Tuesday, January 01, 2008


When the clock struck midnight in New Year’s eve of 1984, our brothers in Brunei gained full independence from the British Empire. The 1st of January is one of the most important event in the rich history of the Sultanate of Brunei the Abode of Peace.

Long before the Europeans came, Brunei was one of the most powerful empires in Southeast Asia. Their territories covered the whole of Borneo and the southwestern part of the Philippines. Brunei is one of the few who won war against mighty Spain in those times. Not until the British came and its territories was decreased as to what it is today.

Brunei resisted the pressure to join the Federation of Malaya in the 1960s *good for them!* Otherwise, they would just be another non-sovereign states unable to control its own destiny as a nation.

Thanks to Sir Haji Omar Ali Saifuddin (the 28th Sultan) and his son, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (the 29th Sultan) for ushering Brunei through the imperialist era to the modern times maintaining their dignity and sovereign as a proud nation.

to all our brothers and sisters in BRUNEI!


*Photocredit: Anthony & SoulJah


eyron said...

i thnik bruneians enjoy a good life; no taxes n good social services.

btw, hapi independence!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

I somehow always expect a comment from you Eyron for posts like this. It just goes to show your genuine interest with our region. Cheers to Brunei independence and cheers to you Eyron. You're truly a SEA-philiac! You rock!

eyron said...

i am more se asian that filipino haha... LOL

eyron said...


SoulJah said...

Wow thanks for a great post! The way you talk about Brunei was as if you were a Bruneian yourself! Heheh!

Oh and thanks for giving me photo credit. Remember to link yea!

Anonymous said...

I've been a resident of Brunei for 10 years or more. But I'm Filipino (yeah we are a lot). haha

I just want to correct that Brunei celebrates their nationhood February 24. January 1st isn't the famous to celebrate. If you want to see parades and 'parties' it's on that day in February.

Anonymous said...

Brunei's independence is on 1 January BUT we celebrated it on 24 February because that's when Brunei get independence from the British protectorate (wait... is it armies? sorry, i forgot!!) shame on me

but hey, Brunei is happy !! (proud.. thanks!!)

Brunei Jati said...

To Anonymous & goodboybutbad, Brunei gained independence on 1st January, 1984 and the celebration is on 23rd February annually.

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