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Homosexuals and heterosexuals alike often misunderstand (or simply refuse to understand) the nature of bisexuality. The thought of a person that is attracted to both men and women can be confusing and frequently leads to misconceptions and stereotypes. Below are the top 5 myths about bi men.

Myth #1: Bisexuality Is Just a Phase

For years the gay community has challenged heterosexuals who publicly state that homosexuality is only a phase (--going where?). Bisexuals face the same generalization from BOTH the gay and straight community.

Many bisexuals are completely in touch with their emotions and desires for members of both sexes and often feel limited by the thought of attraction to only a man or woman. Emotional connection is most often the priority when bisexuals pursue a potential partner. Bisexuality is just as much of a natural preference as homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Myth #2: Bi Men Have to Choose To Be Either Gay or Straight

Bisexuals are attracted to both men and women on both an emotional and physical level.

Some "lean straight" (meaning they prefer a member of the opposite sex, but same sex partners are always an option) and others "lean gay" (which means they prefer members of the same sex, but would consider a relationship with a member of the opposite sex). Nonetheless, they are not simply gay or straight and definitely do not have to choose.

Myth #3: Bisexual Men are Sexually Confused

A common misconception in both the gay and heterosexual communities is that bisexuals are sexually confused and cannot make up their minds which sex they like. However, that's the whole point-- bisexuals are attracted to both sexes and are in many cases more clear about their sexuality than most others.

Forcing or pressuring us to choose to be either gay or straight, and we are still attracted to both sexes – what do you want us to do? Isn’t that called “denial”?

Myth #4: Bisexual Men Will Never Marry

Alongside the thought that bisexual men and women are sexually confused is the myth that they will never be able to settle on a partner of any sex.

In many cases we put a lot of emphasis on emotional connections with either sex. This in mind, the opportunity for us to find a life partner is just as viable as it is for a heterosexual or homosexual. However, since same-sex marriage isn't legal in most places of the world, only a heterosexual marriage in most places will be recognized by law.

Myth #5: Bi Men are Sexually Promiscuous

Oh, I have seen this statement on one of my links. It made me piss all over myself laughing!

Promiscuity (or frequent sex with multiple partners) depends on the individual whether they are straight, gay or bi. I would challenge any gay man who frequents sleazy parks at night cruising for casual sex and a straight man who frequents bordellos paying women to give them sexual favors. Not all gay men and straight men do it, right? Get the point? No need to stereotype the bis.

We are no more promiscuous than any others. However, liking both sexes increases our chances of getting laid or be presented with more potential relationship (by shear numbers alone). And that’s the bottom line why we are being hated –- JEALOUSY -– that we can get away with almost anyone we want and ACTUALLY enjoy it. LOL.

Take that!


--Extracted from Ramone Johnson


Anonymous said...

As Woody Allen once said, being bisexual doubles your chances of getting a date on a Saturday night. Anything else is irrelevant. Ian

Juan Da Great said...

You know what? One insight on our Southeast Asian society... people who are bisexual are FORCED to take sides. Gays would encourage bi men to "ladlad" ( a term in the Philippines that roughly mean "to come out as a queer, sway your hips and put on make-up). Attraction to women by "seemingly" effeminate man is geatly discouraged. Too bad. Too bad, really. We should have a bisexual resource center soon!

Mariani said...

bis have twice the fun!

Jeff said...

Eh! It's not that hard to understand Bisexuality. The fact that Bis are attract to both sex is a very simple concept.

In my opinion, bis are not right there between straight and gay but they have their own side. Gay born to be gay, right? Then, Bis are born to be bis either.

You biphobic gay guys, take that!

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