Wednesday, October 10, 2007


PriceWaterHouseCoopers released the findings of their research in March 2007 determining/estimating the economic standings of our cities after 13 years.

The index of The World’s Richest Cities by 2020 includes GDPs & estimated Annual Growth of metropolitan areas and not the core cities alone. Extracted from the world ranking of 151 cities – these will be the Richest Cities in Southeast Asia by 2020:

*City Urban Area / Country
Est GDP in 2020 in US$ /Est Annual Growth 2005-2020

1. Metro Manila, Philippines
$257 Billion, 5.90%

2. Jakarta, Indonesia
$253 Billion, 6.50%

3. Singapore, Singapore
$218 Billion, 3.60%

4. Bangkok, Thailand
$180 Billion, 4.80%

5. Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam
$98 Billion, 6.50%

6. Hanoi, Vietnam
$73 Billion, 6.60%

7. Bandung, Indonesia
$69 Billion, 6.70%

8. Yangon, Burma
$33 Billion, 4.80%

It’s everybody’s game --13 years is a long time for estimates. If these cities can maintain their growth rate and their national governments can sustain political stability, then we will see this forecast come true.

Did we surprise you with this list, sweetie? =)


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Carlos Javier said...

Surprise me? What a very British understatement from you Sofia! Haha! Where do you guys get all the info you post here anyway?

I guess PWC based this on the current growth rate; the Philippine economy is growing even faster nowadays (7.5% last quarter), but - and this is a BIG BUT - I hope politics doesn't f*ck it up for the Philippines again.

There's just too much politicking here. *sigh*

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Oh my, I'm still here and I got a comment! Thanks Carlos honey. Well, a lot pf people will be surprised with this list. Remember what we used to say here that some people don't really appreciate what they have?

Honey, you ask where do we get these infos and ideas? You won't believe me if I tell you. <3

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Not at all surprising. HaHaHa.

hannee said...

Thank you for the information sofia :) it was really a surprise for me! metro manila included!?wow!

i have one question though..if this prediction will come true, will this reflect the economic state of the whole country as well? i mean philippines will be a rich country also? (sorry, i don't know anything about economics).

such a huge gap between number one, two and the rest of the countries included in the list.

Thank you again. I've been reading your blog since august and it's always the first site that I open upon arriving home from work. :)

Hanifa said...

well, the surprising part is that kuala lumpur is not on the list! yangon? */gasp/

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Those projections don't take human frailties into corruption.
Good post dahling!
Hopefully this encourages fellow Filipinos to live up to expectations.

Q The Conqueror said...

I'm really surprised that MM's number one, but then, by 2020, Metro Manila would prolly swallow up the surround regions already and continue growing (Thanks to the non-promotion of birth control).

Just something strange though, KL, Dubai and Abu Dhabi were not in the list. (And Beijing will just be $2B richer then Metro Manila by 2020). Something to look forward to, I hope.

Anonymous said...

@ q the conqueror: the list is for Southeast Asian cities only. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are in the middle east.

although yeah. where is KL? and Yangon?! uh oh...
though i'm glad Metro Manila's in the top spot! no surprise there. :) let's go SEAsia!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm finally an informative post from Sofia. lol *hugs*


Q The Conqueror said...

@anonymous - click the source :) It's a world list. Hehe.

riain said...

I. Am. Very. Very.


I dunno what to say. :)

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Riain >> Of course you are honey. You were even surprised to know that the 8th Tallest Building in SE Asia is in the Philippines. Unsure where the Philippines really stand?

Carlos >> Tell you politicians to stop attacking each other and work together. =)

Reyville >> I don't believe you sweetie.

Hannee >> It doesn't come hand in hand with national economy. Johannesburg is the richest city in Africa but their country is one of the poorest in the world, relatively speaking.

Hanifa >> Yeah, I was actually referring to the surprise that KL is not at all on the list! I don't know why some people are so defensive.

John dahlin' >> I miss your blog sweetie. Sorry I have been very busy.

Anonymous & Q >>> Q was actually reerring to the marster list. Abu, Dubai and KL, wasn't on it. Q, Pisanu was right saying you're a smart blogger who don't post much on your blog. You got brains, flaunt it honey.

**F >> I miss you sweetie. You coming to Bangkok in November?

savante said...

I'm amazed with Yangon myself!

riain said...

@ Sofia - well. Economically wise of course, I admit that I am not so sure where we stand about it. With regards to the tallest buildings, well I know that Singapore, BKK, and KL have a lot of taller ones, and I dont know we were able to make it to the top 10 list considering that Manila lagged behind for so long... :) well at least it was a pleasant surprise.

R.A. Laborera said...

thanks to the revenues of our OCWs

Anonymous said...

so aside from other surveys putting d PHils on top of their list, this one you posted Sofia make us Filipinos beam with pride. :)

Pogi of Manila said...

It's not going to be very surprising that Manila would top the list. It's got the potential, and with the economy on the upswing, I'm sure the Philippines will have attained First World status by then. That is if politicking and grandstanding in the Congress won't get in the way. I also hope the government decentralizes the economy soon! We can't just rely on Manila for investments and economic development. Other areas of the country have so much potential and the people there are more than willing to work and get things done.

