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Think of a bird that can cover you from head to toe when it spread its wings -- A really huge bird that can navigate its way through the forest and strike terror to any mammal living in it.

Think majesty. Think magnificence. Think raw power.The Philippine Eagle.

The world’s largest (arguably) bird of prey can only be found in Southeast Asia, in a village called; the Philippines. Discovered by English naturalist Jeffery Whitehead more than a hundred years ago in 1896, it was first called the “Monkey-Eating Eagle” because it was thought that it only eat monkeys. *or somebody who look like one? LOL*

When scientists discovered other “monkey-eating” birds from Africa and South America, the name was changed to a more appropriate “Philippine Eagle”. Scientists also learned that these birds have a wide range of menu choices and doesn’t feed exclusively on monkeys *and look-alikes? =)*. It was declared the National Bird of the Philippines to promote awareness for its preservation.

BISEAN came to Davao to see this rare bird in flight. We were told that the sight is inspiring and people from all over the world come here just to get this rare chance. Sad to say... because alcohol is so cheap here…we are all too hanged-over to get up before lunch! *sigh*

Locals call itHaribon” – from the Filipino words “Hari” (king) and “Ibon” (bird) or “Haring Ibon” (Bird King). Ooh! It’s a king indeed! Except the females, which are “queens” *smirk*

This raptor’s territory used to cover the whole of the Philippines from Luzon Island (north) to Mindanao Island (South). It is now more concentrated in the south and a discovery of a nest make national headlines!

The Philippine Eagle is threatened with extinction. Less than 500 pairs of ‘em are left in the wild. The problem isn’t by poaching or illegal wildlife traders this time; as Filipinos guard this national treasure with their lives. The main culprit is the destruction of their habitat which the main culprits are the same ones who guard them. The irony of it all.

From the common “Maya” (the common sparrow which can be found all over the world) to the rare, distinctive, powerful Philippine Eagle as a national bird…this says a lot about the Filipino as a nation. Learn from it.

The Philippine Eagle -- Treasure of Southeast Asia.

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Jake Tornado said...

Bravo, Pisanu, bravo! I looovvveee this particular post. I never had the chance to have a close encounter with the Haribon and it's only in pictures and books that I have seen it. This is the Flip's answer to the American Eagle, the symbol of Uncle Sam's "supremacy." I hope the whole world will help us save the Haribon...or the planet will see the last 500 of them.

Bjarne said...

What a beautiful, beautiful bird!

Erick Lau said...

So fierce! But lovely!

chase said...

yup. a very magnificent bird indeed

eyron said...

a new philippine eagle was born on dec7

the dreamer said...

whew! i never thought that the philippine eagle could actually cover up a person when it spread its wings. im a filipino but i haven't seen one yet...

now the goal i have to see it the soonest possible time! tsk tsk tsk

peace y'all..*wink

danyhael said...

LOL. someone's a kiss-a$$. ^^^^^^
geez... read it again, you dimwits coz there's a code hidden in that post. really cool.

flitz said...

hope the typhoons lately did not washed them away. :D

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