Thursday, June 14, 2007


The Urban Dictionary defines bisexual chic as: A cultural trend where it is 'cool' to claim to be a bisexual even if you are not just so you can get attention -- because it’s fashionable at the moment.

Much more common in women than in men. It is often done to get a rise out of people. Please note though that not everyone who claims to be bisexual is saying it for attention; there are real bisexuals out there. -- huh? Where?!!!! LOL

Britney Spears and Madonna kissing on MTV is a good example of Bisexual chic.

During the sexually liberated 70s, when the rule of thumb was "if it feels good, do it", alternative sexuality seemed a lot less taboo. Rock stars (especially British ones) camped it up - or pretended to - as part of keeping up their image.

Bisexuality was momentarily something to boast about in the late 70s and big time in the 90's, because it implied you were free of taboos, experimental, in touch with both your male and female sides, and therefore potentially a better lover.

Bisexual Chic came along with the Glam scene, and the likes of David Bowie; who publicly stated that he met his wife because they were both dating the same person! -- Me and Sofia got the same story! Woohoo! --we both used to date Morgan and she used to date my ex-girlfriend Farah. Hahaha! Get a load of that!

Madonna is undiably a bisexual icon. Does she exclusively bed women? Nope. Therefore, NOT a gay icon. Ha!

Bisexual chic is back -- and it came even bigger and bolder! If bisexuality is something to be ashamed about, why do a lot of people pretend to be one? Huh? Let me see you kiss a babe and a dude at the same time. Then we'll talk.

Take that!




Biggest bisexual icon of today, I think, is the zexy Angelina Jolie. Men, women, hermaphrodites, they all want her! :-)

Ea said...

lol! amen!

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