Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The DOK CHAMPA: Laos' National Flower

The Dok Champa (Plumeria) is the national flower and official symbol of Lao PDR. The waxy flower with a sweet scent can be found in many colors: red, yellow, pink and multiple pastels.

For the Lao people, Dok Champa represents sincerity and joy in life. The flower is often used as a decoration in ceremonies or made into a garland to welcoming guests. The Dok Champa blooms everyday and lasts a long time. The trees are planted throughout the country and in particular, can be seen near the monastic areas.

It is widely known as Frangipani around the word, "Kalachuchi" in the Philippines, "Kembang Kamboja" in Indonesia, "Dead man's fingers" in Australia.

What is it called in your country?


Southeast Asia’s National Flowers

--ASEAN Sec, Sofia


Sanne Dee said...

Dead man's finger?! Never heard of it. :) But it's known as Frangipani in SGP. Most people associate the scent with ghosts and spirits especially if they smelled it at night. :)

KoCho said...

In Myanmar (Burma) we call it Sagawar (Yellow Sagar).

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