Nice blog by the way. I'm going to visit your blog everyday.

Cheers from Manila!

Gian Paolo said...

I'm so surprised! Makes me feel more optimistic. :)

Bakleeta said...

Metro Manila is not a city. It is a region of the about 10 (?) cities including of course Manila.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

I think we all know that, Bakleeta. That is why this list is being challenged. Singapore, Bangkok, Saigon, Hanoi, Bandung And Yangon are all core cities. But the list of PriceWaterCooper included Metro Manila and Metro Jakarta. Which was a bit unfair for the rest.

Janus said...

wow! a shocker!!! I hope this'll come true!

care to ex links?

Anonymous said...

i'm filipino and it's nice to know that at current growth rates, metro manila will be at the top spot in 2020.

but i couldn't help but notice that Kuala Lumpur is not in the list. surely KL would have to be in the top 6. i think Yangon's growth rate of 4.8% won't be enough to overtake KL's.

just my opinion. =)

Anino said...

I am surprised! I am awed that Metro Manila tops the list!

This 2010 election is our last hope!
Don't fukc it up!

JRcuelit said...

The question is How Big a "City" is Metro Manila in terms of land area? Even if you add those 10 cities or so , It is still more than twice as small compared to the city of Bangkok. What's unfair is to include only Manila (the City) which is ONLY 38.55 km² (14.9 sq mi) in terms of land area compared to 1,568.737 km² (605.7 sq mi) City of Bangkok. And Metro Manila is only 636 km²

The bigger the land area, of course the bigger the opportunities for development, the richer the city and the country itself eventually. That may be the case also for Singapore and other countries. Well Singapore (the whole country) is almost as big as Metro Manila only (707.1 km²) So its a City versus Singapore (the country)? hehehe So I think the inclusion of those minor cities in Metro Manila is only logical and practical. That only shows how progressive Metro Manila is. If only we can put our act together, NO Politicking, we can achieve the First World status in half the time as expected.

With regards to Kuala Lumpur, maybe you're giving KL too much credit hehehe KL and or Malaysia is NOT even listed in the previous "Richest cities and urban areas in 2005" LOL So Im surprised that some of you are surprised hehehe Just keep our fingers cross, pasasaan ba't makakarating din tayo sa promise land! yipee!!! hahaha Stay Optimistic!
** All numbers or datas came from Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

I all goes to show that the philippines or Metro Manila can excell even in times of political instability, if our politians or the politians in the philippines will stop fighting and start helping each other then this projections will not be in the papers on in this blog alone but in newspapers and TV headlines

carranza, antonio y magno said...

I work in Ortigas, currently the2nd largest financial district in the Philippines next to Makati and I could see the boom everywhere......

The city of Fort Bonifacio in Taguig is a classic example.

Anywhere you see development. The sign of poverty is also everywhere but I everybody here is excited and I believe Metro Manila and the Philippines will make it........


The PHILIPPINES can do it. Kaya ng Pinoy!!!

our economic growth last year is evident to that.......

Basta Pinoy....Posible.
PILIPINAS>>>>>. umasenso Ka!!!!

Anonymous said...

Although Metro Manila is predicted to be the richest city in SE Asia, I don't have much hope for the country as a whole by 2020.

Decades ago, the Philippines had the potential to become a first world country, since it used to be one of the richest countries in Asia.

I'm predicting it'll take at least 30 more years before corruption will be mostly abolished and Filipinos will change their ways of thinking--deeming crab mentality as foolish and ridiculous.

PriMaster said...

Surprise? yes, I am
Jakarta and Bandung in top 7? Hope it will come tru

danyhael said...

if filos will continue to destroy the environment, i doubt they will be the richest in the future.

they should kick the environment secretary 1st and give a damn to their rivers and other natural resources; then they will be the best no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Not Surprising since Currently, Manila is 3rd Richest City in South and Southeast Asia behind Singapore and Mumbai...> source

Seonjigo said...


Anonymous said...

Bandung is on the list!!
I feel much better with my decision to move to Bandung from Jakarta, due to Jakarta's hotness and suck traffic. Yes Jakarta still will be richer than Bandung, but at least it will be make me more optimistic to run my own company here,

Bandung is really Parijs van Java

btw, this is my first visit to your blog.

What a great blog you have here..

CITIWow said...


trisha smith said...

As an economist, my educated guess is that Metro Manila will soon become the richest group of cities not just in Southeast Asia but also in the world. With the Philippines' rapid economic group ( faster than its counterparts in Southeast Asia) it is no doubt that our very own Metro Manila will join the group of the richest such as London and New York.

Rogin said...


trisha is quite right...

Anonymous said...

dba nga sabi ni gloria ang pilipinas ay aasenso sa taong 2015...
expected na, na mas aasenso pa at magtotop sa 2020...

Lando said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lando said...

Jakarta and Bandung will be in Top 10.
A little bit confusing, coz Bandung itself is in 4th biggest city in Indonesia. Jakarta of course in the 1st, Surabaya 2nd, and Medan 3rd. But, yeah, it's just prediction, isnt it.
No Metro Jakarta, there's only Greater-Jakarta/Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi). On the list is just only Jakarta. Imagine how big is the GDP of Jabodetabek?
Xixixi . . . ^_^
A little bit unfair comparing Jakarta as single city with Metro Manila (Greater Manila).

