Thursday, July 19, 2007

Southeast Asia's POSTAGE STAMPS

No, these are not archeological relics –
these are postage stamps and they still exist.
Emails may have threatened them to extinction, but hey – it's still around.

Here are some samples from our neighboring villages –
the postage stamps of Southeast Asia…

The very first postage stamp in Southeast Asia was issued in Manila in 1854 under the postal district of Spain.

The very first sovereign postage stamp in Southeast Asia was issued by Thailand on 4 August 1883. Thailand is also the very first SE Asian member of the Universal Postal Union on 1 July 1885.

The Strait Settlements (including Singapore) first issued stamps in 1882. The Philippines' first stamp as a republic was issued on 1899. Brunei's first stamps was an overprint on Labuan in 1906. Burma's first stamps was an overprint on India in 1937. Cambodia's first stamps was in 1951.

Malaysia is the only country in our region where all its states issue their own stamps. And their “Butterfly” stamp series is one of the most sought after in the world.

The Union of Burma changed its name to “Union of Myanmar" on their postage stamps in 1989. The Philippines changed name 3 timesFilipinas (1872), Philippines (1899), Pilipinas (1962). Singapore is the only country in SE Asia that retained its original country name on its stamps.

Postage Stamps are good source of earning foreign exchange -- Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand earn foreign exchange through the sale of stamps.


I got a stamp collection *no, it’s not ok to call me “geek”* which I started when I was 8. It is so vast it needed its own room in the house – yeah, I'm one of those “album filler” kind who buys just about anything called “stamp”.

I nearly had a heart attack when my appraiser said that if I sell all my stamps today, I can buy a new 3-bedroom apartment, a townhouse and a Jaguar XJ.

All of it... of course, doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll take my stamps to the grave! Ha! Take that!



Googoosh said...

Oooooohhh! Stamps! Love it! Love it! I got a collection to. I started at 10. Wanna trade?

Sanne Dee said...

I like the illustration on Lao's stamp. I tried collecting stamps when I was 8 too! But had no interest and I switched to collecting stickers instead. Dang! Haha!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Lao stamps are very straightforward. The layout is psuedo-minimal, lots of details if we look closely.

Singapore stamps are the most colorful. I got the complete issues form 1965 to 2006 and the stmps prior to that (Malaya).

FIND YOUR STAMPS! It is indeed a good investment. I almost lost interest when I reached college years and those annoying stamp sellers wasn't that useless afterall! LOL

khalel said...

I think the oldest one in my collections is part of the 1930 series. I got it from my lola (grandmother)

pretty cool!

anthony said...

Just want to proudly share:

In 1767, the Philippines established its postal service – the first in all of Asia. We even became a leading center in 1838. We also issued Asia’s very first stamp in 1854 – that of the profile of Queen Isabella of Spain.

In the 1930s, our country also issued the FIRST set of basketball stamps in the world. Now that says so much about us.

Philippines stamps is one of the most sought stamps in the world specially the Spanish and US Occupations era. Records from auctions houses would prove that.

JOSH said...

What a nice and very imformative post on stamps! Yup, it seems these beauties r becoming rare every year in this computer age!

a suggestion, request, y not make a regular post on your postage stamp collection every now and then.

I recently acquired a "Harry Potter" set of stamps courtesy of a pinoy friend in d UK! I'm so happy! :)

JOSH said...

Errrrr, y dont i do my suggestion in my blog?! i think i'll do just dat to highlight stamps in d phils and Asean neighbors in my Josh blog! :)

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hello Josh. =) But this would look lie a stamp blog.

Hey! That's an idea! There are no stamps blog out there!

riain said...

My workplace is right next to the Manila Central Post Office. :) A very nice structure that survived the Liberation of Manila in 1945. Should remind you of Lincoln Memorial. I usually collect letters but not stamps- I usually leave everything intact after reading the letters.

Btw, while Thailand is the first SE Asian country (as a sovereign) to be a UPU member, technically the Philippines was a member first, albeit under Spain. ;)

postage stamps said...

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Erique Fat Owl said...

Thanks for this wonderful post, Pisanu! Being an avid stamp collector myself, I couldn't be more excited to read this. In my opinion, in Southeast Asia, Thailand issues the most beautiful stamps. I especially adore the Thai royal barge long stamp. It's just marvelous. I also love the fact that Thailand issues many stamps featuring Buddhist arts. I'm not a Buddhist myself, but love Buddhist arts. Maybe we should start a philately blog (considering that you have a vast and valuable collection)! My collection is nowhere to the value of a 3-bedroom apartment and a Jag, but still...

treskeidecamania said...

Nice asean stamps..try to visit my site focusing on philippine postal history and covers. there you can find philippine philatelic finds..thank you

Allen Yu said...

wow. A philatelist! My friend collects stamps too. And he'll do everything for a Deutsche bundespost. I don't know why he's so into german stamps.

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nocamal said...

you've got to see Indonesian stamps at Soeharto's Era (1966-1998).
90% of it was close up foto of Soeharto

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