Monday, September 17, 2007


When Dr. Paul left a comment on our Little India post, I finally got a reason to break-in my brand new Proton Satria Neo car! (which I bought 2 months ago because of a fight with a KL taxi driver) I took Sofia and Safri with me earlier today for a road trip to historical Malacca in the South. *well, it’s actually on the west coast of Malaysia to the South*

Long before the Europeans came, the Sultanate of Malacca was one of the richest kingdoms in the region. They even attracted us (the Siamese) to invade because of their prosperity and strategic location. The Portuguese colonized it in the 1500s then got bullied by the Dutch in the 1600s, which in turn, got bullied by the British in the 1800s and gave it up.

Malacca is around 145 km away from Kuala Lumpur taking the North-South Expressway. So if I drive like 120km/hr, we should reach it by a little over than 1 hour. But I cannot do that, can I? – So, I pretended to be a good boy like everyone else and reached Malacca in 2 hours. *smirk*

We reached Malacca town around 9:00am and just drove around. Beautiful, beautiful place and the overall atmosphere is relaxed. Reminds me a little of Macau. This is my kind of place; lots of old colonial buildings -- which are built in distinct Malaccan architecture. Like this one you see on the picture! Adorable, isn’t it? *I wonder if it’s for sale.*

Circling Jalan Kota are lots of interesting places to see – the Stadhuys, Christ Church, the Sultanate Palace, the Dutch graveyard, *whoooaaa!* lots of old Christian churches and lots of places I don’t remember the name. *sorry*

We crossed the river to find Jonker Street *this early?* – Sofia is in dire need to shop for antiquities today and we let her before she scandalize the whole town. Safri kept “pressuring” us to eat first and try the Nyonya cuisine distinctly Malaccan – but we are not hungry yet! *Shopping first, dammit!*

Something is telling me that we came on a bad time. Well, its Monday morning; are we expecting carnivals in the street? *kinda :-)* We were told that Jonker Street and Chinatown is best visited at night. Well, I’ll be damned. And because Safri won’t get off me -- Ok, lunch it is…

Malacca’s Nyonya style of cooking is one of the BEST in Southeast Asia. It is said that the style originated from here. *those in other places are copycats! LOL* The use of coconut milk and “tongue-burning-till-you-pee-in-your-pants” spices make this cuisine friendly to me. *but I told you I wasn’t hungry!* So, I had 3 glasses of “Cincau” instead.

We drove back to where we came from and spent the whole afternoon at A’Famosa Waterworld! We are in a playful mood and wanted to splash water to other tourists till they drown! *just kidding* A’Famosa is a MUST when visiting Malacca. Not too much eye candies though. It’s a family resort. Boo-hoo.

It was just a day trip so we’re back to Kuala Lumpur just now. We’re going back next weekend! Show me the hunky babas and the hot nyonyas!



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Ahmed said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Melaka. Or I think you enjoyed it. lol.

Safri said...

i see my name here again. for the second time! thanks guys! i enjoyed not working on a monday. see y'all later. same place.

Anonymous said...

I've been there last week! I went there with my Singaporean friend and his mom for two days. Melaka's unique simplicity and history makes Asia proud!

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