Anonymous said...

I am with you with the predictions. The Metro Manila GDP should only show that by the year 2020 Philippines will arise to a first world country. As stated by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Philippines had climbed to 2nd world country since 2007.

The economic climate in Metro Manila is starting to be outpoured with billions of dollars of remittances, take note and vast majority of people becoming "nouveau riche" as well are starting to splurge themselves.

As was told by the President Gloria Arroyo of the Philippines, deficits will cut into half as we reach the year 2015. Making a mark of 5 year grace period to raise ourselves 1% to becoming 1st world country.

The outlayed support of foreign investments and new structural edifice are just one of the few steps the country is making to elevate itself from its present status.

Back in the 19th century, Philippines is second to Japan and a 2020 prediction is trully a redemption of its glorious status.

Reneil said...

The Prediction is indeed possible. Since the Philippines is one of the Next 11 countries. Which is said to be the 11 enormous economies in the world in 2050. Hence,Manila has the the potential to be the richest city in South East Asia. Filipinos nowadays are well civilized, more intelligent and more vigilant against corruption.Hahahah! Soon to rise in Manila:

* Manila Olympic Village
* Bagong Nayong Pilipino. ( Las vegas of SEA )
* SubWays
and many more!!!!

I'm Proud to be a Filipino!!!!

vic saure said...

all the person who disagree about that survey..
all of them are f**k.

will you please accept it ..........
but you know sometimes i think some of them are correct...
that manila should not be at the top...i realize that, that survey is wrong... where did you get that?....
it should this:


that's the real survey...
that is my visualization
in the neqar future...
believe it or not!...

go philippines...
just vote noynoy aquino for president...hehhehehehe

vic saure said...

all the person who disagree about that survey..
all of them are f**k.

will you please accept it ..........
but you know sometimes i think some of them are correct...
that manila should not be at the top...i realize that, that survey is wrong... where did you get that?....
it should this:


that's the real survey...
that is my visualization
in the near future...
believe it or not!...

go philippines...
just vote noynoy aquino for president...hehhehehehe

teoko said...

really? manila will be on top again?
Philippine economy has been on an unfortunate trajectory, going from one of the richest countries in Asia (following Japan) to one of the poorest. Growth immediately after the war was rapid, but slowed over time.
God bless Manila..!!!

Anonymous said...

why kuala lumpur is not in the list? isn't kuala lumpur has a rapid economic growth?

blumage said...

Guys you'll be all surprised on how many rich people dwell in Manila. You also have to remember that manila is one of the most densely populated cities on earth and usually more people means more business opportunity meaning more money!!

Anonymous said...

Guys common now, PWC was refering to GDP of the city and not GDP per capita. It comes to no surprise that Manila, Jakarta,Bangkok and Yangon on the list this is because of the large population of each city hence huge GDP. But if that translated into GDP per capita, most of the city will be lagging behind Singapore,Abu Dhabi and even Kuala Lumpur.

Joyceee said...

Wow. good for othe Philippines.. but let's see what will happen after the 2010 presidential elections...hmmm?

I was planning to move to singapore but does this mean i shouldn't now? ($_$)


But even thought Jakarta will become the most

Anonymous said...

Dont be so overconfident.
that's just a prediction.
everything is possible in the future, none can guarantee what will happen next.
As for Metro Manila, it is group of several cities around Manila, isnt it? I have to agree with post above saying "It is not fair comparing a single city with metro cities (which is only Metro Manila on the list)".

And just so all of us know, the GDP PERCAPITA of Indonesia is already higher than Philippine's (took over several years ago). Indonesia of course has more population than Philippine, member of G20, next eleven country, will be new "I" in BRIC to be BRIIC. Annualy has higher GDG Growth too.

Anonymous said...

^^ to the person above. if you only choose manila only that is unfair coz manila is only 38.55 square kilomiter. while jakarta is 740.28 square kilometre.. that is very very unfair to compare a small area to a larger one. jakarta is even bigger than metropolitan manila wich only have a 638.55 square kilometer. so it is also unfair.. with regards to G20. being a member of G20 those not mean that your country is rich. that is G8 not G20. as for indonesia.. you become a member of G20 because you have a super big population and because of that you have bigger GDP. the philippines is a NEWLY INDUSTRIALISED COUNTRY, indonesia is a developing nation,, philippines is also a member of N11

Anonymous said...

wait a sec, Metro Manila? It is a metropolitan area, not a city at all.

jude ray said...

jude ray

jude ray said...

..actually im very fact i did not expect that manila will be on the top 5...

but one thing is for sure,,

manila(philippines) is on their way in becoming a newly industrialized country...

.. you can just see it when you walk along eastwood,bonifacio highstreet,ayala ave,etc.. and even the lrt,mrt,cloverleaf,highway,expressway,skyway,,.etc,

w8 for about 5 years..
then you will see,..
tnx poh

Lando said...


I copied from the previous post. Are u joking?

