Sunday, April 22, 2007

OUR LITTLE TREASURES: Spaghetti at McDonald's?

We got up early to find breakfast down the block. And guess what we found? McDonald's! Thank god for McDonald's!

Here's the McSpaghetti that I was talking about earlier; you won't find this anywhere in the world! It's a real surprise for most tourists here! Awesome!

There were also some other breakfast menus that's very Filipino. But I really have to try the infamous spaghetti -- it tastes sweet, starchy and bland. I won't have it again.

There you are -- just a little input on our way out. We're going to try to move on our trip to find Siargao Island. We're passing by Camiguin! It's a little island with 7 volcanoes! Can you imagine that? I want to see it. It's finally time to leave Cagayan de Oro City.

I'm not sure if there's internet connection in that island. If I don't have any posts in the next days, y'know what it means.

Take that!



Baklang AJ said...

i don't like the McSpaghetti! hahaha

Cypocalypse said...

I think the origin of the sweet blend spaghetti started with the creation of the UFC banana ketchup, which was artificially colored red to create the impression thats it's still a ketchup. It then became an alternative to tomato sauce when making spaghetti. I think that's where McDonald's and Jollibee got the idea.

McDonalds Using Banana Ketchup said...

And now they're using banana ketchup for the fries... bad idea.

Bruneian said...

We have McChicken too... only in SEA

Allen said...

Bruneian, we also have Chicken McDo in the Philippines.

flitz said...

basta ako jollibee pa rin. peace

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