Thursday, June 14, 2007


Freedom House, an independent non-profit organization advocating human rights around the world since 1941 recently released the 2007 Freedom of the World Scores. They release their findings annually since 1973 and rank countries in to 3 categoriesFree, Partially Free and Not Free. Since our blog mainly focus on SE Asian Countries, here’s an excerpt;

The only Free country in our region, according to Freedom House is Indonesia.

Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and East Timor
are Partially Free.

Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam
are all considered Not Free.

The scores were based on Political Rights and Civil Liberties and ranked accordingly. Ratings reflect global events from 1 Dec 2005 through 31 Dec 2006.

According to their findings; only 47% of the countries in the world are considered free, 30% are partly free and 23% are not free. The full list is here. More in depth explanation on the findings is here. And more information about Freedom House is here. Click it later, dammit! Finish my blog first!

Notice how they listed Myanmar as Burma. Does it mean that they do not recognize the current military junta government of Myanmar, who changed the country’s name as it is now?

I have mixed feelings with this. But since I advocate the freedom of Aung Suu Kyi – I’ll call their country as BURMA, from now on. “The Lady” refers to her country as Burma, so Burma it is.

I cannot comment more on Freedom House’s 2007 findings. I am extremely updated in current events and I can say that their findings are undeniably accurate.


On any given day, we can go wherever we want – go shopping, eat out, drink booze, shake our booty in the club; We can exchange ideas -- surf the net, update our blogs, leave a comment sometimes, say what we want, molest the blog authors, suck up to other bloggers, spread rumors; We can see whoever we want – eyeball somebody, gawk at people, cruise the malls and public parks (and toilets!), say “YO” to the dudes and babes down the block…it all pretty much cover the freedom we want, doesn’t it?

Come to think of it – if full freedom can guarantee a better future for our countries, then I am all for it. But the truth is -- it doesn't. We need discipline and control from time to time to keep functioning. But can we validly criticize how an elected leader governs his country? Nope. I don’t think so. They won't be sitting there if we didn't let them.

Partially free is good enough --if not, better.

We need discipline, control and a little spanking from time to time.

Take that!




the philosphical bastard said...

at least this confirms what we filipinos know of our country contrary to what the goverment says.

and tht i will die tomorrow for saying this.


According to that list, the US is rated 1 (the "most free") when it comes to Political Rights and Civil Liberties. Yeah right. Tell that to the prisoners in Guantanamo.

Anonymous said...

"We need discipline, control and a little spanking from time to time."

I could not have put it better myself River.

Q The Conqueror said...

I honestly didn't connect Indonesia with "freedom" because when you say "Indonesia", I usually think Suharto, Megawati, Bali (Bombing), and the Aceh and East Timor revolutions.

Obviously, Indonesia has gone a long way since then, and I'm happy that it now enjoys "true freedom". I just hope that the Philippines can once again surge back to the forefront of what it means to be a true democracy.

*ugh. serious talk. must stop.*

dexter said...

whatever the survey says, i still think of thailand as a free country. can't wait to get there to party, drink and be merry.. hhmm and yeah to experience the thai art of making love.. *wink*

and philippines oh philippines.. i guess democracy for most pinoys is voting during elections and overthrowing the government afterwards..

dexta, out!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

thanks for droppin' a comment on this guys! All smiles here.

This just goes to show that you're not just here for the eye candies. lol.

Y'know how long it take me to come up with small research like this? --like the whole day. *sigh*

You all ROCK!!!!!! Yahoooo! Thanks again.

Fa said...

If only they put "gay life" in one of criteria, Indonesia will push further to "partially free".........

riain said...

@ Philo Bastard.

Id rather have the government we have now than being overrun by the stupid and destructive leftists who complains about everything but never really doing anything. No wonder, the rest of the Philippines doesnt really care if they are being killed. Id rather have this economic growth than being with those hacks from the left, the political opportunists and the rightists.

That being said, the Philippine Left, the Right and the Political Opportunists doesnt need just a good spanking- they should be hanged and quartered. And throw in the Philippine media who doesnt do anything but see the bad side of everything.

Bruneian said...

Yes... Were not free... but just because the Sultan is our big Daddy...whoopie!!! I want money dad!!!

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