Friday, July 13, 2007

OUR TREASURES: The Petronas Twin Towers

Nothing in our region can exceed Malaysia’s statement in the turn of the new millennium than the Petronas Twin Towers. The unveiling of the (then) tallest buildings in the world in 1998 is a screaming declaration that “Malaysia has arrived.”

Both towers soar a staggering 1,482.6 ft from ground level to the top of the spire. Both have 88 floors, with a combined total floor space of 4.25 million sq. ft. and 78 lifts. They also hold the record of the world’s deepest foundation at 120 meters. The Skyway, the 192 ft. long bridge connecting the two towers on the 41st and 42nd floors is the world’s highest 2-storey bridge. It can be really dizzying up there!

The Petronas Towers got its name from Malaysia’s national oil company, Petronas – the company who thought of this project. The building design was awarded to the Norwegian Dawid Mauno and was built by Italian architect Cesar Pelli. The Islamic inspired design made the Petronas Towers the most distinctive buildings in Southeast Asia and a token that Malaysia (SE Asia’s 3rd richest country) has joined the big league.

You wanna go up there? A tour up the Skybridge is FREE. It’s open between 9.00am – 5.00pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. It’s closed on a Monday unless it’s a public holiday. Tickets are issued on a first-come-first-serve basis so, be at the main lobby early (some tourists come before 7am!) Tickets has to be used within the day or it will be forfeited meaning, no advanced booking. The tour is guided so don’t try to be a smart ass.

A very useful tip. Just in case; bring tissues, a small plastic bag, air freshener or any citrus fruit (for smelling) -- the bridge can be shaky on windy days and I have seen tourists puking heaven and hell while on the bridge! *Eeeewww!*

How to get there. The KLCC Complex, where the towers are located, is easily reachable from any direction of Kuala Lumpur. If you are within the Golden Triangle -- Kuala Lumpur’s main business district (areas like Bukit Bintang, Jln P. Ramlee, Ampang Road, etc.), it’s just a few minutes walk --depending you are a turtle, a rabbit or a cheetah. If you are using the LRT Putra Line (not the Monorail), get off KLCC Station -- which is underground and directly connected to the building complex. We wouldn’t recommend a taxi cab if you don’t wanna be ripped off.

The Petronas Twin Towers. Southeast Asia’s soaring pride and treasures.



Mariani of Italy said...

HAHAHAHA! Thanks for the tips. I guess I'm one of those pukers. I hate heights!

Malaysia is only the 3rd richest? I thought they are 2nd?

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

We (Thailand) overtook them in 2006!

Singapore, of course, is the richest. If we will include Brunei, they will be 2nd. But Economists don't usually include them.

You want the full list according to the ASEAN Sec?

1. Singapore
2. Thailand
3. Malaysia
4. Vietnam
5. Indonesia
6. Philippines
7. Mayanmar
8. Laos
9. Cambodia

It's ranked according to economic power.

Tongkat Ali said...

They are still the tallest twin towers in the world.

Masako said...

Pisanu and Morgan, I'm curious what you guys look like. Show me the wonders of the ASEAN. Convince me that you guys are, indeed, a perfect specimen.

Sofia for BISEAN said...

Masako...what about me? You're not going to ask me? Hmp! (just kidding).

We mentioned it here a couple of times. We took off our photos from this blog. Pisanu and Morgan minimized their photos on their MySpace accounts too.

I don't know why we are the favorite of stalkers in this fokken world. People like to assume our identity. After the 2005 incident, we minimized posting our pics on the net. And you should to. It's dangerous.

It looks like you're new here, because if you have been following this'll see our photos come up once in a while --- the blog header changes everyday.

I don't know if your post is being a darling or being sarcastic. :-)

But since this blog is about love (with occassional shits like yesterday)...I'll assume you're a darling. Fair enough?

Thanks for dropping by.

Reyville said...

The Petronas Tower is truly one of the most beautiful building in the entire world. It's one of the hundred attractions I wish to visit before I die. My sister will always brag about Malaysia when she's actually Filipino like me. I would just smile though for I love the Southeast Asian nations as a group. I hope terrorism from our region will vanish soon. We could make this world a better place if we respect and love each other.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

LOL! Masako is so funny.

Hey dude! The ones we feature here is not hot enough for you? :-) We promise, if we ran out of other Eurasians to feature, we'll feature ourselves. OK? :-)

Reyville said...

