!

Anonymous said...

i've been meaning to ask you this sofia....are you bi?

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Hello anonymous...yeah, I believe so. Although the Klein Test says otherwise:

I met Pisanu because I used to date one of his ex-girlfriend (Sucre). And Pisanu used to date one of my ex-boyfriend (Morgan). And now, me and Pisanu is an "item". LOL

As we always say here, we love beyond gender. We look on a persons qualities, not what they have under their pants.

What's your name sweetie?

Anonymous said...

Wow your story is like a South of nowhere episode. lol

I feel the same way. I fall for the person not the gender. I get teased a lot for being bi by my straight friends and femme friends. They find it selfish on my part for swinging both ways. heheh

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now. I took the test and my score was 2.5 :P

Sorry my name is Faith. :0)

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