The list is just showing the Southeast Asian cities. And It is almost impossible that Manila will become richer than, What? New York, Tokyo, London, Paris?
U make me laugh so hard.

Jakarta grows at 6.5%
MetroManila at 5.9%
The difference is just $4 bil.

xixixi . . .
Several years later Jakarta will be the richest, as a single city of course.

Just prepare to compete with Saigon, Hanoi, and Bandung which have the same or higher annum growth.

Anonymous said...

^^to the person above

lol.. I agree with you! manila can never be as rich as new york or tokyo

but manila can be the richest city in southeast asia.. nowadays. manila has $149B second only to singapore in southeast asia while jakarta has $92B making it 4th richest city in south east asia.. lolz

Anonymous said...

In world standing last 2008

manila is at the top 40 richest city in the world while jakarta is at the top 70 spot..

Lando said...

I'll correct u, it's MetroManila, not Manila. LOL

And it's Jakarta, not MetroJakarta/GreaterJakarta.

Bias? Much . . .

That number shows how big is the GDP of ur Capital. Now divided it by ur country total GDP.
The higher the number u get, the higher the gap btween your capital and other regions.

Anonymous said...

^^ what are you saying.

jakarta is even larger than the entire metropolitan manila.. we also have CALABARZON. 2nd biggest contributor in the economy of the philippines..

we have cabu city,, quezon city,, davao city wich is in the list of top 10 asian city of the future by Finance Direct Investment (FDI)..

in terms of GDP.. it is usual to have higher GDP for indonesia because of your humongous population

besides indonesia is still a developing nation while the philippines is a newly industrialized country of the world.

Lando said...

That's not an excuse, Baby . . .
Not all determined cities have the same area, Bangkok, Jakarta,Kuala Lumpur, Rio, Vatican, etc etc but . . .( U know what I will say ). . .

Congratz for The Philippines for having Asia's top ten cities in the future by FDI.

Hohoho . . .
If u do not accept GDP bcoz Indo's larger population, then u can use GDP percapita . . .

Both are still considered as developing country. Newly industrialized is not term for saying you are no more developing country.
You can check now, how many products in the Phil with label "made in Indonesia". And I will tell you that so a few here labeled "made in Philippines", to be honest, I, myself, haven't found it yet. But it must be out there somewhere in Indonesia.

Just check our 2nd city Surabaya, 3rd Medan, 4th Bandung (Bandung is in that top ten list). . . And dun 4get Batam, Bintan, Karimun as FTZ of Indonesia, where it will be the next Singapore - many Singaporean company start to invest there aggressively. Dun 4get Makassar, Balikpapan too.

I am not bashing everyone here, am I?
I just wanna have fun discussion.

Love u all ASEAN people . . .

Anonymous said...

hahahaha!! GDP per capita is not a measure of personal income.

Philippines labor costs are among the most expensive in Southeast Asia, next only to Singapore,a daily minimum wage of $8.09

That compares to Vietnam’s $1.26-$1.55 daily minimum wage; Cambodia’s $1.49-$1.66;
Indonesia’s $1.95-$3.63;
China’s $3.66-4.14;
Thailand’s $4.44-$6.09,

here is the link:

newly industrialized country are countries whose economies have not yet reached First World status but have, in a macroeconomic sense, outpaced their developing counterparts.

so being an NIC is the next step towards first world status.

but still 3 our cities are in the list of asian cities of the future. lolz

Anonymous said...

^^ and dude I also love south east asian nation. we should form a block like EU to achieve higher growth. SEA should be the next economic power house.. this is just a friendly debate! am I right?

Lando said...

Hohoho . . .
Being the most expensive does not proof anything. Like Jakarta as one of the most expensive city in SEA, just after Spore, - does not mean Jakarta citizens r rich. Paid more = richer, coz we count the payer as our citizen too.

Yup, GDP won't show the personal real income, but at least it shows the average of GDP over population, which is not so different from reality.
Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Yes they are still relatively richer, higher in prosperity, and GDP percapita shows it well . . .

I think u referred bout NIC from Wiki, and heii . . . Indonesia is there too . . . at least as other NIC. LOL

About the prediction of the future, Indo will be the next eleven (along with Phil too?), BRIIC (BRIC + I~Indonesia), CIVETS, And now already as G20 member (member of top20 countries by GDP).

Anonymous said...


the most expensive labor cost is different from the most expensive cities. clearly being the most expensive city dose not prove anything.. but the most expensive labor cost will tell how your people are being paid.

even in Malaysia. our maids get more salary than indonesians, they get even special privileges than indonesians.

about GDP per capita. GDP per capita is not a measure of personal income, GDP per capita is not even a measurement of the standard of living. GDP is intended to be a measure of total national economic activity divided by population with is advantageous to indonesia because of your population.

HDI is the real indicator. we have higher HDI than indonesia.. lolz

about NIC. there are only 9 widely known NIC.

and about G20. of course, you have high GDP because of your super big population. indonesia is even considered as the biggest market in south east asia. but it dose not necessarily mean that you are richer than singapore. lolz

Lando said...