Based on the Purchasing Power Parity (from CIA) of each SE nation, here’s how the countries rank (the preceding numbers are their ranking compared to the rest of the world):

17 Indonesia $ 948,300,000,000 2006 est.
23 Thailand $ 596,500,000,000 2006 est.
27 Philippines $ 449,800,000,000 2006 est.
35 Malaysia $ 313,800,000,000 2006 est.
38 Vietnam $ 262,800,000,000 2006 est.
58 Singapore $ 141,200,000,000 2006 est.
66 Burma $ 85,200,000,000 2006 est.
95 Cambodia $ 37,730,000,000 2006 est.
136 Laos $ 13,630,000,000 2006 est.
144 Brunei $ 9,531,000,000 2005 est.

And the rest of de jure SE countries:

131 Papua New Guinea $ 15,410,000,000 2006 est.
208 East Timor $ 370,000,000 2004 est.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

OH LOOK! A comment from one of our new links! Hey! Hey! Hey! Nice one!

You're right about PPP but it's calculated against total population and other factors. The more we add a factor, the often a list will change.

Thanks Reyville! Wooohoooo!

Nam said...

Seeing Vietnam ranked somewhere in the middle, I am not sure whether I should be happy or not. They should have been higher if there was no War and all. But for a new comer to the world economic scene, they are climbing up fast. It is a case of being half full or half empty. Let be positive for once and be happy with the current ranking. As to the Petronas Towers, I hope to see it some day.

Masako said...

Based on bryanboy's shopping addiction and jetsetting and Imelda's shoes and jewelry collection, who would think Philippines is one of the bottom three? lol
I was in Makati recently. I never felt Filipinos are poor. Maybe there are areas the pinoy paupers have turned into ghettoes.
Hey! there are lots of beggars lining in american freeways. South Central LA, Bronx, etc. look like some third world wasteland. There are more honeless people in the US than in Manila. I don't really know how to read a country's economy.
They said India is the world's third largest economy. If that is so, why poor families there hang themselves in unison because they have nothing to eat.
GNP/GDP is nothing but a bogus math.

khalel said...

River, Sofia, Help me out on this one... Lets take a step for a SEA Bloggers at

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Nam... I saw the changes in Vietnam first hand. Seems like the country is going to fast. But it's good. The people will benefit eventually. Petronas is a must see! It's one of our pride! :-)

@ Masako... yeah, I think if we measure the disparity between rich and poor in our region...that list will go crazy.

**** HEY GUYS! "Simply Manila" is on our links. Check it out!****

@ Khalel...that's great! It would be the first! Count us in! -- would it be a rainbow coalition too?

Nam said...

@pisanu...Vietnam has changed a lot in 20 years since I left. Coming back to visit once every 2-3 years, things seem to change very noticeably. These days with more frequent visits, changes are not as obvious. In general, people are better off than before and it is wonderful to see the energy among the young striving to get rich. However, the gap between the rich and the poor is forever widening, and, regretably, not all the wealth is gained through hard work.

jessekuma said...

WTF!!! Phils is on 6th place? I would have thought we would be at the bottom of the list by now!!! What's wrong with you people? Start storming the gates of that ASEAN Secretariat thing or whatever with your text messages!!! Tell them we're having another rebellion, insurrection, people power or even Coup d etat perhaps? As for Mayanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Don't be so smug. We're out to get you soon. We're running the economy to the ground baby! So Watch out !!!

(LOL.. I hope I don't get into trouble with this post as often does)

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

***Ladies and gentlemen...may I present...JESSEKUMA... our reader with the sharpest tongue! And we appreciate it. ****

@ Jesse, hey! Are you and Sanne ok now? You're both in Aussieland, y'know.

jessekuma said...

Hey Pisanu.. Yes we are. She's accepted my apology-I hope ( I was pissed when I lambasted her eating habits!!! So the grovelling apology after-which I really really meant wholeheartedly.)

And as for you. Do you really have to join the hoi polloi and be seen (and I suppose eat even!!!) at that McDonalds Place. Shame shame shame. LOL...

Anonymous said...

thailand has overtaken malaysia? you wish. lolz. every economic indicator still shows malaysia is miles ahead. nice try though.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pisanu for BISEAN said...

To anonymous with NO BALLS not to leave his name and link...

Nice try for me? Ha! It just goes to show how IGNORANT you are with what's happening around. Even BBC announced this December 2006. YOU MO'F*CKIN' IGNORANT!

You just wanna see what you wanna see. AND your IP address says you're NOT from Malaysia. YOU IDIOT!

I call you names because you didn't leave yours. Stupid. Haha!

