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Southeast Asia is home to some of the world’s longest bridges. In our attempt to speed up economic advancements, bridges also narrowed the gaps of cultural differences between our peoples. I dream of a Southeast Asia connected by bridges where I can drive from Burma to the Philippines, from Indonesia to Vietnam.

Now repeat after me”Ain't no mountain high enough... ain’t no valley low enough... ain’t no river's wide enough…to keep me from you.” *eat your heart out Ms. Ross, lol*

Here are the longest bridges in our region;

Name / Length in kilometre (miles) / Year Completed / Country

1. Penang Bridge / 13.5 km (8.39 mi) / 1985 / Malaysia
Currently the 4th in Asia and 10th in the world.

2. Mawlamyaing Bridge / 6.6 km (4.10 mi) / 2005 / Burma

3. Candaba Viaduct / 5 km (3.10 mi) / 2005 / Philippines

4. Rama VIII Bridge / 2.4 km (1.49 mi) / 2002 / Thailand

5. San Juanico Bridge / 2.2 km (1.36 mi) / 1979 / Philippines

6. Malaysia-Singapore 2nd Link
1.9 km (1.18 mi) / 1998 / Malaysia & Singapore

7. Prai River Bridge / 1.85 km (1.15 mi) / 2005 / Malaysia

8. Benjamin Sheares Bridge
1.8 km (1.12 mi) / 1982 / Singapore

9. Kizuna Bridge / 1.36 km (0.85 mi) / 2001 / Cambodia

10. Marcelo Fernan Bridge / 1.24 km (0.77 mi) / 1999 / Philippines

Indonesia has announced the plan of building the world’s longest suspension bridge last October (sorted by span)*. It will connect the islands of Java and Sumatra spanning the Sunda Strait for 30 km (18.65 mi). Construction will start on 2012. The world’s longest suspension bridge in Japan would only be half of it.

The Can Tho Bridge in Vietnam is under construction. It would be 2.75 km (1.70 mi) and will be the 4th longest in Southeast Asia when it’s completed in 2009.

*As the general rule, the longest bridge is sorted by the length of the span -- the span is the longest stretch of the bridge without support. The list above was sorted by their full length. **Others would list the longest bridges by type – there are more than 24 types of bridge. This list is sorted regardless of type.


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JJ said...

Thanks for sharing. I never thought San Juanico is just at no.5! I always thought it's the longest.

Jake Tornado said...

I couldn't just imagine the cost of the toll fees I will be paying using the bridge from mainland Southeast Asia to Manila! Ha!

Figaro said...

Burma is he silent tiger. They are almost always on the list. Amazing.

Mariani of Italy said...

Penang Bridge is breath taking. I've seen this back in 2006.

Carlos Javier said...

I always thought the San Juanico was the longest Philippine bridge. Little did I know that the Candaba Viaduct (a trestle) that i've passed over many times is it! Haha! Nice one guys!

And hey, Burma is in the list! By the ol' Moulmein Pagoda...

curbside_puppet said...

i never thought that the candaba viaduct was a legit bridge. but anyways, the viaduct sure looks like a real bridge especially after some heavy rain showers on the rice fields below!

dhawell said...

Hmmm, really? Phil has 3 out of 10 of the TOP 10 longest bridges in all of SEA? wow. truly WoW Philippines!

oh, just like JJ and Carlos, i've always thought that Samar-Leyte's San Juanico Bridge is Phil's longest bridge. well,anyway thanks for the info.

Btw, do u know that the Phil is currently building a PhP2Billion Cable-Stayed Steel bridge in the mindanao city of Butuan? once completed it will The first of its kind in Asia and said to be the World's Longest Road Span. I featured it in my blog. hehehe.
More power guys.This blog's so cool!

Erique Fat Owl said...

Indonesia to start building world's longest suspension bridge in 2012? Hm, let's see...considering the budget, the corruption, and the addition of inefficiency, demonstrations, and some internal bureaucracy problems...I'd say that it'll be completed in...hmm...let's see...uh...twenty-oh-NEVER. Haha!

Well, being Indonesian, we're used to this kind of situation already. You know the Jakarta Tower? When proposed more than 10 years ago, it would be the world's tallest structure, PERIOD. But because of the financial crisis, corruption, protests et al...the tower is not even being built right now. And even if it is built now, there are dozens of other towers in other countries that's taller already...Oh, Indonesia, my Indonesia...(I hope I'm not being overly pessimistic...)

Anonymous said...

malaysia is building Penang Second Link..about 24 kilometres long?? No update about the bridge but i heard they already started the groundwork..

malayan elephant said...

malaysia always top ten!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

new bridge in the neighbourhood:
5,438 metres (17,841 ft)

boike mulyanto said...

Suramadu Bridge (5.5 km) in indonesia must be the third longest bridge

Pucangkor said...

Thank for sharing. It is my appreciation to have #9 bridge in my country compared with those in Asean.
Any way, may you convert​ a Romanised spelling Suasdei to Khmer alphabet to សួស្តី ។

Fahmi Ismail said... about Bang Na EXPRESSWAY at Thailand? Should be the longest one right in Asean?

Felix Matt said...


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