Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It's shopping season in our paradise and we would like to invite you all to our annual regional sale!

The Great Singapore Sale 2007
25 May to 22 July

When Singapore says they are on sale, it means THEY ARE ON SALE! 40-70% off on whatever they are selling. Our region's undisputed electronics shopping hub. Shoppers-at-large can look forward to the biggest annual sale event in Singapore to indulge in some major retail therapy. From fashion apparel, accessories, jewellery, watches, electronic goods, cosmetics and fragrances, children toys to Singapore souvenirs, every visitor will be spoilt for choice with numerous special offers, discounted prices and exclusive promotions.

The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2007
1 June - 31 August

Thailand's shopping extravaganza offers world-class shopping, a diverse selection of quality products and services, special discounts of up to 50% and promotional offers being extended by participating department stores and retail outlets along designated 'Shopping Streets' in Bangkok and the popular tourist destinations of Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Hat Yai and Songkhla. Check out the special promotions offered by retail and service outlets displaying the 'Amazing Thailand Grand Sale' decal.

Malaysia MEGA Sale Carnival
15 June - 2 September 2007

2007 is Visit Malaysia Year so, what are you waiting for? Get your asses over to Malaysia and shop, shop, shop! Choices are seriously unlimited, and the prices will never damage your wallets. The street bazaars are brightly lit with bargains, and the huge, modern malls offer a myriad of must-haves. We just hope you actually brought with you an empty suitcase.

Jakarta GREAT Sale 2007!
15 Jun 2007 - 15 Jul 2007

A real shopper’s paradise, the annual Jakarta Great Sale takes place in the malls and department stores across the city with many offering special discounts and deals. If the shopping all gets too much, don’t despair as there are plenty of other events to distract shoppers ranging from competitions to live entertainment. The month-long Jakarta Great Sale is part of the Jakarta Anniversary celebrations.

Other ASEAN cities like Manila, Bandar, Vientiane, Saigon and Yangon don't have to be on sale because their prices are cheap already! If you fancy visiting them too, please do so! But don't forget, in the spirit of regional cooperation --
2007 is Visit Malaysia Year, ok?!

There you are! Shopping marathons no other region in the world can challenge. Book your flights here!:

Thai Airways
Malaysia Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Garuda Indonesia
Tiger Air
Air Asia
Cebu Pacific



Sanne Dee said...

Singapore's increasing their GST from 1st July so hit the shops before that and hop over to Malaysia for more shopping!

2% more in GST may add up to alot if you're a mega shopper! :)
And yes, the sales are crazy over in Singapore!

Cheers now

Danielle W. said...

This. You are going to be proud of this... I actually booked a flight to Kuala Lumpur just now and I'm flying tomorrow afternoon. I really do need a break. Thanks for the info! I love your blog!

rhobbin said...

this is great! i'm heading to singapore and malaysia in 2 weeks!

rhobbin said...

this is great! i'm heading to singapore and malaysia in 2 weeks!

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