MischMensch said...

LOL @ Pisanu and Anonymous

curbside_puppet said...

PISANU: I think I know where Anonymous is coming from. I think he's just a few hundred meters away from me or some adjacent city (like mandaluyong [where i'm at] and makati).

Anonymous said...

you wouldn't know me even if i left my name on.

all that aside, malaysia is still second to singapore in SEA, economically.

and no, im not in malaysia, and i never said i was, so im the one only seeing what i want?

nice try though. toodles.

curbside_puppet said...

to ANONYMOUS: do you have any other point besides bashing them?

if bashing is your only thang here, then you're plain sick.

i guess everyone who frequents this page would feel the same way.

i won't place a comment if i don't like an article.

i'd rather keep my silence, dong ma?

Jake Tornado said...

@curb_side: Dude! You are PISSED. Care for a bottle of ice-cold San Miguel? :p

MischMensch said...

Oh Anonymous, does it matter if it is Thailand or Malaysia at number 2? We're still ASEAN and why quarrel over a small thing? I am a Malaysian and I do not have a fokken problem with Thailand being 2nd or Malaysia being 2nd. Just take the fokken fact and shove it up your pepper shaker

Vielen verdammt dank!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Why must everything has to be a contest for some people? They are soooo fucken insecure with what they have! Gosh dude!

Thanks for the input Misch, Curb and Jake. And to anonymous...I got an address moron! YOUR ADDRESS. Ha!

Fuzz said...

Well there is this thing called 'patriotism...' if you would have gone to school, you would know or at least heard about it... and i guess because of that people always wanna tell themselves (and other people) that their countries are better (even if they are not)....

PPP just means you have more people in your country... and GDP is yes i have to agree just some math bogus made to justify circumstances (being an econs major myself i find it ironic to say that)... which country is more 'flourished' should be looked at by taking into consideration (in my opinion):-

1-level of poverty
2-unemployment rate
3-technological advancements (so skycrapers somewhat count)
4-the peacefulness of the country... rich as america can be, it ain't that peaceful here..
5-political stability (somewhat like no 4)
6-level of education (anyway you want to go - average education, no of college grads, no of nobel prize winners, no of man landed on the moon, no of people who were involved in inventing the wheel and discovering fire...)

among many other 'not as major as mentioned' factors...

honestly i think malaysia comes 1st followed by singapore and then thailand and then indonesia... or the same thing but singapore can be 1st and malaysia second...

Oh....KLCC... how i miss shopping in Suria... Heard that Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo were opened last summer....

danyhael said...

god i love this site when they all start an IT war. it's like sending bill gates and the google dus into a deathmatch. i wish i'm that geek and join the battle too.

ken said...

every country in SEA or world is not fully rich. u might say msia, phillipines, thai, indonesia are rich but when we go to rural areas, they are ways left behind compare to the main cities..except spore where as no rural area

kl is a modern doubt but in the others part of country especially in east msia, nothern peninsular msia n east coast peninsular msia, these parts of msia are still under develop where in east msia, most population still dont have basic ammenities like wate n electric supply even kapit, the admin centre for kapit division in sarawak which is larger than pahang the largest state in peninsular msia is still has no road link to other place except by river! kapit mp has raised this in parlimen many times

Tiger said...

Those are magnificent structures

malayan elephant said...

whatever you say(FOR:Pisanu for BISEAN said...) i still proud with my country(MALAYSIA TRULY ASIA) with peaceful and MORE beautiful than u! and MOST modern country in .S.E.A..HAHAHAHAHA! IF u(thailand) in second but your country very poor and not saFE to tourist because of small matter(politic)! u(thailand) pollute the ASEAN countries!with your problems!
thailand always bring trouble!
u want example, here i give!
1.with your politic issue(thaksin)
2. struggle old temple with combodia
3.bombing with your people(at southern thailand)

(dont ever proud with your countries that bring trouble in S.E.A)

DONT EVER belittle/scant Malaysia!

vevero said...

WOW! Petronas Twin Tower, a man made marvel, the national icon of Malaysia. Recently the third tallest building in the world.

ryne said...

a perfect place for shopping lover and tourists.. but for youngster or students who depend on their allowance every month [like me..], i suggest u 2 buy coffee bread@rotiboy and hang out at the klcc park.. i can suggest the best place for young people.. huhu..

Maria J. Micheal said...

Aww you made me missed my hometown! :P It is a good thing to shop and hanging around at KLCC anytime when you lived there :D

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