Friday, April 20, 2007

Crossing the South China Sea

We had to leave Sofia behind in KL. We really thought that she can never endure what we are going to undertake to find paradise in the Philippines. She thought the group would travel in style! LOL. Louis Vuitton an all, we have to speak to her and tell her nicely that she’s gonna be staying in KL until we get back from Cloud 9. And fetch her back on our way to Langkawi in about a week or two. Fickle as she is, it was effortless convincing her. She didn't wanna leave KL. Nice.

Here's a recap of our trip...
Crossing the South China Seas in quest for paradise...

LCCT. We’re at the airport at 8.30pm last night. It’s Kuala Lumpur’s airport for budget airlines. So, humiliating – ok, I’m sorry – I’m just being over dramatic. LCCT is fine. The airport is clean and there’s wi-fi for free! Just sit there waiting for your flight and surf on! Take that!

The flight was around 1:30 AM. Yes, AM! And our group was so fucken early at the airport. Watching the boys and girls and all. Travelers all over the region on budget galore. It was frantic!

Tommy, Morgan, Farah, Christian and me! We were all like a real-blooded backpackers with Amex, Visa and Mastercards. This trip is going to blow our guts away! We are all so excited. Awesome.

It was time to fly: “Passengers bound for Manila please proceed to Gate 17.” And the group shuffled so eagerly. We’ve been waiting for this flight for 4 hours!

We flew Cebu Pacific and guess what? It’s a budget airline! $150 to Manila is an excellent bargain. I know most of you won’t agree. We should’ve flown Thai or Malaysia Airlines but hey! Remember our commitment? Endure suffering and reward ourselves by reaching Cloud 9.

So, there it is. The yellow-green-white-blue little airplane. “Are they sure this is gonna cross the seas?” I asked Tommy. I was expecting a 747 or something. Tommy, my Swedish-Japanese buddy, is going to meet his fok buddy in Manila. The fok buddy is a Fil-American guy model. Yes, a guy! Tommy is a swinger too! LOL.

The flight was ok. They serve…uhm…green tea that could shoot your blood sugar level to the heavens. This is a budget airline. Don’t expect anything. Think Air Asia minus the leather seats. There.

Manila International Airport. The last time I saw this airport was around 8 years ago. And guess what? – you got it right, it’s looks just the same. Why is it so quiet in there? Maybe we arrived close to 4am? But still, we want people! We want folk dancers in full costume putting leighs around our necks. We want to hear bandurias and guitars. We want alcohol samplers and tourist give-aways! We want media...cameras and all! Is it too much to ask? LOL. Just kiddin'.

Anyways, 5, over six-foot tall Eurasians on queue at the immigration passport control. Oh did we stood out or what? Why was everybody in our flight so….uhm…so vertically challenged? It was funny because they were all staring at us like we're aliens from Pluto or sumthin'! LOL. You should’ve seen the look on their faces! Priceless.

“Hoy! Kamusta na?” was MY greeting that blew the Immigration Officer out of his wit. I wanted to laugh out loud – but I thought it would be best if I don’t. Why was he so surprised? He didn’t say anything but looked at me in awe. He stared at me for like 10 full seconds! It was uncomfortable and all then I realized I should’ve not used the word “HOY” and just settled for "Mabuhay"! LOL.

In Deep Shit Hole. Somebody in our group was so fucken genius (read as moron) to book our connecting flight with an hour difference to here – where I am now… sulking in my hotel room… hold your breath – Cagayan de Oro City. Now, go to wikipedia and fucken check where this is because I'm so pissed now to write touristy words.

It was stupid Tommy again. Him and his Fil-American whatever booked (and bought) the flight for 4:55 AM!!! THE SAME FUCKEN MORNING! Would you imagine that? Of course we would miss it, thanks to the geniuses. (*sigh) What about a night or two fucken around Manila’s famous nightlife? What happened to that? Don’t they understand? I want to see Manila first!
I wanna check out Prince of Jaipur, Embassy as EA recommended! We’re definitely going to miss that connecting flight.

As it turned out – we didn’t. The Fil-American, ok let’s put a name on him, Michael (not his real name) apparently has connections with the airline. Does his family own it? How can he pay for 6 of us? He's just a model, huh! Anyways, thanks but no thanks. I’ll be paying him in kind when I get the chance or if he refuse it. There. Take that! I don't take fucken charity. LOL.

At least we are already in Mindanao Island. Paradise is somewhere out there, waiting for me. It better be worth it. I know it's worth it.

Anyways, this city is the gateway to Cloud 9, so they say. We have to pass through Cagayan de Oro and continue the trip. But somebody has a brilliant idea…


More coming up...


Ea said...

try Decades too at Metrowalk!! let me know when you get here & maybe i can make a lil appearance! lol!


Hmm, I wonder who that Fil-Am model is. Is he hot? I can't wait to read what happens next on your trip.

Riki The Dark said...

Thanks for sending me a message! I had a problem with Blogger's template a few weeks ago resulting in the loss of many links, I've fixed it up now. Have a great and memorable trip [R][i][V][E][R] ! =)

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