Hohoho . . .
GDP percapita does not show the reality per person, I've said in my prev post, it's just the average. But very rarely a country with higher GDP percapita has lower prosperity. Just take a look at ASEAN, GDP percapita works very well.

HDI Index
105. Philippine
111. Indonesia - not much different
But I doubt it is the indicator of prosperity.U can see Sri Lanka, Gabon rank higher, and Norway is number 1???

I took it from wiki "Other NIC Each author set a list of countries accordingly to the methods or type of economic analysis. This sometimes results in a country being mentioned as NIC in a particular work, but that is rarely considered as such by the other authors. This is the case of nations such as Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Indonesia and Russia"

U can see Indonesia is there, baby . . .

I'll give u an information, may be rather rude, but this is the true fact and reality that we have to know.
Philippino who live below poverty line is about 30% of total population. While Indonesia is about 17% of total population.

And u say we have higher GDP because we have huge population??? How about your country?

Indo total pop : 220 mil
Total GDP nominal : more than USD 500 bil (estimated 589 bil in 2010)

Philippine total pop : 92 mil + 11 mil abroad
Total GDP nominal : USD 160 bil

Then u can calculate those data by urself . . .

Peace, Bro . . .

Anonymous said...


because norway is one of the developed countries in the world for achieving so much high HDI.

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education and standards of living for countries worldwide. It is a standard means of measuring well-being, especially child welfare. It is used to distinguish whether the country is a developed, a developing or an under-developed country, and also to measure the impact of economic policies on quality of life.

and just look in the list.. all countries with the highest HDI are all developed. which is the real indicator.

philippines is higher by 17 points and thats to high.

correction, our poverty rate for this year is 22% only according to UNDP. this is because most of those people are in agricultural sector. which is experiencing year on year typhoons, not to mention el nino and la nina. that destroys their crops. and we have much higher standard of living than in indonesia because even if you have the minimum salary which is one of the highest in south-east asia.. you are still considered poor...

and about overseas filipino workers. our people are in demand abroad because we are more competitive and they give much higher salaries and privileges than indonesians. indonesian workers even if they want to penetrate much higher countries is only in demand in bahasa speaking countries and singapore or hongkong.

they gave so much high salary that will compete to local salary here in the philippines. of course they are not that hypocrite.. and they will go abroad for their family.. and our workers abroad are mostly professionals and 81.5% of them are in US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and Italy..

Anonymous said...

but there are only 9 official countries considered as newly industrialized country.. it is like a beauty pageant that they will choose which is NIC among developing nations.. and indonesia is one of that.. but the winner is those 9 countries. and according to wiki.. indonesia is rarely considered.. "THATs RARE" maybe indonesia is mentioned during the selection of newly industrialized country.. lolzz!! PEACE DUDE!!

Lando said...

About foreign workers, I dont agree with u.
Phil starts to send workers way way earlier than Indo. Indo is like a beginner. And the workers who sent abroad mainly is still low-skilled labors (maid, etc). But, let us see in the near future . . .

Hohoho . . .
I like that sentence "let us see . . ."

Bout ur reason why many Filipinos still live below poverty . . . Hey, u said u r newly industrialized, didn't u?

I think there are other more logic reasons . . .

22% is too high for a country which was the 2nd richest in Asia.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha!! even thailand has an agricultural base and also considered to be the biggest exporter of rice in the world. and thailand is one of the NIC. thailand is outside the typhoon belt and also indonesia which is favourable for agriculture.

unlike the philippines, it is located in the typhoon belt. An average of 20 typhoons hit the Philippines every year and thats is more than enough logical reason to ruin your agricultural sector.

you dont believe me here is the link from European Comission

and not to mention the el nino which destroys a lot of agricultural products in my country. you have no idea how el nino affect my country! you are not using your logical reasoning any more, I think you are more insecure.

and I am not saying that we are the 2nd richest in asia because that is malaysia not the philippines. all I am saying is that we have the 2nd most expensive MINIMUM LABOR COST in south east asia.. and we have only 7% unemployment rate from the total work force of the philippine.

Lando said...

Hohoho . . .
I was not saying you r the 2nd richest, but you were, The Phil was.

Let us go back to 1950
Here is the rank of country by GDP percapita
# 29 Japan: $1,873.00
# 30 Brazil: $1,673.00
# 31 Bulgaria: $1,651.00
# 32 Morocco: $1,611.00
# 33 Turkey: $1,299.00
# 34 Philippines: $1,293.00
# 42 Thailand: $848.00
# 45 China: $614.00
# 46 India: $597.00
U can see the Phil was in 34th, the 2nd richest of the whole Asia after Japan. But now . . .

Yesterday my friend gave me a lotta data, I'll show u some.

Data from Australian Govt
As of 2010 (PPP GDP Per Capita)
Indonesia $4,380
Philippines $3,604
Vietnam $3,104

GDP (PPP) Per Capita in 2015 (prediction)
Thailand 11,398
Indonesia 6,198
Vietnam 4,511
Philippines 4,339

Global Peace Index
Malaysia 22
Singapore 30
Vietnam 38
Indonesia 67
Thailand 124
Philippines 130

CIVETS (2010 to 2020 = significant growth)
South Africa

BRIC (2000 to 2010 = significant growth)

Corruption Perception Index
84 Thailand 3.4
111 Indonesia 2.8
120 Vietnam 2.7
139 Philippines 2.4

List of countries by number of Internet users
14 Indonesia 30,000,000 12.5%
18 Philippines 24,000,000 24.5%
20 Vietnam 22,779,887 25.7%
The newest data from Indo Govt, total internet users in Indo : 45,000,000, jumped 50% in a single year??? Awesome.

