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The SAMPAGUITA: National Flower of the Philippines

The Sampaguita Jasmine (Arabian Jasmine) was adopted as the national flower of the Philippines since 1934. The Sampaguita bears a white, star-shaped flower which blooms for the full year.

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The flower opens at night and lasts for about one day, producing a unique sweet scent. For the Filipino people, the flower is the symbol of purity, simplicity, humility and strength. Its blossom is celebrated in Philippine legends, stories and songs. It is believed that the flower was brought from the Himalayan areas to the Philippines in the 17th century. Declared the Philippine national flora by Gov. Gen. Frank Murphy through Proclamation No. 652 s. 1934.

It is known as "Kampupot", "Melati" in Malaysia and Indonesia and happens to be one of Indonesias national flower as well. We call it "Dok Malee" [ดอกมะลิ] in Thailand.


Southeast Asia’s National Flowers

--ASEAN Sec, Pisanu



And just to add to this, the Sampaguita is commonly made into necklaces and sold by street vendors. It's usually used as a car air freshener by drivers.

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agree with misterhubs about sampaguita vendors,you can find them at the front of the is surely the national flower of phil.
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RoCkChIcK2013 said...

Well im a filipino!..MABUHAY!!!...i just cme here last year. The reason why am i here is that we have a assignment we have to draw our own court of arms and then i decided to put some stuff about philippines like the "SAMPAGUITA"...and then the flag colors and the sun and the stars..which represents as LUZON VISAYAS AND MINDANAO..well its was nice seeing this page and i really like this web...BYE!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hello RockChick! Thanks for the first comment. We would like you to know it is always welcome and appreciated.

Yeah, a lot of school kids check our blog out. Some of them sent us emails asking to help them with their homework. That's heart warming.

Thanks for your support, and keep coming back o'righty? =)

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Melati is my favorite flower ever. love the scent of it.

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