Thursday, February 14, 2008

BISEAN’s 10 Most Romantic Places for Valentines

This could also be the most romantic places in Southeast Asia -- but of course, we got millions more undiscovered. Here are the most romantic dinner we have actually experienced and oh-boy! are we impressed or what?

1. Sky Dining on Cable car, 230 ft above sea-level. Unusual, total privacy and great view of the Lion City. Sentosa Island, Singapore.

2. Dinner on the legendary “Maeyanang” rice barge cruising the great River of Kings. Unforgettable evening to see Bangkok’s landmarks by boat. The Oriental Bangkok, Charoen Khrung, Bangkok, Thailand.

3. Dinner at the Alkaff Mansion. Old world charm, ultra-luxurious, 1930s mansion on a hill overlooking a beautiful park. 10 Telok Blangah Green, Singapore.

4. Indulgence at Amankila. After a relaxing massage, indulge in nice candle-lit dinner at the pool side on a cliff over looking the Strait of Lombok. BISEAN’s favorite place in the history of histories. Amankila Resorts, Bali, Indonesia.

5. Dinner at Casa Manila. Experience the opulence of Filipino culture in the turn of the century. Relive the 1800s. Take the “Calesa” (horse-drawn carriage) through the cobble streets of the Walled City after dinner. Calle Real, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines.

6. Dinner at the Seri Angkasa. Indulge with 360 degrees view of cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur more than 1,000 ft. above sea-level. Nothing can come close to this. Menara KL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

7. Bonfire and pot dinner at Dam Tre Island's secluded beach. The whole stretch of tranquil and virgin beach all to yourselves. Nin Van Bay, Vietnam.

8. Dine al fresco at the Vertigo among the moon and the stars. Open air restaurant at the penthouse, 63 stories high. Breath-taking 360 degrees view of the City of Angels. The Banyan Tree Hotel, Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

9. Indulge and dine like Imperial couples in the 1920s at Doc Cheng’s. The best restaurant in the whole of Singapore. Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

10. The list is not finishedcare to recommend?



Daniel N. said...

I agree with 1,2,3,6,8 and 9. All because I havent been to 4,5 and 7. Nice choices. Can't think of a suggestion for #10 right now.

Happy Valentines BISEAN.

David Tennant said...

#1 and #2 are the best. You got it spot on!

Googoosh said...

hepi valentynes biseaners!

Erick Lau said...

Ooooh! Doc Cheng's! I got a reservations there tomorrow night. Lovely!

Sofia for BISEAN said...

Babe, where's Phi Phi Island? Why did you take it off? */really deep sigh/

Playing "nice guy" again making others fill in the blanks so they would feel good?!!!!!

Put Phi Phi back at number 7!!!! NOW!!!!!!!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

If you wanna bitch around here Sofia, you better have a back up blog. How's Ascott? I'll see you later.

Anonymous said...

Romance is in d air. i think d pinoy eating in Villa Escudero, laguna, will be a treat also! eating with bare hands besides a manmade waterfalls and ur feet soaked in water with pinoy folk songs in d air. :)

treskeidecamania said...

TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS, one of the best place to be..beautifully landscaped mountains with so much to offer..

Shawn said...

Based on recent romantic experience, The Jewel Box at the top of Mount Faber, Singapore, overlooking Sentosa and the city lights is truly magical. Try it out with a date :)

Bruneian said...

#10~ Empire Hotel, Brunei Darussalam. What other way to enjoy the most indulging experience smack in the middle of Asia where you could go to a spa and then watch a romantic movie at the Empire Hotel Cinema before you're off to a romantic dinner at the 7-storey Atrium cafe inside the majestic compounds of the hotel itself as you watch the Magnificent and majestic Bruneian sunset, and then cruise around the shops inside before having the night of your life in the Emperor's suite with its very own indoor swimming pool+movie while overlooking the South China Sea... for #10 I think that covers it.

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