Ranking of Top 10 universities in South East Asia:
1. National University of Singapore (Singapore)
2. Prince of Songkla University (Thailand)
3. Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
4. Kasetsart University (Thailand)
5. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
6. Mahidol University (Thailand)
7. Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)
8. Chiang Mai University (Thailand)
9. Thammasat University (Thailand)
10. Institute of Technology Bandung (Indonesia)

GDP (purchasing power parity):
* Indonesia:$968.5 billion (2009 est.)
* Thailand:$535.8 billion (2009 est.)
* Philippines:$327.2 billion (2009 est.)
(need update)

GDP (official exchange rate):
* Indonesia:$514.9 billion (2009 est.)
* Thailand:$266.4 billion (2009 est.)
* Philippines:$158.7 billion (2009 est.)
(need update)

GDP - per capita (PPP):
* Thailand:$8,100 (2009 est.)
* Indonesia:$4,000 (2009 est.)
* Philippines:$3,300 (2009 est.)
(need update)

Unemployment rate:
* Thailand: 2.7%(2009 est.)
* Indonesia: 7.7%(2009 est.)
* Philippines: 8%(2009 est.)
(need update)

Population below poverty line:
* Thailand: 10%(2004 est.)
* Indonesia: 17.8%(2006)
* Philippines: 30%(2003 est.)
(need update)

* Indonesia:$83.77 billion (revenues)$97.24 billion (expenditures)
* Thailand:$39.66 billion (revenues)$54.11 billion (expenditures)
* Philippines:$23.29 billion (revenues)$29.23 billion (expenditures)
(need update)

Public debt:
* Indonesia: 29.8% of GDP (2009 est.)
* Thailand: 49.4% of GDP (2009 est.)
* Philippines: 62.3% of GDP (2009 est.)
(need update)

World's top 5 countries to invest:
1. China
2. India
3. Indonesia
4. Brazil
5. Turkey

Total elementary school:
- Philippines: 38.000
- Indonesia: 170.000

Total junior high school and senior high school:
- Philippines: 7.000
- Indonesia: 49.000

Literacy rate
78.Singapore 94.4
79.Thailand 94.1
81.Philippines 93.4
82.China 93.3
88.Indonesia 92.0
(the data will be changing in the near future, soon, seeing those huge number of Indo newly built schools)

Ummm . . . From those data, again, I wanna question the rank of HDI. Hahh . . . I think they r so bias, my friend said they even just take a research from only a few hundred schools from hundred thousands schools here in Indonesia, and of course : Randomly. They pick the bad, we get the bad.

Hohoho . . .
Ya sudah lah . . .

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! now I can see your true color.

philippines back then is run by honourable president so we became 2nd richest countries in asia. but we still have the potential..

and why are you so addicted to GDP, you cant compare our GDP even per capita coz thats your advantage, we should have more or less 3 times our current total population to much indonesia.. your countries population is as big as Brazil. as for thailand, of course thailand is the 3rd richest country in southeast asia. no questions about that..

as for the HDI.
The HDI combines three dimensions:

Life expectancy at birth, as an index of population health and longevity
Knowledge and education, as measured by the adult literacy rate (with two-thirds weighting) and the combined primary, secondary, and tertiary gross enrollment ratio (with one-third weighting).
Standard of living, as indicated by the natural logarithm of gross domestic product per capita at purchasing power parity. and it is conducted by the united nations.. that is a reputable organization. not even a hearsay coming only from your friends cannot deter that reputation.

as for peace index. of-course we still have problems about rebel muslim in mindanao.

as for internet users, we still have higher internet penetration rate

as for growth, philippines is lagging behind because we have a law that a foreign investors should have filipino counterparts. we dont allow full ownership of business for foreigners. filipino should have at least 50% of the business. and that will hamper growth. but at least the philippines is still the 2nd top BPO destination in Asia. and the IMF and barclay revised its growth forecast for the philippines to 6% or 7% for the year 2010 because of our 1st quarter growth of 7.3% while indonesia 1st quarter growth is 5.7% and the prediction for your 2010 is 5.6%

as for the university, our government give less to nothing funds for our university, but still we can able to provide competent filipino that are even hired abroad, like architects in the middle east, nurses and doctors in US, canada, and london. we even have filipino in the medical team inside the white house.. USA is even hiring filipino teachers for their schools.. did you know Josette Biyo,the first Asian teacher to win the Intel Excellence in Teaching Award in an international competition held in United States and recently a newly discovered and named a minor planet in her honor – Planet Biyo, a small red planet rotating around the sun and located between Mars and Jupiter. philippines is also the biggest producer of largest and most viable source of seafarers, shipping crew around the world… working in vessels of foreign flags.. we can be able to pass their high standards and in fact those filipinos received higher salary than indonesians. Over 125,000 businesses in the united states of america are Filipino-owned, according to the 2002 US Economic Census. University can give you only the basics but you are the one who should nurture your skills and capability.

unemployment rate.
according to CIA world fact book, our unemployment rate is only 7.5% while indonesia is 7.7%

look, philippines is not a perfect nation, there are flaws I admit that.

