Tuesday, September 25, 2007

FILIPINO MEN: Romantic or Deceitful?

I got a rose here next to my screen. My only witness and confidante on my 2 hour romance with Filipino men. This is a rant, ok sweetie? So if you have a problem with whining bloggers like me, you can get your sorry arse out of here. Shoo!

Morgan, Akihiro, Pisanu and I went to a bar last night around Remedios Circle [I’m not sure]. I think I’m missing something here honey, because it’s Monday night but it’s relatively full. We went straight to the bar to maximize visibility. And one thing’s for sure…people here luuuuvs to stare. And I’m lovin’ it! Ha-ha!

After a while, there’s this hazel-eyed gorgeous guy introduced himself to me. He said... he was waiting for somebody and probably been stood up. So after some pleasantries, he shamelessly invited me to go out the street to buy a pack of cigarettes with him [the bar doesn’t have it, sweetie?]. Being a pleasant lady that I am [and eager to find new conversations aside from the 3 monkeys with me] I gladly obliged. So out we go. This is where I got the rose, honey. Such a sweet guy, isn’t he?

When we came back, Morgan, Pisanu and Akihiro are all surrounded by men! You heard me! MEN! Not women, not girls, MEN! Fede pis! It turned out that Mr. Hazel Eyes was a decoy to get me away from my boys and have their way with them! I am so pissed I went back outside. The nerve!

On my way out, this curly little guy went up to me asking for my number. HELLLOOOO! Aren’t you the guy who just came in with that denim-jacket-wearing girl? Oh my god, are you just being friendly, sweetie? Because if you are, you could ask for my name first! Get your curly-locks out of my face! Out of my face! Huh!

I really think I am missing something here. What kind of bar is this? I really wanna know. Because if I was informed baby, there won’t be any problem. Honestly. I would not let my 3 monkeys get all the attention without a fight! Uh-uh, honey! No way!

Wait a minute… Wait a minute, sweetie… did you just take my pictures? WHAT IS IT WITH YOU? There’s this guy, wearing Nautica [at night!], just took my fokken picture with his camphone! What happened to the good-old-fashioned “may I?” Sweetie, if I see that on the Internet, I’ll turn you into a frog! I’m not kidding!

But nevertheless, I collected 7 roses during that 2 hour ordeal. I tossed 6 out of the car window and kept 1. To remind me of Pisanu – who ditched me for those bitchy Filipino men.



jessekuma said...

Sofia, I think your 3 male friends have set you up!!! It's time you check out a lesbian bar! (Are there ones in Manila I wonder?) Then you can just watch Morgan, Pisanu and Akira turn green with envy...LOL... I hope you get the last laugh eventually...

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Oh Jesse, I did that already back in Bangkok. It's not gonna work this time. But it tickled me...where are the L bars in Manila?

Anonymous said...

Sofia how did it go with the L bar in Bangkok?

I don't think they have those in Manila. I heard they only have exclusive parties once a month or something in straight bars. I could be wrong.

It's clear those Filipino men are clueless on how to pick up a fine lady. lol


재미 said...

I've had people asking me for my number without asking for my name.

And that guy probably took your pic cuz you're hot, thats why!

Well, i dont think all filipino guys are as bad as you described. Maybe you were at the wrong place- the sorta place where perverts (or whatever you call em) hang out?

Actually i dont know much about stuff like these. I've never gone clubbing (ahaha yeah, thats the truth) and all the guys i've met are nice people so....=\

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Honey that's typical male behavior. Most straight men think they're God's gift to Earth. If that bar was on Remedios, then you were in Malate, otherwise known as Manila's Gay District.Hence, Pisanu and the other boys were swarmed.

Don't pay no mind to those guys! They're ogling you 'cuz ur gorgeous! Just be careful doll! Ciao!

Anonymous said...

Wow, such an encounter.

Well, the past 10 years, gays and bi's in "Luzon" (guy) has really grown. Don't get me wrong, just stating a fact. Many bars nowadays, especially in that area you visited, became a hang-out for them (the guys). Even in cellphones chatrooms (yeah we have cellfone chatrooms), the bi-guys are looking for, well guys, and there are also those who are "curious" and want to try it out for the first time.

There was a reason behind this, socially speaking, Filipino women, most of them (bi or not), are not similar to the Western culture, in a sense that they are "game for bed action". Many guys then started exploring, well, each other. It's more of a social thing or a psychological thing, than being a culture, especially that it is not an accepted reality here in the Philippines. (Bi women is more accepted.. for a reason.) Our Filipino word for bi which is "silahis" has a taboo "effect" that clings to it, and is usually understood as "bi-guys".

Now regarding guys who doesn't have "may I" anymore, respect has long been gone in this country. The generation X is very different, and for us who were born before their generation, or came from a different culture, will really get pissed or disappointed with them. I can say that I've seen worse than those taking your pictures...

Forgive me if I sound discriminatory, I just do not know how to word it in such a way that I will be understood. I admit, being a Christian myself, it is against my belief to be... well, gay or bi, but my belief doesn't teach to hate. I have friends who are gay, lesb, bi-guys, and bi-women, it all comes down to respecting each other.

Sadly, 'respect' is not part of the vocabulary of today's generation of Filipino people, from the 90s onwards. We who were born in the 80s and earlier find them really disrespectful and, as you've said, "deceitful". I can not agree more, it is very well true.

But, I can say that not everyone is like that, especially for the male gender, there are still good guys out there, and there are some who knows the art of getting a lady ;)

Anyway, please don't mis-understood me, I have nothing against anyone.

Lesb bars, try Eastwood and another place I can't remember (coz Im not familiar in that part of Metro Manila). Glorietta 4 and Greenbelt 3 used to be a gay/bi/lesb hang-out (yes, mostly near coffee shops), but the guards there stopped the activity. Couldn't blame them, Ayala Makati is targetted for the families.

That is if you want :p There are other channels or mediums, do explore your cellphone and scan through Cable channels ;) You'll learn a lot how things are done here in the Philippines today.

Just be careful with the scammers..

Enjoy your stay... ignore those who doesn't know respect... they're more likely the generation X or gen-X wannabe's :p hehe...

- One of your regular reader and commenter, who doesn't want to be known, coz he may be mis-quoted and mis-understood.

carl said...

Well, I for one hope that Pisanu and the boys had a BLAST!

I haven't been to the Philippines since Marcos left office but whew, we would book a suite and have some wild parties back in those days! One time I remember that I had to go to the bathroom and their were couples in both the bathrooms in the suite and I ended up in the lobby....then I went outside and watched the demonstrations in front of the US Embassy...had to catch my breath!

As we say, "A good time was had by all..."

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

@ anonymous, it's really nice to recieve comments like yours. Very insightful and we really appreciate it. We learn more from the comments. It's an exchange of ideas. And it's really nice, don't ya think? <3

@ Carl, you in Illinois?

imakidatheart said...

Whew! And I thought Anonymous already made a sweeping generalization. Thanks for keeping your faith in the rare good gen X, and I would add Gen Y, guys remaining. ^_^

"But, I can say that not everyone is like that, especially for the male gender, there are still good guys out there, and there are some who knows the art of getting a lady ;)"

Regarding the title, I would say some of us may be both but none of us are neither. ;)

Nico said...

don't lose hope sofia, like one of the commenters said, not all guys are as rude as that dude. have a good one and take care!!!

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