Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Lower those dang eyebrows! Yes its 2006 data. You got a problem with that? Ha! Unless you got the 2007 data, I would kneel down before you and beg. But I know you don’t. So shut up.

Let's get on with it, shall we? Here…

The 10 Perfect Paradise countries of the ASEAN got a combined total of 237,450,700 tourist arrivals in 2006. Where did most of the tourists go?

1. Malaysia 73,550,200
2. Thailand 57,957,600
3. Singapore 40,547,000
4. Indonesia 24,428,900
5. Vietnam 14,274,000
6. Philippines 11,442,300
7. Cambodia 5,664,400
8. Laos 4,563,000
9. Burma 2,784,300
10. Brunei 2,238,900

Almost 43% of those tourist arrivals came from usSE Asians! Where did most of us go?

1. Malaysia 56,738,800 - Don’t we all just loooove Malaysia?! Woohoo!
2. Thailand 14,861,800
3. Singapore 14,835,400
4. Indonesia 10,935,800
5. Laos 3,266,100
6. Vietnam 1,968,400
7. Brunei 1,880,800
8. Cambodia 917,400
9. Philippines 796,200
10. Burma 261,400

And 57% of the total tourist arrivals came from the European Union, Japan, China, Korea, USA, Australia, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong (Top 10), etc.

Where did most of them go?

1. Thailand 43,095,900 Ha! Do I need to elaborate?
2. Singapore 25,711,600
3. Malaysia 16,811,400
4. Indonesia 13,493,100
5. Vietnam 12,305,600
6. Philippines 10,646,100
7. Cambodia 4,747,000
8. Burma 2,522,900
9. Laos 1,296,900
10. Brunei 358,100

I’m sure the 2007 data is very close to these figures because it was Visit Malaysia Year, all-the-world-knows-Thailand and Changi Airport forever.

Please don’t forget that 2008 is Visit Indonesia Year – so let’s go and head over to Indonesia! They are waiting for us!

Be good to yourself. Travel more.


*Data source: The ASEAN Secretariat


curbside_puppet said...

wow! there are more tourists than locals in malaysia and singapore! i'm not surprised that malaysia, singapore and thailand all made it to the top spot. all three countries have massive marketing campaigns and all three have good reputations across the globe.
i guess more than half of indonesia's tourists all came from bali.
did the philippines really had 11 million tourists in 2006? that looked quite a lot! i thought we only had 3 million or so. but for sure, a huge chunk of those tourists coming into the philippines are koreans!

great post!

malaysia's 2006 record must be in the global top 10 of that year. it was their 50th merdeka day right?

akhyaree said...

err.....good numbers, bro. But....emmmm....did we really have 24 millions tourist in 2006 ? I dont think we have that much.
France only had approx 70 millions per year, so malaysia surpassed France? err....not in 5-6 years to come, maybe. i'll click your data source anyway.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Akhyaree, this is the "mentality" we here at BISEAN would like to eliminate from all of us SE Asian youth.


I would not question, in any way, these data. Because I believe WE did it and I am proud that foreigners came to visit.

The data is there. And the ASEAN is, I guess, the most reliable source, won't you agree?

MischMensch said...

Wawawewa, but I think most of them are like cross border tourist. There are loads of tourist or rather people from Singapore goes to Malaysia and Malaysians going to Singapore. I don't know bout the Singapore Govt but the Malaysian govt exaggerates the figure. My dad's in the travel industry and he told me that for 2004 but I am not sure bout 2006 or 2007....

Great post Pisanu. Muschos besos

Q The Conqueror said...

Yup, I agree with MischMensch, the ones for Singapore and Malaysia might be exaggerated if they count the ones who cross the strait very often as tourist/visitors. However, I do believe that Malaysia in particular has a very good ad campaign. It still rings in my head, "Malaysia, Truly Asia." Singapore, on the other hand, serves as a business and travel hub, so their standing comes as no surprise. Thailand of course has Phuket and a lot of other great stuff. :)

Interesting to note though, the gaps between the countries (except for the last four) are pretty big... hmmm...

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Scuse meeh, Misch and Q... but aren't they still considered "tourists" as long as they came with a tourist visa?

Are you saying that Malaysia and Singapore should ask each and every visitor coming in: "Are you really a tourist or just pretending to be? Because we need it for the statistics."

LOL. Bangkok and Singapore are the gateways of SE Asia -- example...

People who would go to Laos, Cambodia or Burma (even Vietnam) has to pass Suvarnabhumi most of the time.

European flights lands in Changi first before continuing the trip to Jakarta or Manila.

Most tourists who come to Thailand would wanna see Singapore and vice versa. And if these 2 countries exchange visitors, some of the tourist has to pass Malaysia.

It does makes sense. Nothing's off.

akhyaree said...

hahahhaahaha...agreed agreed ! PISANU is (always) number one. I think, they only count foreigner whose passports are chopped. Malaysia, Singapore, really benefit from that border-crossing things

MischMensch said...

Pisanu, sweetie sometimes they even count the people who commute to and from Malaysia for work. Well that was last time. Thanks Q. But I do agree with Pisanu too. Oh Well as long as they come to ASEAN, I don't give a damn where it is as long as they fokken come here.

Ok maricons, muchos besos

Q The Conqueror said...

