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I had the chance to visit the youngest kid on the block in November 2006. East Timor (or Timor Leste, as they would like to be called) is the youngest country in Southeast Asia and one of the youngest in the world. They are independent of Indonesia since August 1999.

My trip to East Timor was more like of a “pilgrimage”; it’s more of spiritual than a pleasure trip. Because this country has been on my advocacy since I took on world issues. I have campaigned for the freedom of East Timor in my own way.

My main advocacy issues are dominated with either them or Tibet…and it was such a spiritual (and personal) fulfillment to see them independent again…*sighs with a sweet smile*.

If you get the chance, visit them and see how they have faired. They will not be the youngest country for long. See how they have moved on and fulfill their own destiny…

This is Timor Leste… the other predominantly Roman Catholic country in Asia...

One of Southeast Asia’s hidden treasures indeed. Unspoiled, white sand beaches… serene environment and genuine culture. The smiles are real and their spirit is inspiring.

Since its’ independence, Timor Leste now shares the distinction with the Philippines as being the only 2 predominantly Roman Catholic (Christian) nations in Asia. This is mainly because Timor Leste is a former colony of Portugal and used to be called Portuguese East Timor until 1975. They are also pending admission to the ASEAN as the 11th member.

Atrocities and human rights violations are rampant since Indonesia invaded in 1975 when the Portuguese left. And this peace loving people has been held capture on their own land ever since. My gosh, I’m sounding like my old self back in the 1990’s!!! – enough of this! Whew!

This huge, huge statue of Jesus Christ was built by the Indonesians on their last day on Timor. Hmmmm....very Sao Paolo though...well. They have facilities for scuba diving although I don't do that. But I surf! I hope they could discover this on Timor. Their premier beach destination is in Dili (the capital city) and Com. Wonderful places.

Anyway, my point is, if you have seen everything in Southeast Asia already and you’re into isolated beaches, simple living and no tourist at all…visit our brothers in Timor Leste. Tell them I sent you!!!


And here's their tourism website... no eyebrow raising's written in English and Portuguese...TAKE THAT!



Hiroki said...

this is going to be my next destination. thanks for the info river.

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering whether you are campaigning for the freedom of PATTANI as well ? The southern block of modern day Yala, Narathiwat, Pattani and even Songkhla to be exact.

They are like East Timor too you know. Peace loving people until, nope, not the Indonesians but the ruthless and greedy Thai imperialist cum militarist came down to mess up the tranquility of what then the independant Sultanate of Pattani.

Held captured on their own land since 1909. Atrocities and human rights violations by the military are rampant ever since.

God bless.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Thank you for the insight, anonymous. I appreciate your input. But I think you got it all a bit offside (wrong).

My advise to you is never say anything that would make you sound foolish or say something you don't understand.

Let me point it out to you one by one:

1. The annexation of Pattani happened in the 1700s. Do you know that difference between NOW and THEN?

2. The United Nations or any other country DO NOT recognize Pattani as a sovereign country. So where is the issue of independence there?

3. The Thai Kingdom in those days stretches up to Kelantan, Perlis and Terengganu which is farther than Patani. These states are Thai territories if you check your history.

4. Pattani is NOT campaigning for independence -- it's the extremists. Why would I support something that doesn't exist?

5. Atrocity and violence is never a Bhuddist virtue. It's the extremists and fanatics that made Southern Thailand unstable. Not the armies, nor the monarchy. Are you accusing the Thai government of killing people there just for fun? Are you even from there?

OR..are you saying that Thais should take all their bullets and embrace all their bombs? Are you crazy?

If you would study the situation more closely, you would know that your belief is not at all true.

NOW COMPARE East Timor to points 1,2 & 4... you'll get your answer, my friend.

Next time, leave your name. Peace. :-)

curbside puppet said...

hey, it's just now that i realized that you, river pisanu, is such a nice fella! for one, you cautioned the people not to raise their eyebrows upon reaching timor leste's tourism webpage and also the way you handled the would-atrocities to the philippines on the comments page on your bali post.
that was such a nice and cool thing to do!
way to go!

MischMensch said...

Hey I can't seem to open the website. What's wrong?

akhyaree said...

I am sure we should avoid arguing over politics, here. I am Indonesian, and from my point of view, the human right violations were committed by both sides.
One thing I should underline here is, i am glad that finally Timor Leste got its independence, after suffering for so long. They'd been suffering under portuguese, and suffering under our invasion. I really hope that Timor will soon catch up with the others in the block.
I hope, as Pisanu said, we'll never argue over something we don't really know.
Thanks Pisanu, for giving me this chance to speak up. KEEP IT UP> !

bathmate said...

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Anonymous said...


'This huge, huge statue of Jesus Christ was built by the Indonesians on their last day on Timor'

thanks pisanu to cited that.
Indonesian also who made Timor Leste as Catholic state. before Indonesia came, it was only 40% catholic, with indigineous belief as majority. after Indonesia left, it has 90% catholic.

I'm looking forward your next nice post!

muhammad said...

you have to know the truth ok. there is no intention from indonesian to occupied timor timur. US and Australia using our washington backed government (suharto regime) to intervene cause they don't want to see fretilin (a communist party) won the election.

they are freak out, after losing vietnam, they dont any communist state born again in SEA. they using other parties like APODETI, KOTA, UDT sign a declaration (Decalration of Balibo) to send troop from indonesia.

like our former president Habibie (succesor of suharto) said to the world, timor timur is "a gravel in our shoes". we have pour 6 billion rupiah of our tax money to develop this region and no return. no economic, or political interest just problem so we gave an option to timorese.

how come in one island with their brother in the west still with indonesia. what the different with west timor? just devided by former imperialist one is dutch and other portugese. is just like dividing korea.

and after the referendum, about 200 thousand people fleed to indonesian teritory? how come more of them came to us? u should see the refugee now in the west part of the island.

sad if we see brother in one island seperetes just because the elite want to have power. and become a lesson to other region to think twice before seperated. now timor timur is the poorest country with no significant resources. depending to other nations.

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