Friday, August 03, 2007


I’d like to think I’m hitting the right people as my readers. Yeah – I can say that. One concerned reader emailed that she is worried about the links I have on my blog because she just saw one of her kids checking out pictures of naked creatures! *my, my* She also said her 2 kids frequent my blog to check information about whatelse? – Southeast Asia. *I’m all smiles*

I remember promising on this blog that I will never turn this into an adult blog with the exception of some unsavory words not meant for kids. That part, I’m afraid, cannot be avoided.

So in response to Mrs Mother-with-2-kids, I sorted my blog links into categories. Now it’s up to her to guide her kids which ones to click or not. I cannot just drop any previous links because I owe them hits and links are very important to a newbie blog like mine. This is the best I can do at the moment.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Don’t do anything I won’t do – which leaves you with nothing much, eh?


****I hope BISEAN can break the 100,000 hits tonight! Woohooo!
(99,903 as of 7:58pm)


Knut Bjarne Bergsmo said...

25 hits to go! It's about 8:31 Bangkok time! Congratulations!

Friedreich Bosch said...

It's a good thing you are considering other readers. I like this blog. Candid, informative, naughty but classy.

I'm sure you will hit 100,000 in 1 hour.

Arunny Chantou said...

Congratulations BISEAN! 100,021 at 9:35pm! Benchmark indeed!

Q The Conqueror said...

What can i say, 11:01 in Manila and you just got 100108.

Congratulations BISEAN!


Welcome to the 100,000 club. And what i like about you and this blog is that you can be both naughty and substantial.

Sanne Dee said...

Congrats from me too! 100,252 at 12am BKK time. :)

This is what I like about your blog too. Abit of information and entertainment at the same time.

Have a good one. :)

Tik said...

P'Pisanu, 12:13 AM, 100.288 already na krub. Sanook mak leuy!

Erick said...

I'm sure you're somewhere out there drinking your night away. Hahahaha!

Hey Pisanu, thank you for the party the other night. It's my most memorable moment in Bangkok. I was still smiling on my flight to Singapore. You guys really know how to party. A big OH MY GOD! You and your friends sure are really cool!

I owe you one big expensive party in Singapore. Need I invite? Of course not. You have to come over and I'll show you how Singaporeans party!

aries said...

*clap, clap, clap* this calls for a feast.

Congratulations BiSEAN!!!

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