Friday, June 15, 2007


We'll start a series of "how to say" things on this blog. There's nothing on the Internet that group together the major languages of our region -- it's all cramped in with 200 other world languages that mess our attention.

We'll start with how to say "I love you". Just in case you fancy somebody from our neighboring villages. And then we'll make it naughtier as we go along. We'll go dirty, if we have to.

So here's how you say those three sweetest little words that make the little girls giggle and the little boys blush;

Say "Chan Rak Ter" in Thai. If you're a dude, replace the "chan" with "phom". But the norm, especially in love songs and trying to be romantic, no matter if you're a boy or girl; "Chan Rak Ter" is the choice.

"Saya cintamu" is how they say it in Malaysia. You can also use “Aku cinta padamu.” Cinta is pronounced as ‘chinta’. Bahasa Melayu as we all know is similar to Bahasa Indonesia. Think American English and British English. They only differ in the use of words. They say “Saya cinta padamu” in Indonesia.

Brunei also uses Bahasa but they follow the Malay pattern. They also use “Saya cintamu”.

They say “Mahal kita” in the Philippines. Incidentally, “mahal” means “expensive” too. Maybe it’s a corruption of “ are expensive, therefore, valuable – you’re valuable to me” notion. Something like that. But technically, you say “Iniibig kita”, by which “ibig” means “like” or “love”…but it is only used in books and literature nowadays. It’s safer to use “Mahal kita”.

Khoi huk chao” is how they say “I love you” in Laos. You may have known it or not, the Laotians are one of the most romantic people in our region.

Singapore say “Wo ai ni”. Yes, its Mandarin and they also use Bahasa Melayu. So, they also say “Saya cintamu”. I can’t help but to use it all the time when I fly Singapore Airlines. I think they got the best looking crew in our region –of course this statement is open to appeals and violent reactions.

They say Chit pa de” in Burma, Bon sro lanh oon” in Cambodia and Toi yeu em” in Vietnam. The 3 countries that seldom come to my blog so I won’t write anything more, even if I want to. There. Take that!

For however it is and for what it’s worth, I rarely use “I love you” in any language. I personally believe that sex is the ultimate expression of love. If you want to know how much I love you – lay me and I’ll show you.

Keep taking that baby.



Anonymous said...

phom rak kong koon wep-sai

Fa said...

"Saya cinta padamu" is tooooooooooo formal,

we use "Aku Cinta Kamu" instead... :)

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Thanks Fa! But it's still Indonesian, right? :-)

Dan Gabriel said...

Another way of saying i love you (though more poetic than mainstream) in Tagalog (the language not dialect of the people in Manila and nearby regions) is "sinisinta kita." This justs hows how closely related Tagalog and Bahasa.

And i thought it was "wo ai ni" in Mandarin. Doesn't "ie" like "wo ie ai ni" translate to "also"?

Anyway, i remember this love song in Bahasa that I loved so much even though i didn't really understood it. "Cinta yang di akhir garisan" is the title. I think it was sung by 4 of the greatest female contemporary singers of the Indonesian/Malaysian/Thai region during the 90s. And I think it meant "Love will never fade". Did i guess right? hehe.

Manami said...

you made a lil mistake there. the chinese way of saying 'i love you' is 'wo AI ni'.
you wrote 'wo IE ni' which a chinese or/and japanese person might mistakenly pronunce as EE-YEH.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Thanks Manami :-) I would normally read IE as AI, like in TIE. That's why I wrote it that way. I'll correct it, because you're the 2nd to notice. :-)

Jake Tornado said...

This may come a little late but I don't acquaint sex with love. I can have sex with every single person I meet in my street but not necessarily love them...hehehe. (But would that make me a man-whosre?) :p

nayr said...

gihigugma ko ikaw. toungue twisted?... me either... ya, its pretty long but thats how we say it in bisaya/visayan anyway.

Brett (Khmer friends call me Sovann) said...

You covered most of the languages....but what about saying it in Khmer (Cambodian)

PriMaster said...

For bahasa indonesia, mostly we use "Aku Cinta Padamu" or "Aku Cinta Kamu", if you want to use "Saya", then it should be "Saya Cinta Kamu". More casual than "Saya Cinta Padamu"

Rothima (Cambodia-កម្ពុជា) said...

Why don't u add in Cambodian Language(Khmer)? Ok I'll help ya...

បងស្រលាញ់អូន(Borng Srolanh Oun), if you are a boy!!!
អូនស្រលាញ់បង(Oun Srolanh Borng), if you are a girl!!
ខ្ញុំស្រលាញ់អ្នក(Kanhom Srolanh Nak, it's general!!!

Hopfully, you can read these!!

Grant (bisean ed.) said...

ROthima, there is Cambodian in the article (2nd to the last paragraph). Pisanu would never overlook Khmer.

Thanks for the inpit and the first comment. We hope you'll come back.


rom said...

In Hiligaynon (spoken in Panay I. except the northwest, Guimaras, western Negros I., South Cotabato in Mindanao and sw Masbate): Guina-higugma ko ikaw. But nowadays, this sounds corny, young people just say I love you.

moris said...

For however it is and for what it’s worth, I rarely use “I love you” in any language. I personally believe that sex is the ultimate expression of love. If you want to know how much I love you – lay me and I’ll show you.

naughty YOU

dude..u really know how to tackle my attention to continue reading ur stuff..kewl lah!



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