Lando said...

Yupz . . . Congratz then.

Actually, when we talk bout economic growth, we talk bout GDP too. And from ur posting, I get new information that they also use GDP as criteria to determine HDI. ^_^

So, am I addicted to GDP?

Hohoho . . . I hope u will answer this question . . .

And now I will ask u, why r u so excited talking bout abroad worker's salary than ur local worker's?

Just an unimportant information, but worth to know tho'
Last year Indonesians spent about USD 2.1 bil just for shopping in Spore. The biggest foreign spender, even bigger than Malaysia.
And in 2010, Indo bcomes the biggest car market in ASEAN (for the first time) and for the 1st time we beat Thailand.

Is it a sign for our brighter future?
Let's see . . . (I like saying this)

Peace . . .

Lando said...

Bout population, it's +/- 2 times, not 3 times.
Indo +/- 220 mil, Phil 100+ mil.


Anonymous said...

what the heck! hahahaha!!

why will the economist say that you are the biggest market in southeast asia if you cannot buy more cars than any Southeast asian countries?? hahaha! you should achieved it before because you have the biggest population, the largest humongous in any sense.. hahahaha! it is not a sign of somthing,, its natural.. lol.

but according to my research.thailand is the biggest car market in southeast asia.. hmmmmm,, where did you get your datas?

well filipinos are also one of the top foreign visitors in singapore..

here is the link..

hahaha, HDI, that is why I post it here, GDP alone is not a good indicator.. The Human Development Index (HDI) is a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education and standards of living for countries worldwide. It is a standard means of measuring well-being, especially child welfare. It is used to distinguish whether the country is a developed, a developing or an under-developed..

Anonymous said...


according to CIA, indonesian population is 242,968,342

philippine population is 99,900,177..

so philippine population is more or less 40% of indonesian population.. wow.. indonesia is so big..

Lando said...

Hohoho . . .
U start to use impolite words . . .
Relax, baby.

Those 250 mil Indonesian people occupying 1 904 569 sq km land area. While The Phil, 100 mil people occupying just 300 000 sq km land area.
^_^ So dense and crowded . . .

Hohoho . . .

Here is the data:

"The Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (Gaikindo) said auto sales in Indonesia jumped 76 percent to 370,206 vehicles in the first half of 2010."

"Sales in Thailand rose 54 percent to 356,692 units during the same period, according to the Nikkei survey released Wednesday."

"Data from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers in the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturers' Association showed first semester sales reached 82,147 units, 37.1 percent higher than the sales recorded in the same period last year. "

And from those data u can do calculation.
Pop = Indo : Phil, okay I will be very kind to u, 3 : 1
Car sales = 370,206 : 82,147, or roughly, more than 4 : 1

After do calculation, u can take conclusion. It's up to you tho'.

This is fact and exact, not bias.

I do not really like the rank bout something that can not be calculated and determined precisely. HDI, Life expectancy, most livable, etc, etc.

Coz something good for the watcher is not always good for the object. But when u talk an exact number, both will be agree which one is bigger, which one is smaller.

Peace . . .
We are friends, aren't we?
So keep your words polite.

Lando said...

And for the biggest foreign spender in Spore :

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah!! what bad words?? you mean this word>>>>> "what the heck" hahahahaha!! geeezzz,, you cannot even censor that words in the television.. hahahaha!!

crowded what?? hahaha!! geeezzz! you make an issue to a something that is not an issue at all.. scientist say that the philippines can support 300 million or more population. 88 million can even live in a small island of bohol.. hahaha!.

ho ho ho ho >>>> by the way, what is this? are you Santa Claus? hahaha! oh just kidding.

that is in singapore the USA, filipinos are........ oh well,, I will let U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton say something about filipinos there, like doctors businessman soldiers journalist public servants stars and so on.

here is the link:

Median Household Income
Pakistanis $70,047
Indians $68,771
Filipinos $65,700
Chinese $57,433
Japanese $53,763
Koreans $43,195

about cars, that is why indonesia is the biggest market in south east asia, hello? how many times do I have to tell you this? it those not prove anything. it is your advantage coz you have to many people. well compare that to thailand. which is considered as 3rd richest countries in southeast asia. so if we take your assumption, are you telling me that indonesia is richer than thailand? oh, I think your logical thinking is wrong baby,. so I Therefore Conclude that you are more bias than the united nation's HDI.

the united nation is also reviewing statistics from your government, they also immersed themselves in the community. bias is a strong word. if I compare you to an animal. your like a cow, you see only those things beside you and you see only those things that you want to see,, I will compare the united nation to an eagle, who can see more things clearly, the totality, it has the bird's-eye view,

and speaking of numbers, HDI is also dealing with numbers. if this is bias, then how come no countries in the world gave some protest to UN? how come china never confronted the UN to be considered as developed nation?? they have the 3rd largest economy... it will all go down to HDI..

