Friday, April 27, 2007

WHASSUP: Another Eurasian In the Making?

POSTING FROM THAILAND AGAIN! I was a little out of touch for the past days and I know this is a bit of a late reaction --there, I admit it! Get off me! Anyway, here's what I have to say about Paradorn's announcement last Tuesday...and oh this is juicy!

I'm sure you have seen my statements: "Eurasians are the perfect specimen of the human race."; "Eurasians are the most beautiful people in the world." blah blah blah over and over again. I'm not saying that if you're not are...let's just say not as hot as we are. There! Take that! Just keep it real and a little surgical enhancements will do you just fine. LOL! Or you can ask Xiaxue how to be gorgeous with just a small brush and a little color!

Anyways, the announcement of Thai tennis superhero Paradorn Srichaphan and Miss Universe 2005's engagement last Tuesday came as a shock! Wha'????? It was even announced on national fucken television!

Wha'???! * face muscles getting really numb with all these faces I'm making* Fucken whyyyyyy???

I told you it's a bit of a shock to me and at the same time NOT really. Let me tell you why...

That Russian-Immigrant Canadian woman goes in and out of Thailand since she won the Miss Universe crown here in Bangkok. Working here and there and all. So I know something's up. Why do other Miss Universes can become a superstar in their own country and she can't? No work in Canada for you baby? Huh?

And here's the kicker; the Srichaphan family "showered" the bitch with diamonds totalling 16 fucken carats! *Hmm...things are getting clearer to me now.*

Paradorn gave her a 3-carat diamond engagement ring! And the rest of the 13 carats went to her new earrings and necklace. What does she want on her fucken wedding day --her own country?!

It's really annoying to see her totally inexpressive face splattered on Thai television and all! Ha! Can't she be a little exclusive? Wha'? A Miss Universe doing instant noodles commercials? Whadda'?!

She's been flashing the Thai "wai" for years and up to now she can't do it properly! It's a Thai Wai for christssake, not an Indian Namaste! I totally don't like her --Kurara Chibana should've won! *Uhhh wait -- I think that was a different year.*

Anyway, why don't anybody say anything about her totally botoxed face? Ha! Not that botox is wrong..but I want it exposed! Have you noticed her blank face?No expression at all! -- Can you do a little frown for me baby? Try for me...pleeeeaaase! *eyelashes batting rapidly up and down*

They also said Paradorn proposed last Friday *13 April -- that's a Friday for chrissake! I know where this marriage is going haha!* while they were holidaying in Bali. They have been dating for 8 months -- too fucken long time! What were you guys thinking? Wasn't really that sure? Ha!

Nevertheless, for however it is, it's another Eurasian in the making. Another beautiful creature to roam the earth. There! Take that!

I wonder how's my darling TATA Young is feeling right now?...*sigh*



Anonymous said...

arent u jealous..I lyk paradorn as a tennis player but hes not that goodluking compared to the goddess natalie...It pays to be beautiful and a Miss pays u diamond, not just cash!!well if the two is in love, why not? wishing the best for natalie and paradorn

[R][i][V][E][R] said...

Wow! You're calling a Miss Universe a goddess? You got some serious reality check to do. Psychiatrists call it "delusions" but don't quote me on that, it's their idea not mine. Consult a psychiatrist nearest you.

From what you are saying—so, it means that a Miss Universe should go to the highest bidder? And would only go to bed with a man with the most dough? I don’t know about you but it sounds prostituting to me.

Too bad for the girls in Patpong, Ermita, Colon or Kellang…they don’t have a crown and a sash to wave around to fetch higher prices. But who the fuck cares? High price, low price, they all belong to the same category.

NOTE: The next anonymous post will be deleted without mercy or remorse.

De Rossi said...

That anonymous post came from the Philippines judging on how he spell words. Poor thing. Bakla na nga. Wala pang bayag. Kawawa!!!!!

And for you Pisanu, I respect your opinion. It may not go with my own but the way you wrote this post gives you credit. Well done.

danyhael said...

LOL @ De Rossi. did you just insult yourself? hahahahaha.

anyway... OMG. another one in the making? another eurasian? i'm glad they're in thailand coz i dunno where to live anymore if there would be another eurasian in my country.

Jayson Mark of AdU said...

i agree with Pisanu...she's really a B*****!!!i dont like to judge people but when saw her on AMAZING RACE 3, she's so freakin'ly annoying...she joined the contest but she doesnt want to race??what the hell is that??.. also remember one thing she said during the race.."...being the lowest form of humanity..(something like that..i cant remember the exact words but the meaning's like that)..SHE DOESNT DESERVE THE TITLE!!!I hope her partner Pailin is not getting her nerves on her...

Daucus Sebastian Isaac said...

Is the girl really inlove with that guy? or she just love the diamond(s)?

Vanessa Taris said...

Hi bloggers I loooove your site and am so glad to have found it. I am Lao/Mex/Saudi and its so nice to see many others who relate to me on your site.

How bout you guys add my cousin, Paula Nissen to the hotlist. She is Laotian/Danish and is a model moving on up having worked for abercrombie, sears, and vogue?

check her out pleaseeee

mwuahhh darlins have a wonderful weekend !

Vanessa Taris said...

You can't judge a relationship's strength by the couples balance of outer beauty.

Yin/Yang Ugly/Beautiful

She probably ISNT after his money, most likely in LOVE.

Look at Seal and his woman. Now, she is still a top dolla model..Why is she with this GUY?

because she LOVES him and birthed his beautiful children. They both have traits of the siren..with her beauty.. and his alluring charm and voice

So, i wish the best of luck to the tennis guy's wedding to the ex pagaent star.

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