Saturday, September 22, 2007


We were invited by a prominent family in Manila to spend a whole week with them. They are so prominent that streets are named after the family -- I don’t think I can persuade one of them to give me a chance to redeem myself and ride a “traysikel" one more time. No, I don’t think so.

Tomorrow would be my first time in Manila after 8 long years -- except a brief stop over on our way to Mindanao Island last April. I wonder how Manila looks like nowadays. I’m sure it’s much much more different than how it used to be in 1999. Is Greenbelt still there? Giraffe? Streetlife? Did you know that Manila has the biggest Hard Rock Café in Asia? I bet you didn’t know that. *And they drive on the wrong side of the road too!*

I lived in the Philippines for 2 years and I wonder if LaMaison on Rada St. is still there. It's just right next to the Royal Thai Embassy! This is where I lived when I’m not out there in the mountains dancing with the Igorots, swimming with the Badjaos or gathering turtle eggs with the Tausugs.

Manila will always be a place with benchmark memories. Here is where I got married for the first time to Dina when I was 18. Here is also where I met my first ever BF named Noel. And my 3rd wife Arlyn comes from here too! Now tell me this is not a memorable place. Ha!

I always write a prelude before going to an escapade. Just so if I couldn’t post anything on this blog, I’m hoping you would understand.

“Manila, Manila
I keep coming back to Manila
Simply no place like Manila
Manila, I’m coming home…”

Argh! This song keeps ringin’ in my ears! Waaaaahhh! ENOUGH!

Sofia, Morgan, Akihiro (did you hear that Misterhubs?) and moi would be singin’ this song the moment we land at the airport. *We promise*



Anonymous said...

greenbelt 1, greenbelt 2, and greenbelt 3. All made of concrete and they all are marvels of makati these days. Nice time to visit since the weaher is cooler nowadays because of the rains. hard rock cafe is still the best hang-out for expats but there are other places to check out like malate.

markymd said...

wow! welcome back to Manila!

yup, there are alot of new places in METRO MANILA which you can visit. Your last time here was 8 years ago so you'll definitely see a much different Manila now.

Visit SM Mall of Asia, the mall you "belittled" in one of your previous posts. LOL. PEACE!

and the newly-opened TRINOMA up north.

Well there's always Greenbelt and the The Fort... so you choose.

where will you be staying with?

We expect alot of post regarding your "homecoming" to Manila, ok?


Mabuhay, welcome back to Manila, Pisanu! Hugs and kisses for Akihiro. :)

Q The Conqueror said...

Hmmm... If I see four tall eurasians running around Greenbelt, I'll make sure to approach them and say PISANU, IS THAT YOU?!

Hehe. Kidding. Greenbelt is such a great place nowadays. The Fort is not too bad either. :)

And yeah, every time I'm on the plane going back to Manila, that annoying song plays in my head too. :)

Danica said...

Wha? Really? Well...all I can say is...

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hey guys! Thanks! What is it you wanna say Danica?...

Uhm...we are staying at our hosts' place on McKinley Road. They requested not to name them here for privacy reason. I guess they will be extra-protective and wouldn't let us go out on our own. Let's see. Whatever.

Laibeus Lord said...

I think I know who they are... ;) But I'll keep quiet :p

Anyway, started a new blog -> ASEAN Citizens at this URL: Time to get those plans going.. promote "ASEAN Community" at the Citizens level!!

Will finish it tomorrow or next week... too tired..

Oh, do tell them to give you a chance to ride a traysikel/tricycle. I think you'll be safe, since you've live in Manila before.

Don't forget to visit these places or ride:
1) Fort Bonifacio Global City
2) Market! Market!
3) SM Mall of Asia
4) MRT (aka LRT Line 3)
5) LRT Line 2
6) LRT Line 1 (dubbed as "Multi-Model Cars" - they have 5 car models!! weird)
7) Baywalk... well it's gone already
8) Greenbelt/Glorietta Super Malls.

Enjoy your visit. And use up your 30-day non-visa visit :p

Anonymous said...

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olec said...

hehe, pa-kiss nga!

AJ of said...

Welcome Back to Manila! Have fun!

Carlos Javier said...

Wow. So how was Manila for you this time around? Sweeter? Reading your blog brought back memories for me too! I used to frequent Streetlife and Giraffe then (long time ago. LOL). As you may now know, they are now closed.

LOL @ traysikel. How so Pinoy of you! I remember Bonnie Bailey (American singer, dunno if you've heard of her) calling it a "motorcycle with a cart atttached" after riding in one!

And yeah, I know of some buena familias who live on McKinley in Forbes Park. Hmm... ;) Heheh.

curbside_puppet said...

who was the prominent manila family by the way? roxas? ayala? rufino? araneta? ortigas? sino yung pamilya?

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

None of the one's you mentioned. Try again. LOL. Thanks for the comments curb!

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

Quezon? Hehehe.

And I thought only I have that last song syndrome when Im coming back home from the provinces.

But really... "No place like Manila," baby.

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