we have come a long way my friend, we are just talking about the richest city before to NIC to poverty and tourism and population.. and now cars? hahaha!

all I can say for now is this.. before, my country is the 2nd richest country in asia and predicted to be the economic powerhouse of Asia. but decades of corruption, mismanagement and natural disasters drove my country down, after marcos and aquino regime, we have nothing but our selves. but the potential is still there. for now we have achieved the title of being a newly industrialized country and we are one step away for being a developed country. but that step will be the hardest one. I hope our leader will do it right this time.

as for indonesia, I dont mean anything if I say you are still a developing nation.. sooner or later you will become an NIC also and then a developed nation, but those 3 steps are hard. the transition will take you years or decades.


and PEACE! bye bye!

Lando said...

Hohoho . . .
I think I am not the starter of this out of topic discussion, I just go with the flow . . .

^_^ U still can see the above postings.

"crowded what?? hahaha!! geeezzz! you make an issue to a something that is not an issue at all.. scientist say that the philippines can support 300 million or more population. 88 million can even live in a small island of bohol.. hahaha!."

And u can imagine how huge population Indonesia can sustain.

Okay I think this is enaff . . .

Bye bye . . .

Long live ASEAN!!!
We can make the future together . . .

Anonymous said...

this didn't shock me,,,i know that manila is the richest city in south east Asia,,,well i think this would not be because of manila it self,,,this might be because of its co city's,,Like CEBU CITY,,DAVAO CITY...which top as second for manila...IN PHILIPPINES.. AND BECAUSE WE HAVE THE BIGGEST TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANIES like call canter in the world America was even once threatened by us,,hahaha..because PHILIPPINES WAS RANK AS THE MOST EXCELLENT ENGLISH COMMUNICATOR,,,NO WONDER WHY JAPANESE KOREANS AND CHINESE AND MANY MORE NATIONALITIES TAKE TIME TO TRAVEL IN PHILIPPINES JUST TO LEARN ENGLISH,,ME!!IM PROUD OF WHAT TO BE PINOY

Anonymous said...

well it says there 2005-2020 so were 2010 the six years is not a prediction and well in fact its been already an accomplished to the another 10 years to come is where the prediction is,,,OK,,So you better read before you say anything...and I THINK that another ten years your country will go down into hundreds times fall poorer than the present,,,hehehe well its just an prediction,,right!!!

Anonymous said...


Pisanu for BISEAN said...

BISEAN would like to ask the fanatic anonymouses if they have been outside of their own country yet?

The 'truthful' answer would matter and a determining factor of "claim" authenticity.

A prediction is synonymous to "GUESSING", we have to remember.

Anonymous said...

for those who are hitting on our environmental issues (specially those indonesians) look at the mirror first before u got sucked up by ur own ghosts. clean ur MOST POLLUTED RIVER IN THE WORLD first before arguing so much about how rich or dumb ur country is.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God, please help me educate this talkative IDIOT. Are we here talking bout the dirtiest river?

Ask ur beloved country to give u free education pls, coz u are totally dumb from hair to toe. Someone ask u bout "A", then u give "B". If I were the asker, I will spit on ur face and say "IDIOTT"!!

Alvin said...

I think it's possible for the Philippine to be a developed and rich country again.

Just watch this video I made couple of months ago.

Alvin said...

Please also read Mr. Argonza's blog. He wrote an article visioning the Philippines to have developed economy in the near future.

Anonymous said...

PHILIPPINES as newly industrialized country!!.. :)

NICs usually share some other common features, including:

* Increased social freedoms and civil rights.
* Strong political leaders.
* A switch from agricultural to industrial economies, especially
* An increasingly open-market economy, allowing free trade with other nations in the world.
* Large national corporations operating in several continents.
* Strong capital investment from foreign countries.
* Political leadership in their area of influence.
* Lowered poverty rates.

Philippines has the chance to be rich.. we hope that it will come true.. just have faith and for sure we will persevere hard.. :) one big fight for my country.. :)

godigahole said...


So much national insecurity, you guys. We've gone past the nationalism stage, like, 30 years ago. It's a global economy. It's a world village. Why are you taking so much responsibility for being just 0.000001% of a country? Surely you couldn't be responsible for all your country's successes and failures, could you?

And please stop arguing as though your are speaking on behalf of "us, Filipinos" or "us, Indonesians". "We" and "You" are stupid words that divide. As though national borders haven't divided us anymore than we'd have wanted them to.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you've accomplished for everybody. Not for a single country. The passport you are holding is an unnecessary human construct that should be rethought. Why else are people gearing towards a common economy, or a common currency?

These numbers are good and relevant, but pitting them against each other is akin to two kids fighting over who's got the most number of marbles in the least number of bags. Or overcompensation by driving the fastest muscle car. I'm pretty sure you know what tiny body part is referred to when a muscle car is talked about.

You know what's unfair? Both of you. You are both so wrong!

Anonymous said...

I just want to clarify that this is not just a simple guess or a survey instead this are based on the facts. This is guess but an educated guess.

Anonymous said...

no surprise there at all

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