Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Q&A: What is your personal view on bisexual identity?

Since you are asking MY personal view, I’m not going to consult other bisexual support center or resources to get my point across.

I would say that we were all born with male and female hormones – the testosterone and the progesterone. Male and female characteristics. Higher levels of testosterone will make you more manly just the same with higher progesterone will make you a little princess – I mean, feminine.

I got three letters for you: T-N-P… testosterone-neutral (middle)-progesterone. I believe that we are all born in the middle. Were you born already knowing that you’re a boy or a girl? No -- so, you’re in the middle for the mean time until some Einstein tells you otherwise. T-N-P…testosterone-neutral-progesterone…

Either you go to the left or to the right OR stay in the middle.

I stayed in the middle.

If you're a dude who crossed to the right and decides to stay there, you become a gay. If you're a babe who crossed to the left and no one in the world would make you go back, you're a lesbian. Get it? What if you choose not to cross to any direction at all? What do you call that? --See what I mean?

A lot of factors in life would make, force or hijack you to choose either to go the left or to the right; to define your sexual orientation. Example is imitating or rejecting parental models. Men who imitate their mothers tend to be gentler and finessed as opposed to brusque and rough men who imitate their fathers. Same as with women.

Some "genius" would also play a great role in pushing you to either go to the left or to the right. Straight male friends would tell you how nice it is to f*** a pussy and straight female friends would tell you how nice it is to be f***ed and suck a d***. These geniuses has presented you a choice of EITHER activity to enjoy.

Why not have both?




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