Saturday, January 12, 2008

SE ASIA’S BEST CLUBS: Glow | Bangkok

Oi! Oi! Southeast Asia! Listen up!

I’ve found a new club institution in the City of Angels. Worthy to be listed as one of Southeast Asia’s Best Clubs…You better be listenin’ to me. HEY!

Now get a pen and paper and WRITE THIS DOWN!

Did you get that?...Good!~

IF you’re in Bangkok right now head to 96/4-5 Sukhumvit 23, that’s in Asoke area. If you’re taking the subway or Skytrain, get off Asoke Station. Get it?

If you’re somewhere outside Thailand... you must clear your calendar and head to Bangkok next week. Or tomorrow if you got nothin’ to do. *I insist*

As the club name says, the place glows! In all sorts of colors! Cool and comfortable interior, custom made for them. Excellent music from all sorts of house to grage to chill-out to anything and everything EXCEPT bloody ABBA and Bird McIntyre!

What’s your poison? You like vodka? GLOW got the largest selection of vodka in the whole of Bangkok! What? Did you say Absinthe? They got it! Whatever you fancy, they have it. If they don’t, they will get it for you within the hour. Now, that’s service!

Doors open as early as 6pm. Tapas galore! Are you a wine buff? Or just pretending to like wine to be in? – Well, you can start the night at Glow till you get into the right mood to party all night! Meet your friends here! It’s cool! Thursdays are ladies' night.

Glow is wicked! They got events almost every weekend! International DJ acts spin here regularly. This is the newest party place where the beautiful citizens of Bangkok and Southeast Asia head to.

F*ck! You’re still here?

I know you love our blog so much but for christssake be good to yourself and move your ass over at Glow!

Now, GO! And make…it….right! Woohooo!

Glow’s official website. *and photo credit*


Benz said...

I am sooo ready to GLOW.....i mean GO! :) ohh I miss my stay in thailand especially phuket...

Jake Tornado said...

...and how's the crowd at GLOW?...Info! Info! Info!

Hanifa said...

Crowds a bit on the "tour" crowd. Local yuppies haven't got the hang of it yet. Let's see whe it pass the "curiosity" phase.

tommy said...

i love this place.

henry said...

hanifa is right. let it pass the curio stage. lets see what happens. i've been here like 4-5 tims. cool sound system

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@jake...they said it all. Benz...I see you got a blog!

Anonymous said...

I love GLOW. great club, super potent drinks and always fun when quiet or jam packed. Always a great night out.

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