Friday, June 15, 2007


I’m going to Vietnam next week. This blog is getting only a few hits from there -- if they don’t wanna come to my blog, I’ll bring my blog to them – and hopefully, some more.

I’ve been to Vietnam many times. But usually just for a couple of days musing myself on how busy they are. Sitting down on one of their sidewalk coffee bar a la Parisienne would take hours off my time.

Speaking of coffee…did you know that Vietnam is the 2nd largest coffee exporter in the world? I bet you didn’t know that. It is said that Vietnamese babies are fed coffee instead of milk that's why they have dark teeth! I’m sure dentists and whitening toothpastes make a killing there, don’t they?

You've got to try the legendary Cà phê sữa đáa Vietnamese style coffee preparation. It is made by simply mixing black coffee (brewed on the table by yourself) with equal amount of condensed milk and then poured over ice. You’ve never been to Vietnam if you did not try this! Simply awesome! Ca phe sua nong is the hot version. It’s simply done without the ice. Oh, very clever. *eyeballs rolled twice*

Now, what do I expect on my 10-day visit there?—I expect to meet a lot of people – strangers, more preferably. And if possible -- hot Eurasian babes and dudes! Woopie!...I’m getting tired of seeing the same acquaintances every year. Ha! Just kidding. But this time, I’ll go out on my own, be friendlier to the locals, go to spots where ordinary people go and simply be one of them. (OMG! Do I smell a Nobel Prize for me next year? LOL) Yeah, I’ll be like one of them for 10-days! That’s a great way to know what Vietnam is realy about, don't you think?

See you on Tuesday, Saigon! Ohhh, I can’t wait! I’ll fly with SE Asia's Best Airline Make-Over winner this time. Let’s see how they fare with the service.

Happy weekend everyone!



Anonymous said...

You never fail in jollying up my day. No pressure - but keep it up.

Sanne Dee said...

Wooooo...don't forget the pho too!
Have an awesome trip.


Enjoy your trip & be safe said...

Eventhough I am a Vietnamese-Australian, I dont drink coffee much, except when I am in Vietnam. Drinking coffee there is an experience in itself.You dont just have a cafe sua da, but the social aspects of sitting and drinking that make it an interesting experience. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in the coffee shop, sipping away and listening to music or listening/participating in conversation for a couple of relaxing hours. Unfortunately, I have not found such experience in Bangkok.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Thanks guy!

Woooo! New reader! Oxden, I couldn't agree with you more. Sitting here at one of Saigon's coffee shop can take hours off my sched. So many things to see, so many interesing people! I'm awed!

Anonymous said...

meeting interesting people... yeah, more like it. Meeting a vIet dude? I haven't tasted a Viet dick, I almost had a chance once but he got bad breath

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