Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Mobile phones have definitely changed the way we live and really came a long long way. From the 1st Generation “you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me!” super-bulky Motorola DynaTac to the 2nd Generation GSMs to the smallest “dude!-have-you-seen-my-phone?” tiny weenie models of the 3rd Generation.

Southeast Asia has a total 44 mobile network providers and we have more than 500 million people -- That’s half a billion potential subscribers. Of all these 44 companies, which ones attracted the most customers?

Here are the 10 largest mobile companies in Southeast Asia by number of subscribers:

1. SingTel, Singapore, 124 Million

2. Telkomsel, Indonesia, 39 Million

3. SMART Communications, Philippines, 21 Million

4. Advanced Info Service, Thailand, 18 Million

5. IndoSat, Indonesia, 12.9 Million

6. Globe Telecom, Philippines, 12.4 Million

7. DTAC, Thailand, 11.5 Million

8. Maxis Berhad, Malaysia, 8.5 Million

9. Excel Commmunications, Indonesia, 8.4 Million

10. Viettel, Vietnam, 8 Million

Singapore’s SingTel ranks 16th in the world for the most number of subscribers spanning their service to 6 other countries. Indonesia’s Telkomsel ranks 18th in the world although it’s services are only limited to Indonesia.

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Nam said...

I think Viettel will probably move up into number 8 and 9 soon. With an aggressive marketing campaign and plan to move into the Cambodian market, the military-owned Viettel will likely to continue dominating the Vietnamese mobile market for awhile yet.

gorjess said...

smart sucks Bigtime

Manami said...

hey i subscribe to singtel, but recently Telkomsel has been spamming my cell with all sortsa promotional messages. And i dont even live in indonesia!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Nam...Viettel is a strong company. It would be bigger than most very soon.

@ Gorjess...SMART I think is the first mobile fone company in the Philippines, yeah? Next to the defunct PhilTel.

@ Manami...hello! Nice to see you around again. I checked your blog! What a smart girl! You're a linguist, yeah?...Telkomsel is partly owned by SingTel, so the messages you get is SingTel's idea. LOL!

Najwa said...

Great post! Question, what causes there rankings to be higher or lower? Would it have anything to do with their customer service? Please feel free to rant or rave about these companies at

dirtybungs said...

since you include singtel's overseas based customer in the 124-million subscriber count i dont see why you should not do the same thing to Malaysian Celcom and Maxis. They have overseas operation too.

epul said...

i think u forget this one..Axiata. Axiata formly known as TM international is the second largest mobile company in sauth east has nearly 90 million customer around the world including Malaysia,Indonesia,Bangladesh,India,singapore, sri lanka,Combodia and many more. Celcom from malaysia,XL from indonesia, Mobile One from singapore are among mobile operotor in Axiata group. Axiata is a company from Malaysia.

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