Friday, June 08, 2007


Think derelict chic -- the kind you see in a fashion magazine shoot. Think bare brick walls illuminated by vivid lights. Imagine chandeliers, steel partitions, throbbing lights in a Pre-WWII shop building. Think pink lights. Imagine people eager to know you, buy you drinks and display subtle sexual insinuations. This is MAISON...

Don't mistake it for the French word "house" because it doesn't get close to look like one. I discovered this club by word of mouth. A friend of a friend of a friend (and yet another friend) tipped me to check it out. This is how a club becomes GREAT. By word of mouth. No fancy adverts. No funky promos. Just plain no-holds-barred uber partying!

Maison is an emerging party icon in the chic city of Kuala Lumpur. This place will be a big ICON, I tell you. Have you ever gone to a club without planning to party anyway and just look around BUT somehow STILL ended up like a party animal, kicking your legs up in the high and shaking your booty? Yup, that's Maison. The DJ's will squeeze the party animal in you no matter how you repress it -- guaranteed.

Each night has a theme. So don't show up on your Playboy Bunny get up on a Thursday when it's Urban Republic night especially if you're a dude. Saturday nights is House music and Sunday is queer meat market. Yes, you heard me -- a meat market. Let's not be too discreet here, shall we? Gorgeous people come to Maison. Don't tell me you don't want to bring home one or two? Pffft!

And as they say in Maison: Celebrating life. Affirming beauty. Embracing you. *the "embracing you" part made my eyeballs roll five times.*

Maison is located on Heritage Row next to Sheraton Imperial Hotel on Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Their website is here -- sorry, it's NOT updated AND annoyingly written by an overly romantic literary looney. Ha! Take that!




Tongkat Ali said...

I was here! I was here! Very cruisy place. Come Sundays for the PLUs. But Saturdays are sleazy too!

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