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From the legendary white elephants of Thailand to the mighty Komodo Dragons of Indonesia. From the elusive Koupreys of Cambodia to the playful Orangutans of Malaysia. From the majestic Philippine Eagle to the shy Saola of Vietnam. The Tamaraw, the Kancil, the Badak, the Harimau Malaya, all symbols of our nations.

They have graced our folklores and myths, even inspired our poetries. The mere sight of their images flame our pride. Hearing their names in international media almost instantly compels us to say: “Ooooh! That’s ours!” with great pride and dignity.

Now that the SE Asia’s National Flower Series is almost complete, this post will start off the SE Asia’s Rare Animal Series. It’s too bad that the word “rare” is synonymous to “endangered”. This series is also to create awareness on their plight for preservation.

Extraordinary animals ONLY FOUND in our region.

Brought us pride and distinction from the rest of the world.


Featured SE Asian Rare Species:

*The KOMODO Dragons of Indonesia
*BUTAAN: Lost Dragons of the Philippines
*CAMBODIAN KOUPREY: Do They Still Exist?
*TARSIERS: The Adorable Little Hunters


markymd said...

Philippines' Pride:
Filipinos are only ones who have them...

HARIBON(this should replace the bald eagle in the Philippine coat of arms, don't you think?)

TARSIER (symbolizes Filipino men - cute and cuddly... right, Pisanu?)

TAMARAW (should be brought back to where it should be - the Philippine 1 peso coin)

PHILIPPINE CROCODILE (they say you can never see this animal in the wild anymore - they've all gone to the halls of Congress and the Senate.)

JOSEPH ESTRADA (a ferocious beast we really cannot get rid off)

travelphilippines said...

the cutie tarsier thats ours. hehe

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hahahaha! That's funny Marky! So, Philippines have hippos too huh? LOL

Travel! What's your name? I keep asking you dude. It's awkward to address you as Travel all the time. Hahahahha! Funny how you find that huge eye tarsier...I'm horrified by it! Seriously. Look like the scary Ay-ai, only smaller.

Dan Gabriel said...

I just read in the papers a few days ago that there's a new species of mountain shrew that was discovered in Palawan. Google-ing it, I discovered that it is only found in Palawan. Soft downy fur, with a long, almost sharp snout and small eyes. hmmm... does it look like a hairy mouse with pursed lips? how i wish i can find pictures.

aries said...

pisanu, tasiers are actually cute. cute. cute. CUTE!!!


they're just look funny when they turn their head 360. have u seen one?

aries said...

they'd just look funny when they turn their head 360. have u seen one?

riain said...

Luv the Tarsiers!!! They are sooo cute.. and so fragile... I feel bad for the Philippine eagle, I once saw someone smuggle one. :((

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

This is actually one of the reasons BISEAN exists...not too many knows what their neighbors have.

@ Markymd & Travel, Tarsiers are also found in Indonesia...but they never ever claim its an Indonesian monkey. Go figure.

Bruneian said...

Hey, we have one too you know... the Fat-nosed Proboscis monkey native to Brunei

Anonymous said...


Irrawaddy Dolphins are also one of the rarest species.
They are found in countries of SEA and Bay of Bengal.

They are interesting animals. They have mutual relationship with humans as they help the fishermen to catch more fishes.


but KOMODO Indonesia is the most priceful instead nominated as New 7 World Wonders

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