Monday, August 20, 2007


I had the pleasure of meeting a group of visiting bloggers from Scandinavia last Saturday night. Since most of them are Bangkok first timers, I took the liberty to show them my city as unfairly depicted on magazines, books and the internetparty, booze and lots of sex. Knut *don’t even try to click that link, his blog is crap! LOL! Just kidding.*, Marithe and Jan blindly followed wherever I lead them.

After some serious bar hopping, we had coffee at Starbucks Suriwongse just across Patpong. The three of ‘em went in to get coffee while I sat outside to smoke.

On my 3rd puff, an old-fat white bloke went up to me and shamelessly asked for a stick of ciggie; the sweat, the slippers, the smell and all! He must be Dutch basing on his accent. Farang (Caucasian) beggars are “normal” sightings in Bangkok so, this isn't exactly new to me. He went to sitting next to my table, took out a box of match sticks and enjoyed his newly acquired cancer-stick.

I gave him an indignant look when he took a cup of half-finished left-over coffee on the table that other customers left. I don't know if I will feel sorry or feel really sorry for him. I observed a little more…he looks kinda familiar. I wanted to give him some money to buy fresh coffee and a pack of ciggies, but I'll wait till he asks.

*I didn’t care if he see me shamelessly observing him, I’m pretty sure I met him somewhere… *

And then...among the noisy tuk-tuks and taxis...the old bloke started to sing! Oh my god, he lost it! He's singing eyes closed, emotions and all!..He sipped the last drop of left-over coffee…THEN IT STRUCK ME!

“MIJNHEER VAN RIEMSDIJK?!!!!” I called out so loud he dropped his ciggie.

I didn't mean to startle him out of his wit but... Oh my god! It’s Mr. Van Riemsdijk! My music teacher in Belgium! What is he doing here? What happened to him? Why is he begging like this? Last time I saw him like, what?...15 years ago? What happened?


PhotoCredit: Mark G. Capitella

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laine said...

cant help but laugh when i read
your headline, i don't actually get it.
but after reading,it makes sense now
im also curious what happened to him ?!
i mean here in pinas, there are a lot of beggars of all ages, male and female but i haven't notice foreigners begging...
seems like Mr. Riemsdjik is a memorable person to you?!

Knut Bergsmo said...

i am not going to comment yet my friend because the story is not finished yet. by the way, my friend, thanks for the lovely weekend and the link you put up to my blog is broken.

Jeff said...

I'm on the edge of my seat...can't wait for part two. This weekend I saw a white guy begging for money outside the Hyatt Erawan. Funny this is he had on khaki shorts and button down shirt, he also had a crappy sign written on cardboard.

I have also see a one of the poorest human beings on earth on Witayu (Wireless) Road. This hippie looking dude is shoeless and covered in dirt from head to toe, literally his skin is so black from dirt you can't even see his real skin color.

Manami said...

That was so amusing! your music teacher sure has eccentric behavior, though. Can't wait for the next part!

travelphilippines said...

oh this is a great story cant wait for the continuation.

chase said...

maybe he went kuku?

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