Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Here’s another one to disprove the claims of the largest in our region – the lakes.

Just like our rivers, lakes are important for trade, livelihood and traveling around. Some lists would differentiate natural to man-made. Some would list according to types and there are more than 15 types of lakes. This list includes all of them, since we are talking about the total area it covers.

Here are the largest lakes in Southeast Asia… (Lake, Country, Total Area)

1. Tonlé Sap, Cambodia, between 2700 – 16000 km²

2. Lake Toba, Indonesia , 1130 km² (World’s largest volcanic lake)

3. Songkhla Lake (ทะเลสาบสงขลา), Thailand, 1040 km²

4. Laguna de Bay, Philippines, 940 km²

5. Lake Towuti, Indonesia, 561 km²

6. Lake Jempang, Indonesia, 450 km²

7. Lake Tempe, Indonesia, 350 km²

8. Lake Lanao, Philippines, 340 km²

9. Lake Poso, Indonesia, 323 km²

10. Indawgyi Lake, Burma, 300 km²

The largest lake in Brunei is Tasik Merimbun. Jurong Lake is the largest in Singapore. In Laos, it's the Nam Ngum Lake. And it's Ba Be Lake in Vietnam. The largest lake in Malaysia is Kenyir Lake in Terengganu and Ira Lalaro is the largest in Timor Leste.

*Data source: Lake Basin Management Initiative of the World Bank exclusively for BISEAN, Photos by Google Earth


curbside_puppet said...

i knew the largest is the one found in cambodia. pretty massive actually, when you compare with the actual land area of cambodia.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hi Curb. I just had a discusion with one of your local officials about the Largest Lakes in Southeast Asia.

He even pointed it out on the government website that you guys got the largest.

When I showed him my proofs of contact with the LBMI... he suddenly change his mind. He said that you guys got the 2nd largest for sure!

I also asked him to change this information on the government tourism website because it is misleading -- he said he wants to see my list first. SO I posted this. =)

Laguna de Bay is in 4th place!

But the guy was cool and hospitable. I like him. Vote for him in 2010!!!!

curbside_puppet said...

is that guy connected with the Laguna Lake Development Authority? If he's the head honcho, I think I knew who he is!

But anyways, i don't give a damn over who's got the larger lake! but I read on a book when I was still a kid (i was the most lovable geek during grade school. :p) that the cambodian lake is the largest one.

however, i learned somewhere as well that the laguna de bay was actually the remnant of a once large lake.

i knew you'd post this one day! You almost covered everything there is to be covered about SEA geography!!!! What else should be covered? Deepest seas? Longest mountain ranges? Hottest and coldest temperatures recorded?

Have nice night!!!!

Arunny Chantou said...

Our Tonle Sap is the mother of all mothers of lakes. It has 2 figures....

2,600 in the dry season and swells to a scary 16,000++ in the monsoon season.

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

Whoa! Massive lake in Camboia!

Hm... a presidentiable huh? :p

danyhael said...

laguna de bay is dying.

no.1 reason: selfishness.

Anonymous said...

I've ever been to Songkhla Lake, but never been to Toba Lake. And I'm Indonesian. Shame on me


Lake TOBA in North Sumatra (Andalas) is the most beautiful ever!!!

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