Tuesday, April 03, 2007

BEST CLUBS in SE ASIA: Santika Club Bangkok

Beautiful music. Beautiful lights. Beautiful babes. Beautiful dudes. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. That's all I can say. Take that!

Located in Bangkok's posh district of Wattana on Ekkamai 11, this is a place to go and display yourself. You wanna be seen? You can't go wrong with this place. Usually a mix crowd but you know what's "in" a mixed crowd... willing gorgeous dudes and babes to come home with you! Preferrably both of them please.

Santika Club is where the chic babes and stylish dudes go. So, you gotta be one yourself. Take that!

Y'gotta be careful a little bit though. Gorgeous people comes with a price. No, not a tag price but a look to match theirs. People who come here are so gorgeous that you could be ditched in a second! Here is where I got my, I don't wanna say...maybe another time. Take that!

And also, most clubs in Bangkok closes around 1 or 2 am. If you fancy a night with tight-fitting uniformed police and spend a night in jail...then stay longer than that for all I care. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Oh, if you come here, bring a click-counter with you. Y'know those small thingy to count hot babes and dudes that that guy on the Axe commercial use? You're gonna be needing that. My last count was 137 gorgeous babes and dudes. That's a lot in one room! Hmmmm....yummy!

You wanna try their samplers?




Can you find me in the crowd?

More yum-yum-yum! Oh and by the way, they got excellent food too. Proceed to Harlem next door. But of course you won't go there for the food, will you? Naaaahhh! I thought so!


This is a five star venue for me. Try it when you're in Bangkok. It's gonna hurt down there -- guaranteed!




Fucken out! Dude, I know why you featured this club...bcos it's just a block away from your flat. Harharhar! So, this is where you hunt eh?!! Fucken out!

Hey dude, I discovered your blog from a model friend of ours. How cum she knows about this and I don't? You!!! You!!!

See you next friday. Let's surf in Cloud Nine, oright?


xtian f. said...

so!!!!!!! youre a BLOGGER now ey? so what happened to myspace? stop at 10,000++ friends? got bored huh? wakakakakaka. i just dropped by to see what the whole cricle is talking about. got urself another reader here. well because were friends mainly wakakakakakaka.

[R][I][V][E][R] said...

Nyahahaha! You two get out of here before my readers puke! Get out! LOL. Thanks for droping by Morg and Chris. This is what's making me busy now. Bored of MySpace, no action there any more.

Plus Khun Popo promised to give me a bottle of Johnny Walker if he sees his club on my blog and it's all mine!Mine!Mine! Nyaharharharhar! Take that!

Kit said...

hmm sounds like a great club. never had the chance to make a trip there. dunno why since bangkok is like a hop skip away. well slightly more than a hop skip but hey...
anyway, hope you enjoy your bottle.

Hiroki said...

So it means you will never ever feature me here??? Japan in d'haus!

Jimmy said...

Hey River, I checkd this place out. You're right! Everyone is swingin'. Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

OH NO! RIP all blessed people.

Lawrence said...

Tsk tsk.. So sad.. R.I.P....

Anonymous said...

Very sad. Survivors won't have much a life because New Year's Eve will always remind them of this tragedy. A word of advice when you hit the bars in Bangkok, have a alternative exit strategy.

Anonymous said...

What a Tragedy. Because of the irresponsibility of the Owners, so many People must die. It's a shame. Will Such people never learn from the past?

Anonymous said...

My condolences to all the families, my prayers are with you.

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