Wednesday, September 05, 2007


OH C’MON! If I plan to keep this blog going for years, my link list would be longer than the Great Walls of China!

I’m sure a lot of you bloggers have been through this before -- Don’t know what to do with that ever expanding list of blog links. Is there any written or unwritten etiquette for link listing? Probably some of you can help;

1. Do we always have to reciprocate a link as a courtesy even if they are not asking for one?

2. And if they do ask, do we always have to say yes?

3. And if we said yes and checked their blog after a couple of weeks, we have been deleted do we make an appeal or delete theirs too?

4. And what about those who never come back after getting a link up? Ha! What is this -- casual sex?

5. Blog link ups should be beneficial to each other, correct? What about if the other blog hardly get visitors at all? Do we still call it mutually beneficial?

I need help with these gray areas. But one thing’s standard with BISEAN -- if I’m the one who asked or initiated a link, it would remain undeleted unless requested.

How do I remedy the situation?Blog Rolling is an option. I'm talking about the automatic one. It would list blogs I frequent and the blogs who frequents mine -- sounds fair to me.

Have you ever noticed? -- the most successful blogs and the most famous DON'T have any blog roll at all! And if they do, it's not more than 5! I don't get it.

Aside from the dramatic bloggers who would whine, whimper and snivel when they don’t see their blog on the link list any longer – is there any downside to automatic Blog Rolling?


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Carrie Puyat said...

Blog roll, honey. I read here somewhere that kids read this blog. And those adult links are sitting ducks.

Mariani the girl without a blog said...


Sofia for BISEAN said...

You have to think hard babe. Most of our top referrers are the adult blogs. Miong, MOC, GBoyThailand, etc. We have to show them respect.

Knut said...

If it's really burning your ass, keep only the bloggers who leaves at least 1 comment a month.

Anonymous said...

lol! "dramatic bloggers who would whine, whimper and snivel"? i got to give it to you, you are the original literary acrobat in this region. i have seen some of your links copying your style. lol -thorbald

Sanne Dee said...
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Sanne Dee said...

There's isn't any written set of ethics to follow in terms of blogrolling, so I say just do what ever pleases you. :) I don't think you need to answer to anyone, do you?

*Hi Sofia!

Preya said...

I link to blogs I like to read and want others to know about. I recently moved my blogroll to a separate page to accommodate more links and space for a short blurb about each blog.

By the way, thanks for the link! Can I be Indian/American instead of Indian-American though? It means something much different to me:)

Matt said...

I had to move most of mine to a separate page because there were just too many, and they were making my page load very slowly. I think a separate link page is the way to go.

Kai Santorino said...

yes, you should ALWAYS reciprocate. i hate it when people just say, 'nice blog!' like they read the contents

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Thanks guys!

@ Carrie...woman! You got a point. Thanks for the ***** you sent by DHL. It's *****! See you in Manila soon.

@ Mariani...wait! LOL

@ Sofia...yeah. What about we list our biggest referrers? It would mean around all of them. LOL

@ Sanne, sis! Yeah, you got a point too. But I think a separate page like what Matt and Preya suggested would do the trick. :-)

@ beautiful, beautiful creature. You blew my mind when I got to see your bio. Woooot! Link edited ;-), I knew what you mean.

@ Matt...yeah, I noticed it a few days ago and my blog is on the front page!!!!!!! Happy, happy me! Your blog is one of our biggest referrer, by the way. Thanks!

@ Kai...this is you first comment! Thanks dude. I'll check yours in a while. The "nice blog" comments usually goes to the blog design (aethetics), yeah? And I get that a lot! LOL!


In general, I add a blog in my blogroll if (a) I have a genuine interest in the blog; or (b) the blogger directly asks for one.

And I tend to delete blogs in my blogroll if (a) the blog has been inactive for a month already; (b) I have lost interest in the blog.

Just my two cents.

Q The Conqueror said...

Oooh. I have the same modus operandi as misterhubs. I usually add a blog if I really like it or if the person who owns the blog comments a lot at my site.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Misterhubs...yeah, that's what I used to do too. But I never deleted anything. What about point no. 5? What's your say on it?

@ Q...I had an ongoing rule whic was rarely implemented though, when somebody asks for a link, I would ask for 10 comments on any of my posts before linking.

Preyanka said...

Pisanu--that's so frickin sweet:)

mister said...

In general, link ups should be beneficial for both parties. But I would still link up with a blog which has little traffic if it's really a worthy blog to visit and support.

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