Monday, March 03, 2008

OUR CULINARY GEMS: Ikan Tunur Daun Simpur

Hello to all of the beautiful people who comes here everyday even though our blog was not updated for a whole fokken week! You sweeties are all goddesses. And I mean it!

Our first week here in Beijing was full of parties, functions, parties, parties and more parties. BISEAN didn't wanna say no to them dang invitations because this would be our home for the next 10 what a girl like me to do? -- Fokken say yes to all invitations as long as I'm treated like a fokken princess. Hahaha!

Ok, enough of the first update...this post is about our culinary gems.

Our blog friend Maurina (or as Pisanu calls her "The Legendary Blogger from Brunei") posted a recipe especially for moi! Yes, you heard me sweetie...MOI!

Unfortunately sweeties, I can't post the recipe here... So, what I would like you to do; all you beautiful people of Southeast to go to Maurina's blog for the recipe. She even took time to photograph each step! She is such a darling.

So, click here and tell her I sent you. Don't forget!



Jake Tornado said...

Ni Hao, baby! Your wish is my command! Enjoy the partee! Partee! Partee!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Enjoy it!!! HUGGGS!

MischMensch said...

Lol at last something from Sof. I thought someone kidnapped her and cooked her in China. LOL

Akhyari said...

bro, please post Indonesia's traditional food some more. I'm sure there are a lot more outside there.

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