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The Cambodian Kouprey (กูปรีหรือ) is a kind of ox living in the deep forests of Cambodia -- although there were sightings in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos too. These forest oxen are one of the most mysterious mammals in the animal world.

It was first discovered by Western science in 1937, since then, it was only sighted a couple of times. The last photograph of these elusive creatures was in 1950 and by 1970; there were fears that the species might have become extinct due to the wars during this period in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. But the last recorded sighting occurred in 1988.

Kouprey” means...forest bull" in Khmer, they are gray-colored with frayed horns and a long dewlap hanging around its neck. It's spectacular horns split when the animal matures, and continue growing distinctly thereafter. This fraying is believed to be the result of their being used for digging into the ground or thrusting into trees.

Due to the Kouprey’s enigma, ongoing debates of cryptozoologists (finders of lost species) is currently in progress whether it is totally a different bovine specie or a hybrid of the Indian Zebu and the Indonesian Banteng. But one thing is for sure, the Kouprey is endemic and distinctly Cambodian.

Prince Sihanouk designated it as the National Animal of Cambodia in the 1960s, partly due to its mystique. It may also prove to be one of the most genetically valuable animals on Earth, because of clues it may hold to disease resistance and general ability to survive in extremely harsh conditions.

The Cambodian Kouprey -- Treasure of Southeast Asia.

A monument of the Kouprey in Cambodia
showcasing its' spectacular horns.

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Carrie Puyat said...

This is the first time I have heard of this specie. Thanks for the post. I really learn something new everyday.

Tommy said...

whoaaa! so majestic horns! do you think that they ave already disappeared? i hope not.

Akihiro said...

Hey people! Take me to Cambodia with you ok? Wait, I'd drop by your place later. I got something you would like.

Anonymous said...

Kouprey really is a special animal. I wish there had been a stronger push for ongoing conservation on this lovely animal. This is one of the impacts of Cambodia's 30 years of civil wars. Sigh..

Don said...

the first pic looks kinda eerie.. ehehe.. cool horns though! bull chase anyone? LoL

Anonymous said...

Please see the latest research on the Koupreys here:

chase said...

wow, their horns are magnificent

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Mongkol..y'know what dude? This is freaking me out! Every time BISEAN post something, for some reason, boom! there's always a news a few days later. (Aung San, Lee Kwan Yew, etc.) But this one about the Kouprey is the same date!

So, the mystery has been solved eh?

@ Chase...hey man! Long time no see! Been busy?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. That shows how cool u r, bro! :p

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