Monday, December 03, 2007


Call it a bettor’s instinct. I watch pageants only because I had my money on some of the candidates. I placed US$2,000 bet on China, $1,500 on Angola, $700 on Russia (which was a bugger) and $500 on Malaysia.

All in all, I won $XX,XXX on online betting!!! *I won’t post the total money, mom is reading* Thanks to the guys of!

Finally, an oriental made it and she deserved the title *those who would disagree can go to…y’know where*. And an African (Micaela Reis) was 2nd place! If I have time, I would marry her! Seriously.

People calling Miss World "racist" can eat my shorts! Ha!

Deborah, our only chance from Malaysia, made it to the semis -- which was a good run. I browsed the photos of the girls and this year was a good batch. But the moment I saw Miss China a month ago…I knew I had to place my money on her and Angola, of course, my future wife.

*Sofia lost $2,000 chosing Russia. Morgan won $400 chosing Malaysia. Ha! Bunch of amateurs.

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Tommy said...

How much you lost at the Miss Universe? LOL

Morgan H. said...

oi! oi! i won 450 dollars. not 400, ok?

David Tennant said...

LOL @ Morgan.

재미 said...

Thats...a lot of money you spent on betting.
I think japan won before too, last year?? Or was it the Ms.Universe peagant?? Anyway congrats to china!

curbside_puppet said...

yeah, but the pageant was held in China. i thought angola would win too. she was smoking hot though.

Jake Tornado said...

Talk about "home court" decision. But I would have bet on Ms. China though even if the pageant was held somewhere else. Ni Hao!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Jae Mi...Japan was in the MU! Whoa! Korea was left out! China-Korea-Japan hahaha!

@ Curb...MW is held in China for many years now. Miss China was really good and she tried hed best to answer the last question in English. What a brave girl! It just so happen the contest is in China. But where ever it was held...she will definitely win.

@ Jake...nope! Not a home court decision. It just so happen it was held in China. Nah, dude. Watch it and you'll know.

But still!...I'm gonna marry Miss Angola. Does she have a MySpace account? LOL

Richard said...

miss angola was a semi-finalist at miss u , so her chances of winning is slim ...but she emrged almost a winner bet was dominican republic though

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