Thursday, August 23, 2007


In the issue of abortion *one of the few things you don’t talk about on a first date*, where does Human Rights take its side? The mother or the baby in the womb? Shall we totally eliminate abortion for the moralists or allow it for the human rights advocates?

The United Nations Department of Economic Affairs recently released their up-to-date and objective information on World Abortion Policies -- legal status of induced abortion for the 195 Member and non-Member States of the UN. I only took the information for countries in Southeast Asia to compare what are our neighbor’s policies on abortion:

As you can see on the table above; there are 7 grounds for which abortion is permitted. All of us agree on one ground – to save the woman’s life. All countries in SE Asia permit abortion ONLY when the mother is at risk of dying.

On the grounds to preserve physical and mental health; our region is divided. It’s like half of us would say: “I don’t care if you go cuckoo or go comatose for 1,000 years as long as we can charge you delivery fees.” Ha!

If a pregnancy is a result of rape or incest; only Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam permits pregnancy termination if the mother chooses. Other SE Asian countries would say: “We don’t care if you suffer a lifetime of trauma and mental agony; as long as we can charge you delivery fees. Period.”

And then on the 5th ground – Foetal Impairment; Only Singapore and Vietnam took it a little farther to make sure all their citizens have 2 arms and 2 legs. It’s like the rest of us are in desperate need of circus performers. *Poor thing.*

And again, only Singapore and Vietnam would permit abortion if the mother (or both parents) cannot support the child. It’s like the rest of us would say: ”We don’t give a f*ck if you and your child go hungry or die eventually as long a we can charge you delivery fees.” *Way to go! Wooohooo!*

But on the last ground – “On request”; changes my view. To permit abortion "on request" is just one step too far. Should we go aborting each time we get pregnant? What? -- just for the heck of it? It's just way too far. If there is no valid reason, there's no need to do it. *The best gift ever, you will receive in this lifetime is that baby in your womb.* I rest my case.


Data Source: UN World Abortion Policies 2007

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Bjarne of Norway said...

i gotta give it to you man. you can make a sensitive issue sound not so serious. hilarious post!

Knut B. said...

“I don’t care if you go cuckoo or go comatose for 1,000 years as along as we can charge you delivery fees.” LOL I couldn't put it better. LOL

aries said...



i'm all against it but you made me think twice.

Nam said...

For a country with a population of 85 million (living in a relatively smaller land mass than its neighbors) and trying desperately to control its growth, I can understand how the Vietnamese authority would allow abortion on request. But for the Singaporean government, they has been trying very hard to encourage their people to breed, then why would they allow such a free rein on abortion. Weird!!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Good analogy Nam. That's why Singapore have put up all those protective policies in place so they can "breed" the best! And they do!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Aries! You go "tamad" on your blog huh?

Manami said...

@Nam: they're giving so many reasons to allow abortion cuz there're unwed mothers around and sometimes, even when they give birth, they dump the kids anyway, i mean that literally, cuz i've read of people who threw their babies in the dumpster. Also, the Singaporean government is all for giving people choices (although at certain times, this may not be so)

@Pisanu: Singapore breeds the best??!! I wouldnt really say so. Its pressure of wanting to be the best that drives kids to work hard (or rather, forced to work hard to endure the consequences) and parents to send kids for all sortsa enrichment classes. When i was in elementary school, i would often get beaten for not doing well for my Chinese dictation ;__;

aries said...

pisanu, yeah but i'm back...hehe

MischMensch said...

Hmmm but Singapore is so damn pack! It's like if someone put a bomb in Ochard Road, thousands of people would die. It's crazy..... And the government wants to increase the population by 4 million or 6 million soon and imagine the craziness in future while now it's like you can't find any place private anymore in this small island

Anonymous said...

i don't know what made you think that aborting a child because you're financially incapable is acceptable. if you can't support it, then have it adopted. many couples are willing to adopt.

as for foetal impairment, not every pregnant southeast asian citizen has money to have their bellies checked. did you think about it?

as for rape and incest, so the innocent child will take the fall? isn't it better to send the victim to a therapy class or support her in all aspects?

geez, i can't believe no one bashed you for this actually. it's not even funny. you're pathetic.

Bruneian said...

Again, where is Brunei, we're part of Asean too... in fact we're dead smack in the centre... It doesnt really matter anyways since Islam forbids abortion and Delivery Fees aren't necessary...

Anonymous said...

i'm not going to say anything about not having Brunei in the list

okay, in Brunei, abortion is a big NO-NO

it's like an offence

in Brunei too, Islamic laws are very strict

and Islam forbids having 'intimate' relationship before marriage

so, i would just say, think before you do something...?

Anonymous said...

And then on the 5th ground – Foetal Impairment; Only Singapore and Vietnam took it a little farther to make sure all their citizens have 2 arms and 2 legs. It’s like the rest of us are in desperate need of circus performers. *Poor thing.*

- I dont agree with this...they are abnormal but its not babies fault, its the they have the right to live and love...

Miz_AJ said...

Is abortion all about the mother or the baby? Is the mother's life more vital than that of her baby's life? Or do we equate a mother's 'happiness' to be the baby's 'happiness' as well?

Maybe we should see it this way: freedom sometimes stops when another life is on the line. The cessation of one life to ensure the 'happiness' of another life doesn't necessarily have to be the only option. There might be other options out there. Explore it. =)

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