Thursday, May 31, 2007


There's this tiny little German brewery pub on Ram Inthra Road attempting a publicity stunt. What's with the crap of banning smoking in their pub? Are they trying to set a trend in Bangkok? It's all over the papers! Goddamit! And I hate to see and hear rubbish like this! I really hope they are not wanting to set a trend!

If Thailand adapts something like what Ireland, Norway and Bhutan is doing, this tiny little pub is gonna hear from me with all my smoking wrath!

I also heard from one of our blogmate Sanne, that Singapore is going to do the same stunt. It gives me the creeps imagining myself in my favorite weekend destination, partying like hell, boozing like a fish AND CAN'T f*cken SMOKE? Waaaaaah!


If something like this happen here, I'm gonna move to Malaysia en sequida! At least they would only kill me with the prices of their cigarettes. OH! Oh! Better move to the Philippines! Cigarettes there are f*cken cheap and they don't have this shitty-no-smoking-in-pubs bullshit! YEAH! I'm moving to the Philippines!

Why are they suddenly being cruel to SMOKERS? We f*cken pay taxes too! Do we ask money from non-smokers to buy OUR cigarettes? Do we steal and rob the banks to buy our f*cken cigarettes? Do we smuggle people for illegal labour just to have money and buy cigarettes? No! This is my lungs and I would do whatever I want to it! F*cken out! I'm really pissed now!

I'm not gonna even start on responsible smoking issue. Hell no! I'm a long time smoker and I know the etiquettes and shits. No need to lecture me on that!

Oh! I GOT AN IDEA! -- Why don't you just put us smokers all in one island and nuke us to smitherines? Huh? Huh?!!

YOU WON'T? -- It's a violation of human rights you say?--and not allowing us to smoke isn't? %*@# you! Argh!

There. Take that!

--by Pisanu


the philosphical bastard said...

how about we just put all the non-smokers in one place (bangkok) ...and then nuke them to smitherines!

ha!? ha?!

Pisanu for BiSEAN said...

hey philo, commission on human rights might be reading this. lol.

don't be too harsh. hahaha!


Hey Pisanu. The Philippines actually has a law banning smoking in public places but, like most laws here, it's practically ignored by everyone. So feel free to move here. :)

Jeff said...

Don't worry.

Soon their will be pubs for smoker only for you.

Pisanu for BiSEAN said...

@misterhubs...really? How come I didn't know that? Nobody's telling me things anymore! Hmp!...but Toby, Michael, Francine and Sucre never mentioned anything. But just as you said.. it's ignored. So there! I got a give away! :-) Thanks!

Q The Conqueror said...

Lol. At my school, they actually have "Smokers Pocket Gardens". These are the only places within the university where people can smoke. The only reason people follow it is because there are roving security guards ready to get P500 for every person they catch.

Mariani said...

All I can say and let live.

Anonymous said...

so, you are a smoker,..hmmmmmm... so you are one of those people who dont want to quit smoke when in fact it destroys you silently...and worst, smoking contributes much to Global Warming. Think of those millions of millions of people who are smoking...smoking releases CO2 which now is very hard come out of Earth,this CO2, Methane are making our world in Danger...Cant you people feel its impacts, Pls visit concern.I hope you understand me.tnx u

Anonymous said...

i bet you didn't know second hand smoking too. geez... people like you... it's not just about your lungs, damn it.

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