Mischmensch, you nailed it. Hehe. I read in the news that people in Singapore cross the borders just to buy their groceries. >_< And yeah, as long as they come to ASEAN, its good good good.

MischMensch said...

Oh Q since I nailed it, will someone nail me or do I get to nail someone for a reward? LOL

Yeah I know, I just don't get it why. Although I am from Malaysia living in Singapore, I do not cross the causeway to go get my stuff and come back. It's too hectic.

So howcha doing mamis?

Go visit an ASEAN country now! or elseeeeeeeee....

Ok je suis fatigue, salut!

MischMensch said...

Oh another anonymous...... So you're trying to say people go to Thailand for the prostitutes? You're very shallow then.....

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

***anonymous comment before misch, deleted. If you want to leave comments like that...leave a name and a link. Have balls or at least an ovary, moron.

Anonymous obviously, is stuck in his own country. Never been to Thailand, Malaysia or at least Singapore.

Oh c'mon...we checked your IP address, anonymous. The prostitutes in your country works in KL, Bangkok, Sandakan, KK and Geylang. Do you really believe your country is "clean".

Wahahahahahahahaha! Poor pathetic anonymous. That's're not welcome here. So, shoo!

MischMensch said...

Haha Pisanu, you're so cutee!

Andrew Johnson said...

where did you get your numbers? these are all plain bullshit and malaysia sponsored site!! if those numbers were true those tourists are crossing borders and dont spend that much, mostly 1 day tourist and not those big spenders from u.s europe japan and korea unlike in vietnam and philippines where tourists stay for weeks or months and therefore more money to spend. it is the QUALITY not the QUANTITY that matters most.

curbside_puppet said...

to ANDREW JOHNSON: how can malaysia sponsor that data when the source of the stats itself was the ASEAN?

this is obviously a NUMBERS POST since they were counting the tourist arrivals in a single year.

MischMenschInPg said...

Oh Andrew, sweetie, don't be jealous. Have a lollipop. Lol. Well does it matter if they spend here or they spend else where? They still come here. That's the main point

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

A good friend of the blog named Dhawell explained something to me that would explain Andew's feelings...."the "crab mentality".

I have found the PERFECT example through Andrew's comment. Thanks Andrew!

Now, open your mind.

Jake Tornado said...

Tsk..tsk...fokken out. I agree with Bisnook. Some dudes just can't accept the official numbers. What's your problem Andrew?

Fuzz said...

I just think that it is plausible that Malaysia is at no.1 regardless whatever the number may be...

I read somewhere last year that tourism is Malaysia's no.1 source of income aside electronics... and looking at the money that they make, i can relatively though not necessarily correct, construe that they are one of the most visited country in SEA.

@ akhyaree, as for France, they probably stop counting the europeans as tourist since they cross each other border casually on a regular basis anyway... maybe that's why the number is not as high as you might have expected... well that's just my assumption...

mr andrew, Malaysia makes banks out of tourism, can you back your audacity to talk about Quantity vs Quality with figures... if you can prove that the Philippines and vietnam rake in more money through tourism than Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand..then i'll bow down to your flare in going against the flow...that would be credible.. but sophistry just don't get a point... at least not in my book.

Dennis said...

Malaysia is not a good country to visit because they are thieves!!!

They pretend that they are good people but deep inside they have bad motives..

When I was in kuala lumpur last july, someone snatch my bag containing my money...

bullshit are those pig looking malaysians.

Yaoi Lover said...

What a harsh thing to say Dennis. I hope Grant deletes it. If not, here's what I have to say to you...

Did you check the "thieve's" passport or ID card?

Snatchers in KL are imports from Indonesia. Just the same as snatchers in Bangkok are imports from the Philippines and Burma.

I have cut-outs of these incidences from the newspapers. You wanna have a look?

danyhael said...

"What a harsh thing to say Dennis... Snatchers in KL are imports from Indonesia. Just the same as snatchers in Bangkok are imports from the Philippines and Burma."

-this is the most stupid reply i've ever seen in my life. really stupid... oh and did i say stupid? yeah... very stupid.

Yaoi Lover said...

@ Danyhael::: you don't pick a quote to serve you best. Read the whole context. Dennis' comment isn't backed up. Mine is. I sent the authors of this blog the cut-outs I was talking about. Yes, if you're from any country I mentioned...the truth really stings...A LOT!

I will not use the word stupid on you. No I won't. Because I don't know you.

danyhael said...


ara ara... baka. yaoi no baka. so what makes you diffrent from dennis? baka. ch...

Nico said...

negative/offensive comments aside, i just wanna visit all these sea countries. maybe when i get a job :D hopefully i'll meet Pisanu et al from team Bisean soon!!!

iskandar zulkarnain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iskandar zulkarnain said...

nice Malaysia rule Asean as most visited country in Asean. Malaysia have been in top ten most visited country in the world since 2009. Malaysia have been 9th most visited country in the world for three consecutive years in 2009, 2010, 2011 and the amount of visitor are increasing every year. congrats to my country and i glad and proud to be Malaysian. :) to all loser out there who can't accept the truth and be the keyboard warrior insult my country. damn you loser! fuck you la! you must believe and accept it no matter how good you think your country are. in this world if you think you are very2 good then there are many2 more people are much better than you. so that Malaysia compare to your country. grow up and be more strong, stop being loser and feel butthurt.

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