Friday, June 29, 2007


We are staying at the Meritus Mandarin, which is located on Orchard Road. It's not the best of the best but still a good deal for SGD 360 a night (Executive floor) but no complaints --this hotel is closest to the action! And that is what we came here for! So shut up.

Speaking of Dhoby Ghaut Station on my earlier post– we met a new friend at a party last night at Zouk, her name is Abby she’s everything a local should be when hosting visitors how? – by giving us information we don’t need to know…

**we, getting off the Dhoby Ghaut station from Marina Bay, still deep down the tunnel***

“Did you know that this station used to be a cemetery?” Abby, in her charming Singaporean accent.

Nobody said a thing. Then maybe she thought we didn’t hear her – she said the same exact thing again – only louder.

“DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS STA..." I cut her off --“We heard you Abby, so shut up.” I said calmly. I guess she sensed that Sofia, Morgan and I are pussies.

By this time, we already found our Exit B to Plaza Singapura. Sofia needed more arms to carry her shopping bags – I won’t help her – I already have mine! Ha!

Abby, again, broke the silence…”AND Ngee Ann City…” she directed to Sofia “…used to be a cemetery too.”

“It’s okay; there are other LV outlets around Singapore, honey” Sofia keeping her cool, still struggling with her loots. I so need nicotine and caffeine by now.

We kept walking and THERE IT IS! The light of day just above the escalator …Ha! Abby and her cemetery stories, pffft! – I regained my ground, gathered my machismo and said;

“So Abby..." I teased her "...any more of those cemetery places around here?”

“Oh yes lah, Meritus Mandarin.”




Sanne Dee said...

Hey sorry but your new friend is an idiot.


Googoosh said...

oh fokin hell! really? I usedto stay there too!

Mariani of Italy said...

Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! This is really funny! You guys are in real adventure arent you? lolrtf

Bjarne of Norway said...

I agree. A big OMG!!!!!!!!! But I guess everybody is so busy, even the spirits are confused where to go.

Akihiro said...

ninu-ninu-ninu-ninu-ninu-ninu-ninu-ninu-ninu...twilight zone? or the kwink-kwink-kwink-kwink soundtrack of psycho? LOL You got me there guys. dang!

David said...

The whole of Rome is built under grave yard over the centuries. So no big deal. But this made me laugh.

MischMensch said...

Haha it's so nice. Next time when you come to Singapore, tell me :)

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