Thursday, September 13, 2007


The news of another earthquake in Indonesia last night brought shivers like icy water poured on me. My vision blurred and all I hear from the broadcaster was “earthquake”, “7.9”, “tsunami” over and over again.

I want to face this fear once and for all.
I never talked about it – until now.

I spent Christmas in Phuket in 2004. I had my girlfriend with me who was working as a flight attendant with an airline that flies back and forth Phuket and Japan. I remember we had a little fight the day before and we spent Christmas Day without talking to each other.

Just before night time, maybe she couldn’t take my attitude any longer --
I found all her belongings gone! I knew she took the flight slot she previously swapped with a co-worker so I went straight to the airport.

I found her, preparing to fly. I asked her to stay. But she said she had enough of me. I really didn’t know what to do – I loved her so much!
So I took the flight with her to Japan to talk it over.

The next morning, the tsunami hit Phuket and killed more than 5,000 people. Three thousand more were missing.

For 5 straight days I was in total shock, I couldn't talk! -- I could see myself in the television among the victims. If I didn't take the flight that midnight ... I could've been one of 'em. I only had 9 hours!

For almost 2 years I never go anywhere near the ocean.The thought of going back to Phuket distress me to alarming level.

I thought that if the tsunami spared me in 2004, the next time – it won’t.


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markymd said...

So... how is she, Pisanu? The Girl.

Anonymous said...

that would be me, mr mark. i'm alright, why do you ask? your attention was more on me than his near death experience and conquered fear. thats strange.


Bjarne of Norway said...

You didn't perish on that unfortunate event for nothing. Have you found your calling?

Tommy said...

Sofia told me about this way back. I was really amazed. It was one hell of an escape. Now I understand why you never visit me in Pattaya often.

Friedrich said...

thank you for sharing

Sofia for BiSEAN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Hi Debbie!!! Ill be meeting Pisanu in KL on Sunday straight from PARIS! You wanna come?

and hey Tommy! I didn't tell you nothing!!!! You want him to beat me up for being a big mouth?

markymd said...

whoa... debbie was really the girl?? Hi debbie! I dont find it strange... Im just curious maybe. What happened to the girl who "saved" Pisanu from the tsunami?

Anonymous said...

marky baby, you need to read the story again.

Sanne Dee said...

Must have been a freaky feeling...

Wouldn't you guys come to Singapore?

savante said...

Just thank God we're all doing fine otherwise and pray for the folks over there.

travelphilippines said...

wow thats amazing you have a lot of fascinating stories to tell pisanu keep it coming..

Fable Frog said...

whoa~ Pisanu~ that's really a lucky escape~ you should really thank Debbie for kinda' saving your life. I'll be going to Phuket early October though. I think it should be safe~

lawrence said...

OMG... that's one heck of a luck you had.

was your hotel near the shore?

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